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Officers' Slate for FY 20-21

As with recent online meetings, members will receive an email preceding the meeting date. The first email will ask for members to reply to the meeting host; those replies will constitute the invitation list for the event. The second email will be the meeting invitation itself, with the link that enables members to join at the appointed time. Also: see article below Officers' Slate on this page.


This June 16th meeting is important as we will elect the officers for the coming fraternal year. In addition to the slate below, the floor will be opened for nominations prior to the election.


In the case of a run-off for a particular office/position, members will be able to cast an anonymous vote via online polling capabilities built into the meeting platform. Immediate results of member voting will be displayed on your screen within seconds of the ballots being cast. Yes, you are correct, that is very cool!


Current Slate for Council Officers


Grand Knight  Tom Setty
Deputy Grand Knight  Ramon Gutierrez
Chancellor  Pete Vainoris
Recorder  Bob Rooney
Treasurer  Anthony Ross
Advocate  John Walters
Warden  Paul Dillon
Inside Guard  Dan Fuller
Outside Guard  Ron Ray
3 Year Trustee  Jim Wharton


How to Join A Zoom Meeting

How to Join a Zoom Meeting


Click the link above to watch a 1 minute video of how to join a Zoom meeting. We advise members to do this before attempting to join the tentatively scheduled council membership meeting. 


Ideally, participants should have a working camera, microphone, and sound. If you do not have a camera, you can still join the meeting and hear the audio portion. 


This brief video shows how to check microphone and audio levels. It can be frustrating when participants have difficulty hearing or being heard. Watch the video more than once if necessary.


It is our intention to hold this type of meeting soon. We all are aware that nothing is guaranteed, especially since it will be our first attempt. Please be patient with us, we will try to do our best. 

Email Scammer Warning from UKnight

Email Scamming PDF

UKnight sent a message to Council Webmasters requesting that Council Officers be warned about Email Phishing. Scammers attempt to obtain information by requesting a reply to an "official looking email", that is certainly not official. There would be no way for you to know or confirm that beforehand. It is recommended you do not reply or respond to any email when you do not know, or recognize the sender. If it does not relate to something of which you are a part of in your council dealings, DO NOT REPLY.


To see the original message sent to Webmasters from UKnight click the link given at the top of this article: "Email Scamming PDF".

Suggestions during Covid -19 restriction period

The following is an excerpt. The full document can be found at 

The Supreme Knight’s Message on the Coronavirus


In addition to what we are doing at the Supreme Council headquarters, many brother Knights have asked how they can help in their own communities. We suggest the following:

  1. During this period, we urge every member and his family to pray the Supreme Council's novena based on the prayer of Pope Francis (printable or video prayer), as well as a prayer being promoted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  2. Help keep yourself, your families and your communities safe by cancelling all “in person” Knights of Columbus meetings and activities at the local or state level until otherwise indicated. This disease spreads when groups of people gather, so it is important that we avoid activities that could spread this illness. Councils should pursue online and/or teleconferencing options for meetings, fundraising, etc. until the danger has passed. The Supreme Council will be providing additional information on such options shortly.
  3. Leave no Knight – or neighbor – behind. If members of your council – or community – are elderly or have underlying medical conditions, please ensure that they have enough food. If you or others in your council have food to spare, offer to drop something off on their doorstep or to shop online for them.
  4. Give blood. Many communities are facing blood shortages. Those not being recommended to isolate themselves due to illness, age or underlying conditions should consider giving blood. National blood drives were pioneered by the Knights of Columbus in the 1930s, and this lifesaving activity remains an important aspect of our charitable work today.

As we move through this pandemic together, you can rest assured that the Knights of Columbus will be there for you. We will provide regular updates in the days ahead, and we will remain joined with you in prayer and in service to our neighbors in need.

May God bless you, and keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.



Carl Anderson

Supreme Knight

Officers' Meeting and Social Hour Schedule

The Officers' Meeting has been changed to the last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the St. Andrew CLC. Other council members are invited to attend as observers only. Only elected and appointed positions within the council can have input at these executive sessions. 



The hour prior to the regularly scheduled business meeting will remain a social gathering time for members beginning at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be available until the council business meeting begins at 7 p.m. This is a great time to catch up with Brothers or get to better know new members.

A novena prayer for protection in time of pandemic

Novena for Protection in Time of Pandemic


Faith In Action Programs

All Knights should be familiar with the Faith in Action Programs prescribed by Supreme for all councils. What do you know about these programs? Please use the link here to browse and review these important activities. Our council must schedule, plan, and implement some of these programs as they are required by Supreme for all councils.


Becoming familiar with the Faith In Action Program is important for all members because:

  • you need to be able to communicate with others about the different programs and their purpose and goals
  • our council needs members to step forward who have a special interest or talent which they can offer to the success of these types of activities
  • it is suggested that you find a friend within the council who has a similar interest and agree to chair or join a committee together
  • it is a wonderful way for our members to serve our church, families, and community
  • these are things that we all really have in common with each other

Please contact the GK or the DGK if you have questions or comments about these programs. Let us know if you have a special interest or talent that you would like to share with our council to help us move forward in this endeavor. 

1,000 Ultrasounds: The KofC's Greatest Humanitarian Effort

Millions of babies have had a chance at life, thanks to 1,000 ultrasound machines donated by you and your brother Knights around the world. Congratulations to our Knights in Manassas, Va., where the 1,000th machine was just dedicated! Read about the dedication here.


At the dedication, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said that the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative is the greatest humanitarian effort the organization has ever undertaken.


“Today represents a very concrete way in which millions of lives are changed for the better by the Catholic community coming together and volunteering together,” said Anderson. “What greater legacy can a person have than to save a child’s life?”


As hundreds of thousands gather in Washington, D.C., to pay witness to the Culture of Life, check out the video below and share our pride in the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound program!



Posting Your Volunteer Hours and Visits

Posting Your Volunteer Hours and Visits

As you may have noticed, the volunteer hours have have been reset for the next fraternal year. Of course last year's totals are available for viewing. Please set your goal and begin recording your time for this year. There are many ways that our council benefits from this information. Our council deserves to be recognized for the time and effort of our hard-working membership.


Click the above link for instructions about posting and tracking your volunteer hours and visits throughout the year. Print and keep for a reference. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Catholic Radio Goes Mobile

Put Catholic Radio in South Carolina on your Mobile Device and Special Applications.

Now you can listen to our broadcast on your smart phone, smart pad, and, through some of the new services available, even on your television set. 

For iPhone® and iPad® Users: Access the built-in Safari® App (Apple’s web browser for their iPhones and iPads). Type in at to the browser.

Use TuneIn® Radio App for other mobile devices and special applications: Download this App free from your smart device’s marketplace or available apps section. It gives listeners more ways to hear our station.

Go to for more information.