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Knights of Columbus BINGO

BINGO photos at the Columbia Club building (where Council 1382 meets!)


Bob runs Bingo on Wednesday nights, here with help from Rich

Knights working together at Bingo! (Skeets, Bob, Bob, John)

Dave, Rich, Stan working together to sell lightning round tickets prior to Bingo!

Kevin works Bingo on the "first Wednesday of the month" crew..

Bingo full house June 1 2016.

Stan has been a mainstay for years!

Chad calling the numbers!

Jim, Bob, Chris and Chris selling Lightning round tickets!

Would you trust Chris with your money?

Ralph and Rich working the floor!

Bob, Rich, and Bob running the show!

Gary, Bob, Ralph, and Rich in action, kinda sorta!

Jim selling Lightning Round tickets.

Greg calling BINGO!

Gene calling Lightning Round numbers!

Jim selling Lightning round tickets prior to BINGO.

Jim and Gene selling Lightning round tickets.

Tom, Gene, and Jim ready to help at BINGO.

Greg and Bob running BINGO.

Bob runs a clean BINGO!

Profile of a BINGO volunteer named Keith.

Chad and John at work.

Keith, Gene, and Bryan selling Lightning Tickets before BINGO.

Randy and Gene at work!

Bob calling the numbers!

Chad calling the numbers!

Bryan, Chad, and Scott "working" the floor at BINGO.

Kevin and Dennis helped at BINGO the first week of April 2018. Note Kevin's nice shirt!

Jim brought a special helper to BINGO in August 2018!

Rich, Bob, and John working in August 2018.

Henry joined the 1st Wednesday Crew in December 2018.

Bob calling BINGO in April 2019 with Paul watching the money

After Greg took his turn calling BINGO for half the night, he worked the floor with Tom and Bob.

Greg calling BINGO in July 2019.