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Dinner/Dance Ticket Refunds

This is the text of an email that was sent to all Council members.


The event is canceled and because of the uncertainty about CORVIR-19, we have no idea when or if we might be able to reschedule.


If your are holding cash or checks for tickets, return the funds to the people who purchased the tickets. Get the tickets back if possible. If they would like to donate the funds, note their name and we will issue a receipt for the donation.


If the funds have already been turned into the Financial Secretary, contact the individuals and find out if they want a refund or if they would like to donate the ticket cost to the Council.


Make a list of the names and tickets numbers.


If they wish a refund, indicate that on the list and the Council will issue the funds to cover the refunds.


If they wish to donate the funds to the Council, indicate that and we will issue a receipt for the donation.

Thank you for your patience. When we cancelled the dinner/dance, our primary aim was to limit the impact on the Council, our vendors, and our donors.


If you have questions, please contact Charley Francis by email or phone, not on Facebook. Please do not forward or cross post this to any other group.

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