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Here you will find the Programs run by the State of Arizona Knights of Columbus


Attached you will find all the documentation for the PWID that was presented and given to the DDs at the State Organization meeting at the end of June in Mesa. Please pass this information to your PWID chairman. If you do not have a chairman please select one as soon as possible and notify me of the chairman’s name. DD’s please distribute the PWID packets to each of your councils. If your council requires additional forms or posters let me know and I will get them to you.
In order to hold your drive at the Fry’s stores each council MUST reserve the store ahead of time. I have only heard back from a few councils with their requests. Please notify me as soon as possible which Fry’s your council would like so we can avoid any conflicts.
Councils should order their Tootsie Rolls soon. Many of you will have your drives in September so get your orders in well ahead of time. Smaller councils should consider teaming up with other councils to combine your orders and eliminate shipping costs.
In addition to you our own council’s efforts, consider having your charities submit a Grant Application.  Last year, all submitted grant applications were funded at 100% of the request.  While we cannot guarantee that again this year, we do urge you to have charities submit them. Grants are funded by the 25% state share of your fundraising.
We are awaiting issuance of the certificates of insurance.  I will send those out as soon as they become available.
As always you can download all the information from the state website.


State Raffle

Brother Knights,

For the first time we are inviting Raffle Chairmen along with Council Officers to the Mid-Year meeting in Casa Grande on Friday December 6 and 7, 2013. Friday is for District Deputies and Saturday for District Deputies as well as council members. A breakout session is planned just for Raffle Chairman. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and pick up your raffle material. Attached is information about the Mid-Year meeting.

You will receive the number of books you requested unless you did not place an order to raffle books. The rest of the councils will receive two book for each active member plus books to round off the order to the next 50 books. Example if your council has 60 active members, you will get 150 books unless you sold a lot more than that last year. Then we will match your last year’s supply of tickets. We will have extra tickets for anyone who know they need more than what we give you. Tickets are bundled in packs of 50. We do not break up the bundle.

Car pool with your officers and make sure they bought a lunch ticket for you. Hope to see you in Casa Grande.

Vivat Jesus!

Richard Armanini
State Charity Raffle Director
3315 E Dry Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85044-7022
Telephone: 480.706.9314
Cell phone: 480.818.1774

"Leadership is action, not a position"

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