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2016 Scholarship and Passings

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Rhinold "Pat" Sauer went home to our Lord on February 1st.

Visitation Sunday Feb 7th 6:30pm, Speakers 7:00, Rosary 7:30
At Bobbitt Memorial Chapel 1299 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404

Mass of Christian Burial
Monday Feb 8th 10:00am
St. Adelaide Catholic Church
27487 Base Line, Highland, CA 92346

Committal Service
Mt View Cemetery



Spanish First Degree Letter

Dear Brother Knights:
     Some of you all know, a few months ago some Brothers began to memorize the First Degree Ceremony in Spanish: I want to communicate to you, with much pride, we are well advanced into the project and within a few weeks we will be ready to receive our Certification. I want to communicate that the Brothers are very enthusiastic to serve our Order in this manner. In this manner I consider that we will be able to bring in more members to our Council.

    When some receive their First Degree, at first they felt a bit intimidated due to the language although understood 80% of the presentation. Some could clearly comprehend the significance.

    At the end of the ceremony, many feel profoundly impacted by the lessons and by so many Catholic Gentlemen that welcomed them to a fraternity that accepted Brothers with their virtues and limitations. That was what impulsed us to take the Second and Third Degrees. Bit by bit, we became involved and had the luck to collaborate in various Council charitable and recruitment activities.

    We have had the opportunity to speak to some profoundly Catholic Brothers that are desirous to join our Order but, as some, are intimidated by the language barrier.

    We feel very proud to be a Knight of Columbus and whenever have the opportunity, we manifest it even from the pulpit and our voices do not quaver when speaking of our order.

    In the Cathedral, where some serve, we are not known as the lectors or parrishoners, but as a Knight of Columbus and that is a very good start because we are beginning to have a presence in the Hispanic community. Two years ago, many had never heard of the Knights of Columbus. Today half of the Hispanic community of our parish has heard of us. Can you imagine the potential although they speak Spanish?

    This situation has made me reflect over the significance of Charity. Charity is the theological virtue which most identifies a Catholic; however, on occasion we poorly understand the concept and think it is the giving away of that which we have in abundance. Nothing could be further from reality because there is no virtue where there is no sacrifice. It is as giving away a million dollars with the objective of reporting it to the IRS. The poor need it and appreciate it and will.

    Brothers, let us not fall in the trap of giving without sacrifice. Mother Teresa would say, "Love until it hurts." Yes, Brothers, sometimes it hurts to understand those less favored, it hurts to understand the story of those who saw themselves forced to abandon their parents and brothers where there was intolerance to arrive here and find more intolerance. Charity, understands the anguish that parents suffer when their children's bread vanishes due to the barbarie of language. Charity understands that brother who daily struggles to support his family.

    Do not believe that we do not struggle daily to learn and assimilate a new language and a new culture but this is a process that requires time. You think it is easy: if you are bothered because we do not understand; imagine our frustration over your rejection.

    The First Degree in Spanish is the first step in integration. Remember the greatness of this beautiful country is its people and in no other country is there so much diversity. Let us see this then as a blessing and not as a motive for disagreement or division.

    The Hispanic community has grown greatly and lives in deep rooted religious and social principles. Why not permit it to share what good it has?

    Fr. McGivney, our founder, had the vision to help those in need without distinction of language. Because between Knights the language of love is spoken and that is not spoken with words but with what is deepest in the heart.

The First Degree Team in Spanish

(Translated/Edited for clarification)

2015 State Convention Nominations


At the Jan. General Meeting the following people
were nominated to the indicated delegate positions:

DGK Dominic Glass nominated GK Paul McJunkin as
the Grand Knight Delegate
Warden Luis Avalos nominated John Rozzi as the
Alternate to the GK Delegate
Advocate Ernie Ott nominated Trustee Sam Gutierrez
as the Past Grand Knight Delegate, and
Advocate Ernie Ott nominated DGK Dominic Glass as
the Alternate to the Past Grand Knight Delegate.
The election of the delegates will take place at
the Feb. General Meeting.  

February Notices

Knights of Columbus
Del Rosa Council 4488
Resolution Funding of Our Lady of Hope Parish Renovations

WHEREAS, Our Lady of Hope is within Del Rosa Council 4488 designated service area;
WHEREAS, Church building roofs at Our Lady of Hope and classrooms at the Valencia campus have sustained substantial water damage caused by
leaking roofs;
WHEREAS, Revered Manual Cardoza, Pastor of Our Lady of Hope has submitted written cost estimates for repairs to church property roofs;
WHEREAS, Reverend Cardoza has appealed to Del Rosa Council 4488, for financial assistance in order to make needed roof repairs, on roofs at both church properties?
WHEREAS Del Rosa Council 4488 has an inherent interest in charitable support of our local churches and Priests;

WHEREAS, Del Rosa Council 4488 has financial funds in reserve sufficient to grant a one-time financial donation, to the parish of Our Lady of Hope, and the Reverend Manual Cardoza Pastor of Our Lady of Hope;
THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Del Rosa Council 4488 will donate not to exceed $16,000 sixteen thousand dollars towards the costs of roof repairs at Our Lady of Hope properties.