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Council Monthly Meeting Schedule

1st Monday of the month at 7 pm

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15353 Pacific Street
Omaha, NE 68154 US

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15353 Pacific Street
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St Wenceslaus
15353 Pacific Street
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Welcome to the St Wenscelaus Knights of Columbus Council 10909

Our fraternal organization is founded on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. You will share in the sense of pride in knowing that their Order is second to none in support of Our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests; in working for our fellow man, especially those most in need and in binding together to preserve traditional values in the face of attacks against the family and innocent human life.


Our Council has over 600 parish men, belonging to the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization with over 1.6 million brother Knights and 12,000 Councils.  Simply put, our Council tries to be the "right hand" of the parish priest with service to the Church and the local community. Participation includes family, spiritual, social, civic-oriented, athletic and recreational events.


The St. Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus:

  • Assist our parish priests to address needs and aided seminarians
  • Contribute to school needs such as playground and cafeteria equipment
  • Support the pro-life movement
  • Volunteer time and food to homeless shelters
  • Provide bus trips to local athletic events
  • Help with parish boutiques and assisted with parish fun days
  • Provide scholarships
  • Assist with Honey Sunday to help the mentally and physically challenged
  • Provide pancake fundraiser meals and Lenten dinners
  • Provide Daily Bread Calendar Club fundraiser

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Why Join Us?

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference. 

Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life. 

Our membership brochure gives additional information about what it means to be a member of the Knights of Columbus. 

If you would like someone to contact you about joining the Knights of Columbus, please reach out to our membership director, Rod Hofschulte at rhofschult@msn.com or call (402) 510-7250.

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Past Grand Knights

2019-present Tom Worthington

2017-2019     Bob Cronin

2015-2017     Todd Trautman

2013-2015     Brent Kollars

2011-2013     Mark Pelan

2009-2011     Jim Nelson

2007-2009     Tom Tokos

2005-2007     Loren Steenson

2003-2005     Pat Hoke

2001-2003     Eddie Biwer

1999-2001     Norm Vogel

1997-1999     John Crowe

1995-1997     Beryl Thomas

1994-1995     Bob Hursh

1992-1994     Jim Haiar

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Program Directors

We have five appointed members who help organize, recruit, and engage members with our various activities, services and fundraisers.


John Weitl  -- Church/Spiritual Director


Steve Harley -- Community Director


Tim Seberger -- Family Director


Damian Howard -- Pro-Life Director

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Committee Chairs

These are the various committee chairs and co-chairs for many of our activities.


Pancake Breakfast -  Vern Benes and Tom McDonald 


Lenten Dinners - Matt Smith and Tony Spurlock


Golf Charity Event - Mike Smolsky, Chris Miller, Rod Hofschlute


Grill Committee - Brent Kollars


Calendar Club - Tom Worthington and Zach Royse


Tootsie Rolls - Jeff Green


Honey Sunday - Loren Steenson


Special Olympics - Tim Jensen


Stephen Center Meals - Dave Latenser


Facebook Page - Phil Fitzpatrick


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Program Directors

Church Director

The Church Director is a position appointed by the Grand Knight. The primary role of the Church Director is to invite Knights members to participate in church/spiritual activities that will grow their faith and increase their love of God and neighbor. In addition the director assists with vocations activities and encourages sub-committees to spearhead faith based programs that will bring church members and others in the community closer to Christ. 
Current Programs
Chastity speaker program (every other year), Annual Fall Men's retreat, Provide Catholic booklets and CD's to parishioners
Other Parish Men's Faith Programs
Friday morning Men's group (TMIY), Wednesday evening Men's Bible study, Ignatius Cloisters Spring Men's retreat, Saturday morning rosary walk, Kairos prison ministry, Eucharistic adoration, Christians Encounter Christ

Community Director

The Community Director is a position appointed by the Grand Knight.  He directs programs that support and encourage service to the community that fight poverty, aid the individual, promote athletic events, and sponsor larger programs and campaigns. The Community Director is comfortable contacting and coordinating with organizations that align in key areas of community assistance.  He also looks to include and support families in the Knight’s mission to renew the Church’s energy for evangelization and to insure the sustainability of our Order.  Our community activities show that we do not exist as just Catholics unto ourselves, but extend our parish into the community in which we live. 
Current Knight Activities
Honey Sunday, Pancake Breakfasts, Lenten Dinners, Coats for Kids, Tootsie Roll Drive, Priest Steak Fry, Stephen’s Center, Special Olympics, Sponsoring Speakers (Jason Everett)


Pro-Life Director

The Pro Life Director is an appointed member by the Grand Knight.  His responsibilities are to support building a Pro Life culture within the council and Parish.  The Pro Life Director will coordinate Knights of Columbus Pro Life initiatives including the Buck-a-Month Club, One Rose-One Life, and the Pro Life essay contest.  The Pro Life Director will also provide support for the Walk for Life, EPS Mother’s Day roses, praying at abortuaries, and act as the liaison with the Parish Pro Life Committee.


