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Monday, May 27, 2019

from 9:45 am 'til 12:30 pm

Prep Time: 9:30 am -- Cleanup Time: 1:00 pm

SK Brad Lauinger is the Event Chairman for this event
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Co-Chair: James Kalas


St. Mary's 3rd Annual Huntley Memorial Day Parade Marcher Information
Date:  Monday, May 27, 2019

Important Time Line Information -
9:30 am -   Trailer gets in line and saves space for St. Mary's groups
9:30 am -  Leads of Each Group - Meet at St. Mary's parking lot for instructions
9:45 am -  Group members arrive at St. Mary's 
10:00 am - Buses will leave St. Mary and drop parade Marchers at Huntley Municipal Complex
10:15-10:30  am- Parade line up at Huntley Municipal building
11:00 am-  Parade begins
12:00 pm-  Buses will return parishioners back to St. Mary from Old St. Mary
12:30 pm- Enjoy lunch & fellowship  St. Mary parade marchers ( hot dogs/ water)- (Marchers bring salty snacks/ or cookies to share)

What to Wear/ Bring
* Please wear St. Mary's t-shirt
* Bring your Organization's banner/ flag
* Candy can be passed out ( but not thrown).   Ask people in your ministry if they would like to bring candy/ novitiates to bring and pass out.  
* Bring Smiles,walking shoes, & your singing voice...  

Event Location
St. Mary Catholic Church
10307 Dundee Rd
Huntley, IL  60142 US