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Free Throw Championship (local Council 1382)


2017: Twenty four kids participated in 5 different age groups for the local Council 1382 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship, on Jan. 18, 2017. Winners are shown here, and advanced to the District competition on Feb. 11 at St. Lawrence Gym in Sandoval.

2017 Winners were: Age 9 - Faith Weaver, Ethan Wheelan; Age 10 - Ella Rolfingsmeyer, Joshua Vonder Haar; Age 11 - Emma Meyer, Sam Ruscher; Age 12 - Ian Simonton; Age 14 - Camden Snow.

Chad, Ray, and Mark helped run the local Free Throw Championship in 2017. Also helping but not pictured where Ron and Arnie.

Girls' winners in 2018: Faith Weaver (age 10), Addison Gansauer (age 9) and Natalie Hilmes (age 11).

Boys' winners in 2018: Matthew Guthrie (age 11), Hayden Huels (age 10), Brady Gustafson (age 9).

2018 volunteer knights: L. Schroeder, R. Kordick, R. Rainey, C. Holthaus, A. Wobbe, M. Hodapp

2019 Girl's Winners (L-R): Ellisen Wheelan (Age 9), Addison Gansauer (Age 10), Abby Steinkamp (Age 11), Kylee Wesselmann (Age 12).

2019 Boy's Winners (L-R): Dean Frank (Age 9), Brady Gustafson (Age 10), Hayden Huels (Age 11), Matthew Guthrie (Age 12), Kendal Rakers (Age 13).

2019 Council 1382 volunteers (L-R): Landon Schroeder, Arnie Wobbe, Chad Holthaus, J.B. Krebs, Ray Rainey, Bob Langenhorst, Ron Kordick