About Our Council

Meeting Schedule & Location

Council Business Meeting Schedule

3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 PM

Council Officers Meeting Schedule

3rd Thursday of the month at 7:15 PM

Meetings Location

1001 Heritage Dr
Rockland, ON K4K 1R2 CA

Mailing Address

714 Poupart Road
Rockland, ON K4K 1K9 CA

In Support Of:

St. Faustina
2571 Ottawa Road 174
Cumberland, ON K4C 1C6 CA
To Website

Our Lady of Divine Love
2084 Concession Rd 10
Pendleton, ON K0B 1C0 CA


This council was founded on the 24th of January 2002 as the


St Edith Stein Council 13049 


Charter Members


Rev. Yves J. A. Marchildon

Jean-Pierre Allaire

Bernard M. Anderson

Roger M. Annett

Christopher D Aylward

Robert D. Baldwin

Glen F. Benson

Paul G. Brunette

Sergio J. Coccia

Keith J Doucette

Jerome A. Gagnier

Richard Gervais

Randolph R. Gratton

Patrick F. Gunning

Timothy Halderson

Steven D. Karwaski

Timothy J Karwaski

John Larabie

Michel G Legault

James T. Leonard

Barry Lightowlers

Charles F. Maheu

Lloyd A. Maier

Maurice W. Malouin

Christopher L. S. Manders

David W. McIsaac

Réal J. R. Munger

Ernest J. Murray

Austin E. Nunan

Christopher C. Oldford

Marcel R. Payette

Darryl V. Power

Eric W. Reisinger

Richard Sigouin

Barry C. Thirnbeck


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