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DUES payments



Dues notices were emailed  January 26  2021, and also mailed via USPS to those without an email address.  The SECOND notice was sent June 8, 2021. The 3rd notice (Knight Alert) is slated to be sent soon.

As always, if there is an issue with ability to pay, please let Mike Valvardi ( know so we can take steps to keep you an active member while respecting financial limitations you may be experiencing.
Thank you,
GK Adam Elgart


Dues notices are emailed to the address we have for Council members, and sent via USPS to those who do not have an email address on file. The email is generated from the Supreme Council under the name Knights of Columbus Email and email address sent from:  Please add this email address to your contacts list so the email does not get bounced to your SPAM file.


Please be sure to periodically check your email spam and other folders as your email provider may filter out the dues email and divert it from your Inbox. There is a known problem with Comcast email customers not always receiving the emails from the Supreme Council.




If you have questions regarding your dues notice, or need it resent to you, contact Mike Valvardi at:

Remember, your dues enable Santa Maria Council to support our church and community and do good work. Please pay your  dues promptly.





A current membership card is required to gain admittance to all Council meetings and events. When we receive your up to date dues payment(s) your 2021 membership card will be mailed to you.




Regular member, $40


Honorary Membership, $10

Members who have attained the actual age of 65 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years are designated as honorary members.


Honorary Life Membership, no charge

Members who have attained the actual age of 70 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years, and those who have been members of the Order for 50 consecutive years, regardless of age, are designated as honorary life members.


Student member, $20

Members that have demonstrated enrollment in primary or secondary education, and upon the approval of the Grand Knight after review. An initial request should be made to the Financial Secretary; do not pay this amount unless the Student status has been approved.


Please see note below for payment of dues not paid for 2018, 2019, or 2020.



The current year dues for the Knights of Columbus are payable in three ways:


1. Pay by check (payable to: Santa Maria Council #1443) at a Council meeting. You can also pay by cash, though check is preferred for tracking purposes.




Leave your payment in the DUES BOX on the bar, or place in the mail slot at the front of our building. If you leave cash (NOT preferred) just be sure you attach a note indicating your name, and what year the dues are for (yes, members have left cash with no info, which is why a check is preferred). 



Mail your check to Santa Maria Council #1443 using the information included on your dues statement:


Santa Maria Council #1443


350 Crystal Lake Ave

Haddon Twp, NJ 08033



2. Pay with your VENMO account. Use our VENMO account name: @KnightsofColumbus-SantaMaria

VEMO can ony be used though a cell phone


3. Use PayPal and pay with with your credit card or PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can checkout as a guest.


Use your PayPal account to pay us directly by using our email address:

When making payment by PayPal try and remember to change the payment from “paying for an item or service” to “sending to a friend” so that we are not charged a service fee ($1.34 per $40 transaction). THANKS!


You can also pay via credit card at a Council meeting using our PayPal credit card reader (Santa Maria will be charged a processing fee).





Dues owed for prior to 2018 have been waived. Your dues statement will indicate if you xstill owe dues for 2018, 2019, and/or 2020.



Please realize that when a member does not pay their dues, the Council still has to pay the Supreme per-capita ($4.50) and State per-capita ($8.00) for each member. When you pay your dues then the per-capita costs are covered and the remaining money is used to assist with all of our charitable works!

All dues in arrears prior to 2018 were waived by a vote of the membership. If you have not paid dues for 2018, 2019, and/or 2020 then your 2021 dues statement will reflect what you owe. A current membership card will not be issued if you owe outstanding dues. You must present a current membership card to gain admittance to all Council meetings and activities.

Some members may have a legitimate reason for not being able to pay their dues such as a disability, unemployment, or other financial hardship.  Please contact the Council if that is the case and we will discuss the matter as there are options available.

Concerning disability, if you qualify, please complete the form below and return it to the Council home upon completion along with the required proof. A member that qualifies for disability relief does not have to pay dues, and the Council does not have to pay per-capita dues for that member.

DISABILITY form; qualifications and instructions:

How to DONATE to Santa Maria Council #1443


You do not need to be a member of our Council to make a donation to our Council. Your special gift will be used to enhance and continue the many charitable activities that have been an important part of the identity of this Council.

You can use your PayPal account to donate using our email address:


make a donation through VENMO using our account name: @KnightsofColumbus-SantaMaria

Please include a note explaing your gift/donation; THANK YOU!




Dear Brothers,


Our council was very fortunate to be recognized for its charitable activities, as described in the attached article currently on the Knights of Columbus (Supreme) website. 

