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Food Handler Training for our Council

Fish Fries, Pancake Breakfasts, Fellowship Sondays, Fundraising Activities


As knights, one of the ways we serve the Church is by serving food to our fellow parishioners. When serving food, we should use the same safe practices as fine dining restaurants do. To that end, all knights and helpers handling unpackaged foods including fish, pancakes, hot dogs and hamburgers etc. are required to have a State of Texas Food Handler certificate. The certificate is good for 3 years. If you are a food handler in the Mercy Ministry, the food handler certificate is also required.


What: Texas Food Handler Certificate
Cost of training, exam and certificate: $ 7
Link for training, exam and certificate:

The on-line training takes about 2 hours, but you can pace yourself and start and stop as needed. You must get a minimum score of 70 on the exam but you can retake it until you pass. After you get your certificate, please forward a copy to Tony Pickett at

The goal for Council 8482 is to have all knights certified as food handlers so that after COVID-19 is under control, we can start serving food again.

We will also need Certified Food Managers to be present anytime there is a food event. This certificate is $35 and requires separate training. If you are interested in getting the food manager certificate, please contact Tony Pickett at 281-782-2634 to obtain training materials.


Pro-Life Support - Purchase of Ultrasound Machine

Motion: A motion is made to the brothers of Council 8482 to authorize up to $1,500 as our contribution to the area KC Councils purchase of an Ultrasound Machine for Loving Choice Pregnancy CenterLCP is the only fully Catholic pregnancy center in the Galveston-Houston Archdioceses.


Discussion: Pro-life support is one of the most important commitments for a Knight of Columbus brother.  Combining the resources of the 9 councils allows Council 8482 to make a significant contribution to reducing abortions and also helping expectant mothers with prenatal care.  Our council has almost 500 members with nearly 300 of those willing to commit to our mission by paying their dues annually.  If these 300 members would contribute just $5 each we would meet this goal.


Father McGivney Priest Appreciation Fund

Printable Document - Fr McGivney Priest Appreciation Fund


A Resolution presented to the Brothers of Council 8482

on August 5th, 2020

Where As: Our founder Father Michael J McGivney was a parish priest who created the Knights of Columbus for Catholic Men;

Where As: Knights have always been in solidarity with our priests and wish to aid them in any way possible;

Where As: The Supreme Council has asked all councils to contribute to the retirement of our priests by purchasing an annuity for their retirement;

Where As: All Brothers Knights of Council 8482 wish to show our appreciation to our priests for the lifetime sacrifice they make to serve our community

Where As: Brothers Knights of Council 8482 wants to establish a mechanism to ensure that we can provide for these annuities and continue the funding of the same;

Be it resolved: Council 8482 will establish an independent funding source, as described in Distribution of Funds, that will provide for the goal of funding new annuities for our seminarians upon their ordination and POP priests who do not currently have an annuity. The fund shall also contribute to existing annuities for all priests in residence at Prince of Peace in June each year. For supplemental gifts on the birthday of our seminarians. The fund may also be used should a special need for emergency funds for a seminarian or priest of Prince of Peace as determined by the officers and trustees is identified.


The funds for the Father McGivney Priest Appreciation Fund (Appreciation Fund) shall be provided by donations from Brother Knights and those interested in providing for the retirement of our priests. Contributions to this fund will be voluntary. Quarterly requests will be made so that all brothers and others who wish to contribute have an opportunity to support this cause.

  1. Beginning in August 2020 Brothers of Council 8482 shall be given an opportunity to contribute to the Annuity Fund.
  2. After August 2020, each quarter (November, February, May, and August) the RSVP chairman or his designate on behalf of the Grand Knight shall issue a request to all brothers to make a contribution for that quarter.
  3. Other organizations who wish to support our priest’s retirement are welcomed to contribute to the Appreciation Fund.
  4. All funds received will be identified by donor and amount given by the Priest Appreciation Fund chairman. This report will be submitted to the Grand Knight. The Financial Secretary will verify the money contributed.


In the month of June and after the ordination of priests, funds will be distributed from the Appreciation Fund to the POP priests and seminarians ordained into the priesthood:

  1. A Prince of Peace Seminarian, who is a Knight of Columbus, upon his Ordination will receive an annuity of $500.00. A letter, signed by the Grand Knight will be sent to the Grand Knight, when applicable, of the council where the seminarian receives his first appointment asking them if they will continue to support this annuity.
  2. A priest and a Knight upon his assignment to Prince of Peace who does not currently have a Knights of Columbus annuity will be given the same $500.00. This includes any assigned in July after the normal distribution.
  3. For all other Prince of Peace priests who are Knights with an existing annuity, a contribution of $100.00 to their annuity will be made at the time of their assignment.
  4. Exception, for priests who are in an order where they have taken a vow of poverty, a one-time contribution of $500.00 will be made to their order.
  5. On the anniversary of their birth, each POP seminarian will get a special supplement to the monthly stipend of not more than $50.00.
  6. When an occasion arises where a “special circumstance” develops which necessitates the need to provide funds to assist a seminarian or priests to address these cases. When time permits, these requests may be approved by a vote of the council. When immediate funds are needed, the Grand Knight and Trustees may make the decision on behalf of the council. The circumstance must represent a significant event:
    1. Death of a Parent or Sibling requiring travel
    2. A major event in which the attendance of the seminarian or priests is warranted, supportive, and expected.
  7. At the May Officers, Directors, and Trustees meeting, the Father McGivney Priest Appreciation Fund chairman will certify funds are sufficient to provide all new and supplements to the annuities as described in this distribution of funds. Should there be insufficient funds to achieve the prescribed distribution the following distribution schedule will be used:
    1. All POP Seminarians, who are Knights of Columbus, newly ordained;
    2. All POP Priests, who are Knights of Columbus, who do not currently have annuities will be provide one;
    3. All POP Priest, who are Knights of Columbus with existing annuities, will receive a gift of the available funds/# Priests or $100 whichever is smaller.
    4. All POP Priests new to the parish, who are Knights of Columbus without annuities, will be provided one if $500.00 is available.
    5. All POP Priests new to the parish who are Knights of Columbus, with annuities, a contribution according to the schedule in 5c above.


Donors will be recognized at intervals for their contributions

  1. At $100.00 a donor will become a member of the Century Club.
  2. At $500.00 a donor will be recognized as a Silver Member
  3. At each interval of $500, the donor will be recognized.
    1. Gold Level - $1,000
    2. Platinum Level - $1,500
    3. Diamond Level - $2,000

This resolution submitted for consideration on August 6th, 2020 to Council 8482 at the regular business meeting held at Zaka Road Family Event Center.

Join the Knights of Columbus TODAY!

Becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus has never been easier, and I personally invite all Practical Catholic men, 18 and over, to prayerfully consider joining this wonderful group of men.  Our organization is dedicated to caring for the fraternal brothers and families of our departed brothers, supporting the church, our communities and the those being persecuted for our faith.

I hear many reasons as to why a man doesn’t join.  I also hear why those same reasons end up disappearing, when that same man joins.  The Prince of Peace K of C Council 8482 is looking for good Catholic men, who want to better serve and give back to their Church (POP) and community.  With more good men, we can better provide for our faith.

Contact Brother Knight Steve Beckholt if you have any questions on how to join the largest Catholic Fraternal Organization in the WORLD

Also view this video invitation to the Knights of Columbus by clicking the following link:

Invitation to join the Knights of Columbus

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