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Grand Knight report for Council 3067 activities.

Grand Knight Report                       July 9, 2015                            Joseph Miguel Ros Council 3067


Brother Knights:


            Knights of Columbus Council 3067 Six Month Plan Jan - June 2016
issued January 18;
January 1 NO ADORATION New Year's Day HdO
9 Walk for Life Columbia SC
14 Council Meetings (Off/Bd 5:30; Reg Business 6:15; dinner 7:15))
15-17 SC KofC Mid Winter Conference
21 Hope Foundation Covered Dish banquet-checks disbursment
30/31 Council Corporate Communion & Charity Breakfast (8:00 – 10:45am)
31 5th Sunday Rosary to end religious persecution & execution worldwide
February 3 Council Blood Drive w/ Red Cross 1-6pm
5 ADORATION 9:30 – 10:30am @ SM
7 Council Free Throw Contest
10 Ash Wednesday SM
11 Council Meetings (Off/Bd;1st degree 5:30; Reg Business Mtg 6:15; dinner 7:15)
12 Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
15 Council Six Month Audit Due (July – Dec 2015); Soccer Report Form Due
19 Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
20 State KofC Charity Ball
tbd District Basketball Free Throw Contest
tbd Council Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest “Importance of religious freedom.”
26 Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
March 4 ADORATION 9:30 – 10:30am @ SC; Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
5 SC Catholic Men's Conference at Immaculate Conception Goose Creek 9am-4am
10 Council Meetings - Seminarian Stipend Due 50% (Jimmy Touzeau)
11 Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
14-20 Orderwide First Degree Week
18 Friday Stations & Soup/Bread Supper
20 Palm Sunday
24-26 Triduum – Holy Thur, Good Fri, Holy Sat
28 Easter Sunday
April 1 ADORATION 9:30 – 10:30am @ SM
2 2nd & 3rd degrees at St Michael's Garden City Council 8980
tbd Operation Hope @ WalMart
tbd Fish Fry for St Cyprian's
14 Council Meetings (Off/Bd 5:30, Reg Business 6:15, dinner 7:15)
May 6 ADORATION 9:30 – 10:30am @ SC
8 Council Mothers' Day Charity Breakfast SM 8 – 10:45am
12 Council Meetings Officer/Bd Nominations
15 Feast of Pentecost – Sunday
27/28 Operation Hope at Walmart - Memorial Day Weekend
28/29 Council Corporate Communion
29 5th Sunday Rosary to end religious persecution and execution worldwide
June 3 ADORATION 9:30 – 10:30am @ SM
9 Council Meetings Officer/Bd Elections
10 Widows' Lunch
19 Fathers' Day Sunday (lapel pins)
30 Council Reports and Officer/Bd Personnel List

Monthly Meetings: July 14; Aug 11; Sept 8; Oct 13; Nov 10; Dec 8, 2016!

2015-2016 Officer Installation

Officers list below.

State Deputy - Franklin (Frank) Davis

District Deputy - Francis ( Frank) Cunnane

Council 3067 Officers

Grand Knight - William (Bill) Kennedy-

Deputy Grand Knight - Dwight L. Frasier

Chancellor - Joseph R. Muffolett Esq

Financial Secretary - Chris Voso

Warden -    Francis (Frank) Riso

Recording Sec. - Michael (Mike) Macedo

Treasurer - David (Dave) B. Bouvier

Lecturer  -  Thomas (Tommy) J. Howard Sr. ( Stand in John Belusz )

One Year Trustee  -  William (Bill) A. Renault 

Two Tear Trustee -  Raymond (Ray) J. Boelke Jr. ( Stand in Jim Grapes )

Three Year Trustee - Colin S. Peterson 

Advocate  Raymond (Ray) C. Fischer

Inside Guard  -  Elwood (Jerry) J.  Parks  

Outside Guard  -  Francis E. J. Honyotski Jr.

Community Director- Garvey  Winans 

Youth Director ( StMC) -Jay Condon 

Youth Director  (StCC) -Jerry Tupacz 

Church Director (StCC) -Brian Clark 

Father Roger Morgan receives Chalice

Father Roger Morgan receives Chalice and Paten.

Several years ago a Memorial Chalice program was initated. It was established that the Chalice and Paten will be contributed to a priest, seminarian, or mission in the diocese as a memorial for each deceased Sir knight of our Rev. Philip Grant Assembly and that the names of the deceased knights would be inscribed on a paten.

Charles Honyotski wife Susan, ask Father Roger Morgan to received the Chalice in behalf of her departed husband, Charles.

Indivudals in photo, Father Morgan, to his left Charles wife, Susan Honyotski, to Father's right is Charles and Susan daughter Maggie and behind her is Ron Gilbert ( a member of Precious Blood and 4th degree of the KOC )