The basis for the article was an e-mail that I wrote to various US Senators who questioned Judge Brian Buescher’s fitness to serve as a federal judge, solely because of his membership in the Knights of Columbus.
As noted in the article “This not ‘all about me’, I’m just one of about 1.8 million Knights in the United States” and only one of 600+ members of Santa Maria Council.

So, if you did anything to contribute to any of our council’s charitable activities, this article is about you.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,
Mark Kiernan
856-261-3074 or

Supreme website article about our Santa Maria Council:

12 Knights of Christmas — Help Is a Voicemail Away

By Andrew Butler 12/16/2019
12 Knights of Christmas — Help Is a Voicemail Away

Last Christmas, a member of Santa Maria Council 1443 in Haddon Twp., New Jersey, wrote an email. He hoped to communicate the Knights’ true spirit of charity and their willingness to help at a moment’s notice. It often starts when they listen to their voicemails.

Here are excerpts taken directly from that email:

At 6 p.m. last night (Christmas Eve), I received a call on my cell phone from a young mother from Camden. She had no food for Christmas and was down to 4 diapers for her 9-month-old baby. At 8 p.m., I delivered two bags of food, a turkey breast, children’s beverages, candy canes and diapers. When I asked her how she came to call me, she said “My girlfriend gave me your number. She said you guys help people.” The food came from our council’s Food for Families Program. Another of our members took a break from his family’s Christmas Eve Dinner to help me put the package together.

One of my responsibilities for our Council is taking the messages off of our answering machine. Last Thursday, December 20, a woman left us a message saying that she was in the hospital and that she had no money to buy Christmas gifts for her children and grandchildren. She said that she expected to be released before Christmas. On Saturday, December 22, I delivered a $150 gift card to her in the hospital. $100 was from our Council’s Charity Fund; $50 was a donation from my wife and me.

This is not “all about me”, I’m just one of about 1.8 million Knights in the United States.

My Knights of Columbus council, Santa Maria Council # 1443, of Haddon Twp., NJ also made a donation to pay for one wheelchair for the Knights Global Wheelchair Mission and paid $1,400 to buy and distribute 40 winter coats for the Knights Coats for Kids program.

This email showcases the Knights from Santa Maria Council. At 110 years old, it has a long history of service and charity that continues today. This Christmas, the council has undertaken a toy drive for local children in need.

They also are providing:

  • $500 to a relative of a Knight who is widowed and caring for an adult son with intellectual disabilities.
  • $300 and a Christmas food package to a woman caring for her ill husband and two young granddaughters whose mothers are both deceased and fathers are not involved.
  • $200 to a fund to assist people to pay utility bills. Donations are matched 100% by the local electrical utility company.

Learning of requests through their voicemail messages continue to be a source for the council’s charitable work. This work includes:

  • A donation made in February from the council’s Charity Raffle Fund to a woman in the hospital last Christmas.
  • A member with an engineering background providing advice to a woman with water damage to her home.
  • The council fulfilling multiple requests for food assistance left on their voicemail.

Ongoing charitable activities include:

  • Food packages for families in need at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
  • Scholarships for four local students to attend Catholic High Schools.
  • Donations to four seminarians of the Diocese of Camden, as part of the Knights of Columbus RSVP Program.
  • Annual fundraisers for local Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis societies, raising thousands of dollars during the past year.
  • Hosting an annual appreciation dinner for local religious sisters, and one for local law enforcement, for nearly 50 years.

This is just some of the amazing work done by Knights of Columbus. To read more about the great news of the Knights of Columbus, visit our News Hub.

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Member Withdrawal Procedure


The member requesting a withdrawal must submit a written personal letter (see sample below), or an email to the Financial Secretary, requesting his membership withdrawal from the Knights of Columbus to his council who will then forward it to the Supreme Council Membership Records Department. It is not acceptable for anyone other than the member to create this letter. Those members that are granted a withdrawal will not maintain continuous membership. Their membership will reflect a break in service if they decide to reactivate their membership at a later date. If the member is an insurance member, he will remain on the council rolls as an inactive member.




Knights of Columbus Council #1443

350 W Crystal Lake Ave, Haddon Twp, NJ 08033


Financial Secretary,


I hereby request the withdrawal of my membership in the Knights of Columbus.


  • Signature of member
  • Member’s Name, Address City, State, Zip Code
  • Membership Number:__________

The original letter or email will be forwarded to the Supreme Council Membership Records Department and a copy should be put in the council’s files.