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Brother Knights, 

You can review any of the Council Documents that you would like to in the Members Only Area.  This area can only be accessed by members of our Council and not by anyone else.  Please take the time to get familiar with the documents that we use in council meetings and other events!

Vivat Jesus!

Rick Sherman - Webmaster

Knights in Memorium

November is the time we take each year to remember our Knights that are with our Father in Heaven.  With the COVID 19 pandemic we are unable to gather this year to do that.  Please click the Knights in Memoriam tab on our website and Pray for these past Brother Knights and their families.

Vivat Jesus!

Rick Sherman PGK

Over the past couple of weeks we have all had to experience some challenging circumstances as our lives have dramatically shifted from what we knew as "normal". During this time, perhaps your faith has been tested, too.


But this morning, as you begin your weekend, we want to encourage you. We want to remind you that God is bigger than the uncertainty we all face, and EWTN is here for you to help you experience the Eternal Word in a deeper way. In fact, we offer a safe harbor to all those who want to draw closer to God.


We've created a special place filled with spiritual resources to bring you comfort, encouragement and hope. You'll find links to the live Mass in multiple languages, daily Mass and live Eucharistic adoration.  Also included are prayers specific to this moment in time, relevant news, and resources for those who have children home from school.


Rick, thank you for inviting us to be with you on your faith journey and for allowing us to walk with you now.


Here is a link where you can access all of the great content and resources:


We are praying for you, and desire to help you grow in your love and understanding of God. 


In Christ,





Dues are Due on January 1

2020 Dues are due in January "Click here to pay Now"



Walk for Life

Last Fish Fry of the 2015 Lenten Season

Brother Knights and Ladies,

It is with the utmost thanks and gratefulness that I post this picture from our Last Fish Fry of the Lenten Season.  Without the dedicated and unselfish help and cooperation of all these Brother Knights, their wives and families and other volunteers we would not have had the unsurpassed success that we had this year.  Week after week for 6 weeks these volunteers took time out of their lives to come together each Friday and pitch in to serve an average of 240 dinners in three hours.  Begining at noon and lasting until 8pm we prepared and set up the parish center for this event.  WE COOKED IT AND THEY CAME!!!!  Week after week we saw the many of the same smiling faces not only from our parish but parishes from around Las Vegas, other denominations and visitors from near and far heard about our Best of the Best Fish Fry.

Not pictured but were part of the efort were Brother Knight Richard Finley and his wife Maria, New Knight Brother Alfonso Rodriguez and his family, BK, Ken Giambattista, BK Frank Onorato, BK Mile Liguori, SK Joseph Quagliano and wife Sally, Bk William Reuter, SK Gene Scavetta and wife Carol, BK Peter Fama.

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

SK Rick Sherman

Knights Lady Jorgette Sherman

Fish Fry

Brother Knights,

Don't forget our annual Lenten Fish Fry's each Friday in Lent.  Come join us to celebrate our heritage as Knights of Columbus, fellowship, fraternity and charity.  If you have time that you can spare help us serve more than 200 dinners each Friday night in Lent starting tonight the 20th of February.

Looking forward to seeing new faces!!

SK Rick Sherman


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We appreciate your support in making Knightline a success. Now, Knightline is taking the next step in its evolution. Starting with the next edition, Knightline will become a digital-only product.

The digital issue will continue to be available at

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Council 8282 brings back a tradition started by our founding members.

Worthy Grand Knight and Brother Knights

With a tradition of Charity started 30 years ago by our founding council 8282 Brother Knights, Current Brother Knights of Council 8282 and Assembly 3375, and their ladies came to Sam Boyd Stadium Saturday the evening of the 6th of September to work in a concession stand during the first UNLV home football game of the season.  I'm very pleased to report to you that the Runnin' Rebels were victorious.  More importantly, we did a fantastic job in Concession Stand 4.  Attendance at the game was more than 17,000, and lots of them came to our stand for hot dogs, pretzels, and beer.  I don't have final figures yet, but I'm sure we sold more than $4,000.00 worth of food and drinks.  To top it off, we collected $66.00 in tips.  That says a lot about our great customer service.


Our next outing is this Saturday, September 13 again at Sam Boyd Stadium.  We will need additional workers to cover all the positions in the stand because some of the workers have previous commitments.  Please let either Rick Sherman or me if you can help.  The work isn't hard, but the physical demands of being on your feet takes a little time to get used to.  We make sure everyone gets plenty of water and other drinks, something to eat, and also time to sit and relax. 


Look at the pictures of the crew at work doing a great job in our photo gallery on this website.  Everyone should be very proud of the Knights and their ladies.