Current Knights Activities

Buck-a-Month Club, One Rose-One Life, Pro-Life Essay, Annual March for Life (Local and National), Essential Pregnancy Services, Bethlehem House


Family Director

The Family Director (previously called Youth Director) is an appointed member by the Grand Knight.  He is involved in facilitating activities and services related to our youth and families.  He additionally reports on the activities through the parish school, faith formation classes, and high schools.


Current Knights Activities

Annual Free Throw Contest, Scholarships for youth entering Catholic High School, Rosaries for the recent Confirmations, Gifts for Altar Servers

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Committee members: Everyone!

Chairs: Zach Royse and Tom Worthingon

Lead Steering Committee: 

Loren Steenson, Dan Bleyhl, Steve Harley, Bob Cronin, Todd Trautman, Tony Spurlock, John Weitl, Chris Miller


The Daily Bread Calendar Club started in the Fall of 2016.  Each year, the St. Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus 10909 Council sells 1,250 calendar club tickets for $50 each during a 90 days sales period in the Fall.  Each ticket represents the chance to win 400 prizes total $30,000.  The remaining proceeds are used to support charitable causes and activities, with the main pillars focused on Catholic Education, Pro-Life Advocacy, Vocations Support and Community Outreach.   With the 3rd year of the program recently completed, we will have given away $90,000 in total prizes and raised another $90,000 to support these charitable causes and activities.


Several examples of charitable causes and activities supported by the Daily Bread Calendar Club include the purchase of a 3D/4D ultrasound machine for Essential Pregnancy Services in Omaha, funding renewable scholarships for parishioners to attend Catholic high schools in the Omaha area, building houses for Syrian refugees returning home after religious persecution, providing financial support to seminarians and funding special projects such as the new EPS chapel and the Bethlehem House storage space. 


Our Committee now functions on a nearly year-round basis.   We begin planning in May, and this continues until the 90 day sales period begins in September, we work vigorously to sell all 1,250 tickets through the conclusion of the sales period in December.   In January and February, we work to put the funds raised to good use.   Other marketing and administrative matters require year round attention as well.   Many hands make light work, and additional help is always welcome!


For more information, contact any steering committee member.

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Pancake Breakfast

Committee Members:

Vernon Benes, Tom McDonald, Howard Denker, Steve Samek


The Knight of Columbus Pancake Breakfasts have been a St. Wenceslaus parish tradition for over 20 years.   We serve a full breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage 5-6 times a year on Sunday mornings from 8 am till noon.  The season starts after Labor Day until the Spring Lenten Season starts. The Knights partner with other organizations within the parish to help raise free will donations for youth and parish needs that build the awareness of the organizations, the communities and spiritual life of our parish. 


Past organizations have been:

FOCUS missionaries

St Vincent de Paul Society

St Wenceslaus Local Boy Scouts

American Heritage Girls


St Wenceslaus Football Team


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Committee Members

Matt Smith, Tom Tokos, Tony Spurlock, Jeff Green


The Knights of Columbus Lenten Dinners have been a St. Wenceslaus parish tradition for over 25 years.   We serve a full dinner of spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, baked fish, cheese pizza, tatter tots, bread sticks, coleslaw, salad, fresh baked cookies, and bread sticks.  We offer a variety of drinks including lemonade, fruit punch, coffee, beer and margaritas.  We serve dinners each Friday (except Good Friday) during Lent from 5 pm – 7:30 pm.  We offer Bingo and movies for the children and we run raffles throughout each dinner with winners selected each week. We have a Grand Prize winner selected on the last Friday dinner. 


The Free Will offerings for these dinners help the Knights support various council and Parish activities. 

