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March 11, 2020
Dear Fraternal Leader,
The Knights of Columbus is carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation and its impact on the Order. Since the virus is spread by personal contact, containment efforts stress social distancing by restricting travel, meetings and other gatherings. Accordingly, the Supreme Council most strongly recommends the following actions to protect brother Knights and others:
  • Cancel all personal contact meetings, including business meetings, until further notice.
  • Cancel all planned events, where people would gather, until further notice. 
  • Cancel all travel for Knights of Columbus business until further notice.
There are many ways to continue council operations without face to face contact.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Conduct meetings by conference call, Skype, Google Groups or other methods.
  • Use a webinar service for large meetings like monthly business meetings.
  • Allow member votes by email or text to approve bills and candidate admissions.
  • Use the email feature of Officers Online for member communications.
  • Set up a call tree to contact members and ascertain their wellbeing.
  • Conduct degree ceremonies in homes using the combined Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity video or the First Degree video.
  • Use applications like “Go fund me” to digitally raise funds for causes.
Additional information is available for members and their families on the websites of the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL and WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONBe aware that the elderly and sick are highly vulnerable to this disease.
This is a moment to deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity, unity and fraternity. There will likely be many opportunities in coming weeks to live out these principles in service to our brother Knights, our families and our communities. May this time of difficulty also be a moment when we as Knights step into the breach and show ourselves to be disciples of Jesus Christ and men at the service of others.
Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

BLOOD DONORS - Please Go to Community Donor Centers

Please read this message offered by Vitalant, the blood drive partner of the KofC Holy Ghost Council #4977.

The local Vitalant Blood Donation Centers are:

  • Arlington Heights – 25 W. Rand Road
  • Schaumburg – 211 W. Golf Road

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. To put it bluntly, the demand for blood is constant.


Our friends at Vitalant need our help to ensure there is blood available for patients in need.  The response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused schools, businesses and places of worship to cancel upcoming blood drives.  This is putting our blood supply at risk. 


Right now, there is an urgent need for healthy donors to continue to donate blood to ensure hospital patients have what they need to survive.  Patients cannot wait for coronavirus to go away. An available blood supply is critical for them as they undergo cancer treatment, surgeries or to fight traumatic injuries.


If you are healthy and eligible to donate, please consider donating blood, platelets, plasma or red cells to help these patients. 


Donating blood only takes one hour.  Vitalant has 17 community donation centers in the Chicagoland area. If you are able to donate, please visit or call 877.25VITAL and schedule your donation today.  


Vitalant is absolutely committed to safety for patients, donors and our communities. Learn more about Vitalant’s response to coronavirus.


Thank you for your dedication to helping patients who need donated blood to survive, heal and recover.

HGC4977 "FAITH IN ACTION" Programming / Leadership / Status


Holy Ghost Council #4977


2019 - 2020 Fraternal Year

Rick Deyhle (Program Director)
FAITH Programs: Dave Tuegel (Director)

Spiritual Reflection


Fr. Tim Fairman

RSVP (Vocation Scholarships)


Tom Nicholas
Building the Domestic Church Kiosk  COMPLETE Layne Gabiner
FAMILY Programs: Rick Deyhle (Director)

Consecration to the

Holy Family


Steve Taromina

Food for Families 


Jim DeGiulio

Keep Christ in Christmas


James Arns / Fred Cimaglio
COMMUNITY Programs: Mike June (Director)
Helping Hands COMPLETE George Tibus
Coats for Kids COMPLETE   James Arns

Free Throw Championship


Mike June

Catholic Citizenship

Essay Contest


Mike June
Soccer Challenge  COMPLETE Bill O'Brien
LIFE Programs: Tom Mullen (Director)

Novena for Life


Dwayne Wiseman

Special Olympics


Bob Novak

March for Life COMPLETE Tom Mullen



  1. Qualify for Star Council.   Complete ...
    1. Columbian Award (Faith in Action Programs) +
    2. Fr. McGivney Award (Membership quota of net 28 additions) +
    3. Founder's Award (Insurance quota of net 10 additions)
  2. Increase the Number of Members who are Regular Participants in Council Meetings, Programs and Activities
  3. Improve the Visibility and Recognition of the Good Works the Knights of Columbus accomplish in our Community

Original Holy Ghost Council Charter Located!

CLICK HERE to examine the original Charter of the Holy Ghost Council


With the untimely passing of PGK and Founding Charter Member John Busch, members of our council were requested to review items that had been stored by John.   We are excited to have located the Original Charter for our Council.   Plans are being made to publicly display this important Council document.   Please click the attachment to get a more detailed look!