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Tootsie Roll Drive 2016 Photos


Dennis with some cuties!

Bernard is a greeter at Walmart!

Virgil working at the Posey intersection.

Bob L. working one of many shifts!

Dave collecting money at the Posey interchange.

Jim made it back just in time to work a shift at Posey.

John is missing one of his antennas!

Paul worked 2 shifts to help out!

Another picture of Dennis at IGA.

Bob L. at a different spot at Posey.

Bone shaking down the cameraman! Also missing his second antenna!

Kevin with a smile at IGA!

Rich P. working at the Posey intersection.

Jim E. at Posey on a cloudy day.

Rich W. dressed appropriately for a partly sunny day.

Bob L. working another shift at Posey.

Paul working Posey on a beautiful day.

Rich P. busy at Posey.

Bob D. knows how to give his legs a rest after standing at Posey!

One more shot of Dennis at IGA.

Wide shot of action at the Posey intersection.

Tom working at the Posey Intersection.

Virgil working the Posey intersection.

Bob D. at the Posey intersection.