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KofC Carnival 2014

Annual Carnival

First Degree 12-23-14

Friday Night Lights

Ravens Game in the Lounge

Softball 2014

February 2015 Social

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Dinne 2014

Soccer Tournament 2016

2017 Easter Egg Hunt

Meeting 01/06/2015

Playoffs Jan 18,2015

Jon Krisman receives Silver Shield Pin

September 2014 Social Meeting

Nativity Build Workshop

Free Throw Competition

Friday Knight Lights League Fantasy Draft

May 2015 Knight of Month

March 2015 Knight of the Month

Star Council Award 2015

Superbowl 50 Party

Deacon Joe Mihm

Meeting 05/5/2015


2017 State Free Throw Championship

First Social at OLPH

Knights 1384 Fantasy Football Trophy

Good Friday 2016 Fish Fry

Honorary Member membership card

Free Throw 2016

Aloha Solcial 2016

Christmas Party 2016

2018 Easter Egg Hunt

Installation and Ceremony2018

New Members

Make Her Know

Thanksgiving Social 2018

Henry M. Robert III

2019-20 Installation of Officers

New Council 1384 Date: 09/18/2019

2018-2019 Colombian Award

Anne Arundel County Special Olympics 2019

2019 St. Mary's new family and alter server picnic

2019 Thanksgiving Social

Construction progress 12/5/2019

New Bingo Machine Training

Father Charlie's Visit to Our Lady of Fatima

Prep for 50th Jubilee

2017 MD Special Olympics Bull Roast

Donation of Coats to The Ladies of Guadeloupe 2019

2019 Coats for Kids Day 1

2019 Christmas Party

2019 Coats for Kids Day 2

2019 Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

2019 Coats for Kids Day 3

2020 Lenten pancake Breakfast

First Exemplification Ceremony 2/18/2020

June 2017 Social at OLPH

Carnival Flyer

2017 Football Draft

Emory and Miguel Third Degree

Coats for Kids 2018

2018 Christmas Party - Seelos Hall

2019 Free Throw Competition

Donut Social / Blood Drive June 2, 2019

Knight of Month - May 2019 - Winston Brunald

2019 Easter Egg Hunt at Carroll Gardens

Copa Amistad 2019

july 2019 Knight of the Month

July2019 Family of the Month

Mike Barrett

2019 October Co Knight of Month

Fr. Pat Woods Installation as Pastor by Archbishop Lori

Donut Social November 2019

Groundbreaking 2019

2019 Hispanic Roundtable AAMC Blood Drive

2019 Coats For Kids Shopping Day

2020 Playoff Party

2020 Free Throw Competition

2020 February Progress

2020 February Social