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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Starting at 9:00 am

Event Location
Jeanne Jugan Residence
185 Salem Church Road
Newark, DE  19713 US

Contact Information
Name: Rick Johnson
(302) 373-0077

Nun Run Brochure and Registration Form

Little Sisters of the Poor
Knights of Columbus Nun Run

Jeanne Jugan Residence is a place where the Little Sisters of the Poor provide
quality care for the elderly poor in a loving, home-like environment. Since 1903
the Little Sisters of the Poor have cared for thousands of elderly Delawareans with limited resources. They welcome low-income elderly of at least 60 years of age regardless of race or religion and specialize in residence from all parts of
Delaware. Visit their web site http://www.littlesistersofthepoordelaware.org/ for
more detailed information. The Little Sisters of the Poor accomplish their mission
through donations and fund raisers.

This has been a strange year for everyone but for the Little Sisters of the Poor it
has been dramatic. Being a nursing home they are still under significant restrictions. This is because of COVID 8 resident room remained empty for 12 months that cost the loss of $400,000 in reimbursable fees. In addition, the Little Sisters were still unable to visit local parishes for donation which is a primary source of income. There next major fund raiser is the Nun Run. The Nun Run is scheduled for September 11 and it cannot be run on the Jeanne Jugan Residence on Salem Church Rd. An alternate site at Pencader Industrial Park will be used but the number of runners will be limited to 500.

For the past eleven years the Delaware Knights of Columbus have been the Title Sponsor for the Nun Run. The Little Sisters are asking us to continue our support and again be the Title Sponsor. The State Council has agreed to our sponsorship. This will mean soliciting councils for donations for this sponsorship. All donations go directly to the Little Sisters and the individual councils get credit for it. Just send donations to Little Sisters of the Poor, 185 Salem Church Rd. Newark, DE 19713. Be sure your council name and number are on the check. Of course this donation would qualify as a council activity for the Columbian Award. Please give whatever your council can afford $500, $100, $50, or even just $10 but it is important every council participates.

Vivat Jesus,
Jim Gardner, KofC Nun Run Chairman