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At the Corpus Christi Monastery of the Poor Clares in Rockford, IL

All Time Is at the Service of God

In a world where “time is money,” the Monastic culture grasps a deeper reality. For the contemplative, it is not a matter of material gain; rather, all time is at the service of God. Each moment is a means to a far greater end and, therefore, every moment counts. If time is used well, there will be everlasting happiness and bliss untold!

MI Prison Ministry-Go Forth and Make Disciples

Since 2001, the MI prison Ministry has provided Holy Bibles in and Spanish, Rosaries, Spirtual reading materails, Holy cars-and most importanlty-prayer ans spirtual correspondence with prisoners at more than 200 correctional facilities in 48 states.

$5.00 donated to MI Prison Ministry - 1 Holy Bible

$10.00 donated to Mi Prison Minisrty-2 Bibles, 5 Holy Cards, and a Rosary

$20.00 donated to Mi Prison Ministy-3 Bibles, 10 Holy Cards & 2 Pamphlets.

Project Plan Worksheet

Use this link to access the project plan worksheet.  Please use this worksheet when proposing a new activity for our council.

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