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Meeting Schedule & Location

Council Business Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM

Council Officers Meeting Schedule

Last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM

Council Social Meeting Schedule

3rd Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM

Meetings Location

St. Camillus Church, Knights Room
1600 St. Camillus Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20903 US

Mailing Address

St. Camillus Church, Knights Room
1600 St. Camillus Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20903

In Support Of:

St. Camillus Catholic Church
1600 St. Camillus Dr.
Silver Spring, MD 20903 US
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Holy Family History

Holy Family Council #5547 started as an idea in the latter part of 1963. New council development chairperson, Joseph W. Goddard, Jr., received permission to start a new council in the Wheaton area of Montgomery County.  State Deputy, Francis G. McFarland, assigned the work of organizing the council to District Deputy, Raymond J. Doland. 


The formal installation of Holy Family Council was held on April 20, 1964 a t Father Rosensteel Council in Silver Spring MD.  Eighty-One Knights were listed as Chartered Members.  Included in this number, forty-two were initiated into the First Degree of the Order. The first slate of officers were: Grand Knight Edward J. Zimmerman; DGK Edgar G. Best; Chancelor-Vero R. Corso; Warden-Richard Ulbrich; Recorder-August J. Saccoccio; Treasurer-Robert M. Delauney; Advocate- Thomas R. Falcinelli; Inside Guard-Elwin P. Gardner; Outside Guards-Joseph Cain and Philip A. Griffin; Trustees-James A. Lyons, Anthony P. Bellissimo and William F. Schramm; Financial Secretary- Edward Ackerman,Sr. 


In the 49 years of its existence, the council's hallmark has been its enriched programs that blended the spiritual, fraternal as well as the social needs of the entire family. The Holy Family Council has been a strong supporter of all the State and District programs, along with a list of its own specialized programs of fraternism and charity. After 49 years of service to God, country and community, it would be impossible, if not vain to list all of the events and programs the council has promoted, however, the Past Grand Knight dinner-dance roast, annual family picnic, policeman/fireman of the Year, Pro Life, sponsorship of lectures on drug abuse, Annual Health fair, CPR training programs, Angel Tree, monthly nursing home visit and the ongoing assistance to the handicapped , elderly and special children are programs that warrant mention.


Holy Family Council #5547 has been blessed over the years with an abundance of talented and active Brother Knights. These Knights have not only given many hours of service to this council, but to the Knights of Columbus throughout the State of Maryland. Their record of accomplishments has been recognized by the numerous appointments to the State and District offices.

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