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Dear Brothers,

Please give a Father Perez welcome and a vote of thanks to Dan Conwell for accepting the position of publisher
of The Smile. Dan takes the reins from Worthy Deputy Grand Knight and new father Nate Smith who will likely be elected to serve the Council as Grand Knight for the next two fraternal years. Thanks for your years of service as an editor, Nate.    

In other breaking news, Brother Knight Brian Larkin has agreed to chair the Council’s Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities, of which the Tootsie Roll Drive is the most significant aspect. He succeeds Sir Knight Kevin O’Ryan,
who rejuvenated the Council’s campaign which topped the $50,000 mark under his leadership. O’Ryan
has munificently agreed to mentor Larkin through the process.

Due to the efforts of many of our Brother Knights, forty-six Catholic gentlemen joined the Council during the 2018-2019 fraternal year via the Admission Degree (formerly known as the First Degree); eighteen advanced through the Formation
Degree (formerly known as the Second Degree) and the Knighthood Degree (formerly Known as the Third
Degree), and fourteen progressed to the Fourth Degree. Kudos to Worthy Chancellor and Membership
Chairman Matt Stevens for these accomplishments.

For our newest members, I would like to explain the relationship between the Council and the Clubhouse.
Each is a separate entity. That is to say that the Council and the Clubhouse are legally separate units enjoying separate EIN numbers for tax purposes. The Council is led by annually elected Council officers. The Clubhouse has a separate set
of officers, although there are some Brother Knights who are officers in both. Each Council member is entitled
to vote on Council affairs and is also a stockholder in the Clubhouse and is entitled to attend Clubhouse officers’
meetings, and, during the annual meeting, receive the annual report and vote for officers. The Clubhouse generously supports the activities of the Council by contributing financially to the Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities,
the wheelchair fund, and other activities and by providing $1,000 annually to back the scholarship program. The Clubhouse and the Council manage their own income and expenses through their own bank accounts and submit separate reports
to the IRS. Those Brother Knights instrumental in the opening of the Clubhouse made it abundantly clear that the finances of the Clubhouse and the Council remain distinct and detached. The Clubhouse and Council have a symbiotic relationship to the benefit of all. Access to the Clubhouse and to all it offers is certainly an enormous benefit of being a member
of Father Perez.

Brothers who have children matriculating to Catholic high schools from eighth grade this fall are encouraged to have them take the scholarship exam on Saturday, May 11th at the Clubhouse. Doors open at 8:15 AM and no one will be admitted
after 9:00 AM the start of the exam. Sean McLaughlin will proctor the exam while Karen Lynch will assess the exams.

Roll up your sleeves and give a pint on Saturday, May 18th’s blood drive at the Clubhouse kicking off at 9:00
AM. Please call Worthy Deputy Grand Knight and Blood Drive Chairman Nate Smith to schedule an appointment. The goal is to have more than 35 individuals donate.

Later that same day, Father Perez members are encouraged to participate in the Trivia Night to support the Chicago Police
Department Chaplaincy.

Thanks to each one of you and the current officers for making my tenure as Grand Knight enjoyable. It has
been an honor to serve as your Grand Knight and I only hope I have earned the descriptor, “Worthy.”
Vivat Jesus,
Bob Szyman
Grand Knight

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