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Thursday, February 28, 2019

from 7:00 pm 'til 8:15 pm

Michael Arch is the Event Chairman for this event
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Co-Chair: Gregory Windbiel

Chairman: Sir Knight Brother Mike Arch


Members: Currently Facebook Director, Council Web-master, 4th Degree Web-Master, Both communications team members and our Deputy Grand Knight.


Meeting time: Last Thursday of the month at 7pm.


Last Major Event: Reached out to all current members to insure basic communications were working, specific issues if forwarded to officers for future fallow up.


How meetings ran: Roberts Rules in normal  format but realy up to the team and goals, Notes should be kept and all Standing Committee unless otherwise asked should report at lease quarterly to METTING OF THE WHOLE.


If you feel you have something to offer this committee or would like to share something we should know, please email chair as they will get back to you.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: To receive notice of agenda or meeting change dates, its important you register for this meeting


Communications Team

Event Location
St. Mary Catholic Church
10307 Dundee Rd
Huntley, IL  60142 US