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Golf Committee

Committee members:

Mike Smolsky, Rod Hofschulte, Tom Tokos, Zach Royse, Jeff Green, Dwain Weigand, Phillip Fitzpatrick, Matt Reilly,

Bill Daily, Tim Seberger, Mike Miller, Chris Miller


The St Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus 10909 Charity Golf Event started in the summer of 2012.  This is a large fundraiser for the council.  We average 115 golfers for an 18 hole best ball scramble.  The first 4 years were held at Miracle Hill golf course.  Since 2017, the event has been located at Pacific Springs Golf Course on 168th Street. 

The event has included breakfast and lunch, 18 holes with cart, goodie bag, door prizes, flag prizes, pin prizes, and cash for both the 1st place team and 2nd place team.  Teams are separated into 2 flights at the end of the day by course staff. 

Our Committee starts to meet mid spring to work on gathering community sponsors and donations, working with the parish and her members to gather golf foursomes, and deciding on day of event games and prizes.  Along with the committee members, many Knights of Columbus members help with the day of event fun by helping with set up of items the day of the events, working some holes for fundraisers or just fun, and distributing prizes and clean up at the end.


For more information, contact any committee member.



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Grill Committee

Committee Members

Brent Kollars, Tim Seberger, Jason Velinsky


The St Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus 10909 council owns towable grill which is used for building fraternity among brother Knights and supporting the spirit of our faith community at St Wenceslaus.


A few events and organizations supported by our K of C council:

  • Various St Wenceslaus school events
  • Annual K of C steak night & random summer grilling following monthly K of C council meetings.
  • Vaclav
  • Family Life Committee – Grill & Family Fun Night at Lake Zorinsky Water Park
  • Softball/Baseball tailgating
  • Private parties for Celebrate Auction Winners
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Faith Formation Committee

If you are member of the St Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus and would like to assist with grilling events, contact one of the members of the grill committee below to learn how you can get involved.


If you are part of a St Wenceslaus school or parish organization and would like the Knights to grill at your event, contact a member of the committee for more information.  (Note: food must be provided to the Knights to prepare. Subject to proper advance notice and adequate staff to man the grill)


For more information, contact any committee member.

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Annual Drive for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll Drive)

Committee Members:

Jeff Green, Rod Hofshulte, Ken Landolt


The Annual Drive for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll Drive) is a Knights of Columbus volunteer based mission that focuses on local organizations designed to provide care and assistance to persons with intellectual disabilities. Organizations such as Special Olympics, Madonna School, Ollie Webb, and others received 100% of all donations.  

In combination with other councils throughout the state, the volunteers from St Wenceslaus Knights of Columbus 10909 donate their time throughout the course of a week in October to hand out Tootsie Rolls in gratitude for a donations to the cause. We have had much success partnering with local business throughout our community such as Bakers, Hy-Vee, & Walmart.  By means of these businesses' donations of their storefronts, we are able to position ourselves in high traffic areas enabling our council to collect a meaningful amount of donations for a very worthy cause.  
Aside from assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities, this drive provides a wonderful example for families and children to become involved in community service at a young age.  It is very common to see a father with his children handing out Tootsie Rolls together as they donate their time to help those in need. 

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Honey Sunday

Committee Members:

Loren Steenson, Tom Tokos


Honey Sunday is a fund raising effort of Ollie Webb, Inc. whose mission directly aligns with one of the core missions of the Knight of Columbus to aid those with developmental disabilities.  Ollie Webb states their mission as being to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through support, programs and advocacy.  Honey Sunday is the first Sunday in November.  On that day, Council 10909 Knights coordinate the efforts of Skutt students to sell honey in the neighborhoods near St. Wenceslaus by assigning routes, allocating honey to sales groups of students and collecting money and unsold honey from the students upon their route completion.  On either Honey Sunday or the next Sunday, depending on parish schedules, Knights also sell honey after all St. Wenceslaus masses.  The funds received from the honey sales flow directly to Ollie Webb without passing through the Council treasury because Honey Sunday is Ollie Webb’s project for which we provide supporting labor.  Knights are needed to assist in any of the tasks described.

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Stephen Center Meals

Committee Member

Dave Latenser


Stephen Center partners with the community, families and individuals to overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty, serving homeless and low-income men, women and children in Omaha since 1984.  On 4 Saturdays each year, Saint Wenceslaus Omaha Knights prepare 200 hot meals  for the men, women and children admitted to The Pettigrew Emergency Shelter; the HERO Program (Health, Empowerment, Recovery, and Opportunity) building,  a 64 bed state licensed substance abuse treatment program; and the Permanent Supportive Housing Apartments; at the Stephen Center located at 28th and Q Streets in Omaha.

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