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Nativity Scene Display at Saint Faustina Parish

On Sunday December 12th 2021 the CWL from Saint Faustina Parish organized a display of Nativity scenes in the parish hall. The event was very well received with parishioners sharing their family crèche with attendees.
Brother Knights, including Pat Callaghan, Jerome Gagnier, Harold Rideout, Gaetan Gendron, Richard Fehr, Michael Shore and Steve Phillips assisted with set-up, takedown and parking control. CWL ladies provided hot chocolate and operated a bake sale.


Deputy Grand Knight Pat Callaghan providing "security" to the crèches on display

Deputy Grand Knight Pat Callaghan with 2 crèches hand built by brother Jerome Gagnier.

Two more crèches from the Jerome Gagnier collection. Brother Jerome had 5 Nativity scenes on display.

Attendees enjoyed walking through the well organized display hall.

Brother Mike Shore (left) watching over the crèches on display. Brother Jerome (center) discusses one of the displays with Deacon Mike Sequin.

CWL member Christine with her grandson Maxime. Max offered to help the Knights by selling "Keep Christ in Christmas" items. He sold $17 worth of buttons, pins & magnets and had a great time. For his efforts he was given a Knights of Columbus challenge coin.
Great job Max!

THE CWL's finest, offering bake sale items to hungry attendees. They also offered free hot chocolate to help keep warm on the cool afternoon.