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KofC Bingo


Council 9533 proudly sponsors

           B   I    N   G   O



Bingo Emporium – 2345 W. Catalpa – Springfield, MO

3 Blocks North of Sunshine, 2 Blocks West of Kansas Ave.



Pull Tabs 

Horse Races

Pot of GOLD

Queen of Hearts Drawing

Door Prizes

Great food at the Snack Bar 


Our Friendly Staff is waiting to help in your fun filled evening at your LOCAL BINGO EMPORIUM.


Sales start at 3:00 PM / BINGO begins at 5:00 PM

Horse Race & Pot of Gold Games start at 3:00

Come join in the fun

Drive little / Win BIG !!



All attendees must be 16 years of age or older.

Absolutely no firearms or weapons allowed.

See rules and regulations on site for complete listing.