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Sausage and Pancake Breakfasts

Behind the scenes work at a typical KofC breakfast.


Ray and Bob run the show. Ralph is just eye candy.

Gary makes the dough.

Pat and Jack boil the sausages.

Gene makes the pancakes.

Bob makes the hash browns, Jim makes the gravy.

Keith makes the scrambled eggs.

Ralph makes the biscuits.

You have to be Rich to be a dishwasher.

Dining room snapshot.

Snapshot of the crowd.

Norbert is ready to bus the tables!

Chris prepares hashbrowns!

Bob takes a break before the doors open.

Gene cooks the books!

Dennis scrambled the eggs!

Arnie in action serving coffee!

Robert making scrambled eggs!

Jim frying hash brown potatoes!

Bob and Rich washing dishes!

Simon says give me money!

John takes a turn at making the biscuits!

Vernon can do anything, even the dishes!

Blake helps in the kitchen too!

Randy takes his turn at biscuits!

Bob takes pride in his pancakes!

Dale boils the sausages!

Tom makes left-handed pancakes!

Blake and Christina helped bus tables in July 2017 for the breakfast that benefits Mater Dei scholarships.

Breakfast crowd snapshot in July 2017.

Jim Seiffert always helping at breakfast, this time boiling sausages besides helping set up.

Herb making pancakes - a man of many talents.

Sept. 17, 2017 for St. Mary's Youth. These volunteers waited tables and did a fine job!

Breakfast chairman Bob L. loves to work with eggs!

John F. made the most dough!

Ralph is a jack of all trades, here making the gravy!

We had a nice crowd early. Gene made the pancakes!

Ask not what your council can do for you, but what you can do for your council. Bob L. even washes the dishes!

Tim takes a turn at boiling sausages!

Bob takes in the money as long as someone provides him with coffee!

Gene takes in the money!

Glen boils the sausages!

Robert makes the biscuits!

Jim and Pat help serve breakfast to Deacon John!

Gary takes a turn at frying potatoes!

Former FS Stan Gezella stopped by at the breakfast Feb 2018. Shown with Stan are R. Pollmann, C. Holthaus, and J. Etter.

Grand Knight Bob Diekemper making hash browns again!

Kevin K. takes a turn at making the eggs!

Mater Die and Carlyle High School students help at the breakfast for post proms!

A nice crowd at the breakfast for Mater Dei and Carlyle High School post proms. Can you find the Mater Die principal in attendance?

Kevin gets help from his nephew Chase at the April 2018 breakfast!

Bob takes a turn at collecting the money!

Volunteers from Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center bus the tables!

Ray started out making pancakes but ended up boiling sausages!

Dave makes hash-brown potatoes while Jim makes the gravy!

Ray collects the money at the Feb. 2019 breakfast.

Norb and Bob serve our young customers at the Feb. 2019 breakfast!

See volunteers from CHS and Mater Dei who served tables at the March 2019 breakfast for Post Proms.

A big crowd came for the March 2019 breakfast to support CHS and Mater Dei Post Proms!

Pat and Jack wash dishes at Oct. 2019 breakfast.

Simon handles the dough at the Oct 2019 breakfast.

Molly and Kaitlynn were on the first shift to bus tables at the Oct. 2019 breakfast for the CHS booster club.

Cheyenne, Shawnee, and Corey were on the second shift to bus tables at the Oct. 2019 breakfast for the CHS booster club.

Todd brought the local scout troop to bus tables at the January 19 2020 breakfast for Retired Priest and Nuns!

Larry makes some good pancakes at the Feb. 16 2020 breakfast!

Kevin and Bob bus the tables at the Feb. 16 2020 breakfast for the Ministerial Alliance!