Thanks and Vivat Jesus.

Concession Lead SK David Saeva

Lead Cashier SK Rick Sherman



Knights of Columbus and Nevada Day Celebration

The Knights of Columbus will have a float with chairs pulled by a pickup and marching unit in the 160-unit plus Las Vegas Nevada Day Parade at 10:00 AM on Friday October 31, 2014 along 4th Street in downtown Las Vegas in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Nevada statehood. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval will lead the parade. The Knights of Columbus unit number is 155 and will gather South of Charleston Ave. on 4th Street at 10:00 AM. Our unit is estimated to start marching at about 11:30 AM but arrive early due to parking.   Limited parking is available so plan to car pool whenever possible. The parade route is about one and half miles long and will last until about 2:00 PM.  The Parade Director says we can pass out candy, such as Knights of Columbus Tootsie Rolls, along the route.  The Knights of Columbus unit will be comprised of Nevada State Council members, District Deputies and Field Agents as well as multiple Councils, Assemblies, Ladies Auxiliaries, and Squires Circles from the Diocese of Las Vegas.  All Knights and their families are encouraged to march and/or ride in the parade. All are encouraged to wear their regalia, tuxedo with social baldric, or organization shirt and bring your Council, Assembly, Ladies Auxiliary, etc. banners (Please provide me the name of the designated banner bearer at ASAP) as well as your small American, State Council, Council, Assembly, Vatican, etc. flags to wave.  Please form up behind your chosen organization's banner.  The parade will be televised and a very large turnout is expected so it will provide a wonderful public relations, community recognition and possible recruitment opportunity for the Knights of Columbus and their associated organizations.  There will be a Color Corps Callout.  Guardian Angel Assembly # 3375 will provide the float and flag unit with the American, Nevada State, Knights of Columbus, and Vatican flags.  The weather is forecasted to be perfect at about 72 degrees.  October 31st is also Halloween so CHILDREN OF ALL AGES may also wear their Halloween costume. 

There have been and are planned many family events for the year of 2014 in celebration of Nevada statehood on October 31, 1864.  See for the statewide events calendar.


Letter from Sir Knight Alfred Sampson in Belize

Click here for Letter from SK Alfred

Brother Knights,

See the attached letter from our Brother Knight Alfred Sampson who recently moved to Belize.  Should you want to drop him a line his address is:

Alfred Sampson

242 Isidora Arana Street

New Site Dangriga Town

Belize, Central America

His phone number is on the letter.  Send him a note or call him.  You can try calling him on Magic Jack at 702-546-5452.

New Slate of Officer Nominations

Brother Knights,

I am updating the list of candidates for the Fraternal Year 2015-2016.  I inadvertantly left off the position of Treasurer

It is that time again to pick the new Fraternal 2015 - 2016 slate of officers.  Nominations are below.  You can nominate someone else by contacting our current Grand Knight or by replying to this email.

Candidates/Nominees for Officer Slate for the next fraternal year beginning July 1, 2015

Grand Knight:  Chuck Summers

Deputy GK:  Dale Faber

Treasurer: David Zack

Recorder:  Noel Martin

Warden:  Ken Giambattista

Advocate:  William Reuter


Inside Guard: Tom Daley

Outside Guard:  Will Hall/ / Jerry Holinsky

3rd Year Trustee:  David Saeva

Selection of Candidates for the Fraternal Year 2015 - 2016

 May 31, 2015


As prescribed by the rules of our order I am forwarding the following information for your viewing. On June 9th at the general business meeting two issues of concern to all of us shall be discussed. The first is the vote required for releasing the funds from the fish fry to be given to the Church. The second item is the voting for the Officers who will lead us for the next fraternal year beginning July 1, 2015.

In the minutes a motion was made and passed to give the amount of   $5,348.30 to St Viator Church. The purpose is to help the parish in its community mission of parish program costs. If this vote passes then a check will be cut and presented to the church.

This is the second posting of potential candidates for the offices up for election. Further nominations will be taken from the floor during the election process.

Grand Knight: Chuck Summers

Deputy Grand Knight: Dale Faber

Treasurer: David Zack

Recorder: Noel Martin


Advocate: William Reuter   

Chancellor: Gerry Holinski

Inside Guard: Tom Daley     

Outside Guard: Will Hall

3rd year Trustee: David Saeva

It is my sincere wish that you all attend this meeting and help us into the new fraternal year.

In His name and at His pleasure

Vivat Jesus

Chuck R Summers

Chuck Summers

Grand Knight