Links of Interest

St Raphael

Our mission as a people of God is to affirm and love, to forgive and accept forgiveness, to listen, prayerfully discern and speak out.   We are called to comfort, to challenge,
to participate, to welcome, to evangelize, to teach and to heal.  The Spirit empowers 
us to continue this commitment to the St. Raphael Faith Community and to the world.


Special Olympics - Volunteer Events

Volunteers are the foundation of Special Olympics Illinois. We depend on thousands of volunteers to help coach, conduct competitions and fundraising events, and serve on committees. 

Waterleaf Women's Center

There is hope.

Our compassionate counselors and our extensive community network are there to help you understand the options that you have and overcome the hurdles that you face.  Our services are free and include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, counseling, post-abortive support, and more.  At Waterleaf, we are not interested in judging you on your behavior but in supporting you as you make difficult decisions.

You are not alone.

Heartland Blood Centers

If you are a donor, volunteer, recipient or just interested to know more about our Centers or blood donations in general, you've come to the right place.