News & Announcements


The Pittsburgh Chapter K of C membership is comprised of the 45 K of C councils in the Pittsburgh area. Following is a summary of points that were covered that would be of interest to our council:
- Bishop's Project - $183,444 was collected this past season by all councils for this charity.  Four categories of collection programs are used to arrive at the total. They are Christmas   Seals, Tootsie Roll drives, Penny collection (our Knights Weekend collection) and "other". There is one category that makes up 41% of the total. It is the Christmas Seal program.   Interestingly enough, on the surface it would appear to be the LEAST productive element of the collections. Here's why. There were 94,000 packets of seals produced and distributed   last year. Only 2307 actually had money returned in exchange for the seals! I understand next year only 42,000 packets will be produced with the hope that the generous givers in   past years will continue to support the program and because we were also told at this meeting that we will not be permitted to pass out seals on church property next year. Because   of  this and the restrictions due to the pandemic, our fund raising for the next season will suffer. This has been recognized and all councils' goals for next year have been adjusted to   this extent:  New council goals will be calculated by adding up the last five years contributions, dividing by 5 and multiplying by 80%. St. Teresa's new goal is $5898 as compared to   this year's goal of $7296.  I'm proud to say we surpassed that goal, thanks to the men on the Tootsie Roll lines and church collectors, and will be the recipient of TWO awards - Over   goal and best in division. We normally send representatives to the Bishop's Project Awards Dinner to receive them but due to the pandemic the dinner was cancelled and our awards   will be delivered to us. For your information here is a breakdown of our performance: Seals - $1073, Tootsie Rolls - $4140, Knight's Weekend - $1538, Other - $620. Total - $7371. 
- C.O.A.L - Next year instead of selling books containing 8 - $1 tickets, we will be selling single $5.00 tickets. This is with the hope that anyone who has previously purchased a book      for $8 will spend the extra $2 for two tickets and those who paid $16 for two books could be up sold to $20 for 4 tickets.
- ADDRESS LABELS - This state program normally rebates the councils who send delegates to the annual State Convention to help offset expenses incurred. Last year it was around   $40. In addition it grants money to the Special Olympics and the eight dioceses of Pennsylvania. Due to the cancellation of the state convention and therefore no need for the council   rebates, the following contributions were made - Special Olympics - $46,000, Eight PA dioceses - $5,000 each.
- FOOTBALL SWEEPSTAKES - This program will continue regardless of what the NFL decides about the season regarding the pandemic. If there's no normal season there will be a     Sweeps program where winners will be decided by a random number generated bases on historical statistics. We're assured everything will be on the up and up if it comes to that.
- PRO-LIFE - The pregnancy centers have been extremely busy the last 140 days. That's an encouraging sign that some babies may have been saved. A new ultrasound machine is      being installed in the Monroeville area Which bring to 6 in this area. Our council is proud to be a contributor to this program.
- Columbus Day Dinner - The tentative date for this is October 11 at the Meadowlands. 
- 4th Degree Exemplification - The in person degree locally was cancelled this year and a virtual degree was held on July 28 from Baltimore. A new Master of the 4th Degree has          been appointed and we await his exemplification schedule.
- STATE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT GARY DAMICH COMMENTS - He urged us to use the virtual degrees to spur our recruiting efforts and give a big push to the Football              Sweepstakes to help offset our low fundraising possibilities at this time.