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Please see the following weekly update from Grand Knight Tom McCaffrey--June 3, 2018

The following information was sent via email to Brother Knights on June 3, 2018.  Please review the email messages for the full text; responses can be made via the email message.
Hello Brothers,
We have two big things this week.  One is happy, the other is sad.
•    The happy one is our monthly meeting on Thursday night.  Your wives are invited to attend the meeting and see what we do.  It will be an open meeting with wives and other guests allowed in the chambers.  Note that we are starting early with a social at 6:00 PM!
This meeting is particularly special because we are bringing home all the state awards that you so richly earned, including California Council of the Year.  We are going to have a hosted bar at 6:00 PM followed by a Mexican dinner at 6:30.  We will kick off the meeting at 7:30 with the color corps in full regalia parading the colors for our National Anthem.  Fr. Mark and Deacon Dave will be with us, as will the senior leaders of our State and Chapter Councils.  It is going to be a meeting you don’t want to miss.  Your wives will love it.
Aside from celebrating our successful year, we do have some business to handle including voting for the new officers, approving the new budget, approving a continuing resolution, and a few other minor items.  Dress up a bit for this meeting.  Wear coat and tie or your council shirt with nice slacks.  No tee shirts, jeans or shorts.
The proposed budget, slate of officers, and continuing resolution are attached for your review.
•    The sad item is the passing of Brother Mike Bartels who died last Wednesday.  His Rosary and Vigil will be at Callaghan’s funeral home on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM.  His funeral mass is at St. Michael Church on Wednesday at 11:00 AM.
Every Knight in town on Tuesday or Wednesday should pay his respects to our deceased brother, whether you knew him or not.  Our order was founded to help the widows and children of fallen Knights.  It is a corporal act of mercy to show support for the grieving family of a brother.  If you must work during the day, go to the evening vigil.  If your days are free, go to the funeral mass.  It means a lot to the families to see a big turnout on these occasions.
Michael Bartels was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in June 1959.  Mike was the middle of 3 sons born to Julius “Dutch” and Betty Bartels(Deceased). Mike is survived by his lifelong sweetheart and wife of 35 years, Kathleen ”Kate” Bartels, his 3 children, Mike Bartels Jr, “Tony”, Sean Bartels and Nicole Bartels, his older brother, Jules Bartels of Star, Idaho, and predeceased by his brother, Paul Bartels.
Mike loved his children with all his heart but his grandchildren, Sophia Betty Bartels and Sean “Reily” Bartels, Jr., or “SJ” that Papa would call him, stole his heart!
Mike passed away suddenly but with his oldest son, Mike Jr, by his side.
Mike was raised in San Leandro, California and graduated from Marina High in 1977.  Mike was a CYO basketball coach for 12 years and was a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus.
Mike loved his family more than life itself. He was proud of his children and loved every minute of being with them. He was especially proud of his daughter Nicole, with her basketball talents, academic achievements and scholarship awards.
Mike welcomed everyone with open arms, a beverage, a cigar and great music.
Thank you and Best Wishes.
Tom McCaffrey
Grand Knight






Please see the following "Convention Book" for information about the 116th Annual State Convention

Convention Book

Worthy Brothers and Sisters,


Attached you will find a copy of the pre-convention book with information about all the events of this year’s largest get together of Knights of Columbus Families. We will be gathering for Mass, a golf tournament, a free barbecue cook off, tour of wineries, a visit to the Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento, a trip to Thunder Valley Casino, a Friday night dance, the ladies luncheon, Color Corp Competition, part of the state museum will be there, our own country store, and the business meetings to help run the state council. Also, attached is information about the variety of hotels that are waiting to welcome you. Please share this information with all the membership and their families so that everyone will have the opportunity to join us for this year’s Knights of Columbus family reunion at the 2018 State Convention.


Thank You and God Bless!


Brother Greg Marracq, 2018 Convention Chairman