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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Council - 2018-2019 Executive Officers Profiles


Worthy Chaplain- SK Rev Father Michael Parent


Father Mike is our Chaplain, Pastor and Spiritual Leader. 


Not long after he became the Pastor at OLMC, he got the wheels in motion for us to form our own, parish based Council.  This direction not only served our Parish well, but also follows Father McGivney’s (the founder of the Knights of Columbus) dream of having a K of C Council in every Parish.


Father Mike has been a Knight since 1968 and a 4th Degree member of the Dean Wagner Assembly since 2006. 


We are truly blessed to have him within our ranks and the fact that he continues to play an active role within our Council keeps us united and strong in our faith and in the great work we do.


Worthy Grand Knight - SK Br Marc J. Morneau


Our Grand Knight Br Marc has been Knight since 2000 and a member of our Council since he moved to Windsor in December of 2015 returning to his home town following his retirement.


In the short time he has been with us, he has already served one term as our Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and our Lecturer.  He has worked with a number of our standing committees and launched Council's Website and has served as our Webmaster.  In 2018 he was presented as the Knight of Year for his valued contribution to our Council by our Grand Knight At the time, Brother Terry Bachmeier.


He is a Past Grand Knight of Council 5073 in Burlington, and is also a member of the Dean Wagner Fourth Degree Assembly here in Windsor where he has served as a Trustee, Faithful Captain and Webmaster. 


SK Br Marc scored a 'daily double' in 2018  by being presented as the Knight of the Year in December 2018 by the Faithful Navigator of the Dean Wagner Assembly to go along with winning the same Award at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Council.


Br. Marc had a successful career in senior sales and marketing management positions within the Canadian consumer packaged goods industry.  He retired as the Regional Sales Director of Eastern Canada for one of Canada's leading importers and distributors. 


Worthy Deputy Grand Knight - Br David J. Blain


Deputy Grand Knight Dave became a Knight in 2013 and completed his Third Degree in 2017.   


Since he joined our Council, he has concerted his efforts in serving in the key areas of Membership and Retention.  He has served initially on the committee and eventually assumed to role of Membership Chair.  His role increased in profile where he became Director of Membership and Retention.  Under his watch, our membership has grown to 140 and he has been instrumental in getting many of our new members engaged with our Council.


He also served as our very special Santa at the Children's Christmas party that our Council initiated in 2017.


Brother Dave helps at all functions by working the door selling 50/50 tickets at our breakfast and fish fry events and can always be found opening the door and serving as an Usher on Sunday mornings.


Brother Dave grew up in the Detroit area, and attended Sacred Heart Seminary for 2 years before being drafted into the US Army and stationed in Germany.  He later attended Northwood University and embarked on a 34 year career at Chrysler Corporation.  Brother Dave is a dual citizen having emigrated to Canada following his marriage to his wife Lisa.


 Chancellor - Br. Murray J. Harris 


Brother Murray became a Knight in 2015 completed his Second and Third Degrees in very short order.  He started initially to help at youth related activities namely supporting our Youth Dances and the Basketball Free Throw Competition.


He eventually took over the Chairmanship of the Youth Dances and in 2018 as well as our Parish Breakfast Committee.  He also played significant support roles in assisting with our Parish Family Day, Schrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner as well as our Fish Frys.


Always willing to serve, Brother Murray accepted the nomination for the position of Chancellor and thus became a valued Officer of our Executive for the first time.


On June 22, 2019 Brother Murray became a Sir Knight having been exemplified as a Fourth Degree member of the Dean Wagner Assembly.


Brother Murray is a retired Test Lab Technician with Quality Safety Systems.


Financial Secretary- SK Br Anthony Osula


In June of 2019 Brother Anthony was appointed by our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson as our Financial Secretary for a 3 year term. 


He became a Knight and joined our Council in 2013 and in very short order, he completed 3 Degrees.  In 2016 he became our Councils Warden and served on our Executive for 2 terms.  He has offered extensive help at our Youth Dances and wherever needed, he is always there!


SK Br Anthony became a Fourth Degree member of the Dean Wagner Assembly in 2016 and is an active member there as well. 


He first came to Canada from his native Nigeria as a University student and raised his family here in our Parish.  He had an exciting career as a Geologist and Drilling Engineer having worked on drilling operations all over the world.  Now fully retired, his working career made him truly a ‘world traveler'  he helps on a number of initiatives in support of our Council and Parish.    


Lecturer – Br Marc Vallee


Brother Marc joined the Knights of Columbus in 1989 in his native Northern Ontario.  The Knights of Columbus is part of the Vallee Family tradition as Br. Marc's father is also a Knight.  When Brother Marc moved to Windsor he became a member of the St.Jerome Council for a few years before moving to our Parish and transferring his membership to our Council.


Since he arrived he has been a huge supporter of our Youth Dances, and for the last 3 years he chaired our Ontario State Lottery Ticket drive.  Under his leadership our Council has enjoyed tremendous success by selling out 98% of our allocated tickets issued to us by the State Office.


In 2018 Brother Marc accepted the appointment of Lecturer by our Grand Knight and when approached about this opportunity again in 2019 he was more than willing to take on this role.


Brother Marc became SK Br. Marc on June 22, 2019 when he was exemplified into the Fourth Degree as a member of the Dean Wagner Assembly.


Brother Marc works for the Province of Ontario as the Institution Training Manager with the Ministry of Correctional Services.



Recorder- SK Br Robert Rumfeldt


Bob is a retired professor of physical chemistry from the University of Windsor and he and his wife Mary joined Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in 2008.  


Bob joined the Knights of Columbus in 2009 and became a member of Council 13405.  In 2011 he joined the Dean Wagner 4th Degree Assembly.  


He has been our Recorder since 2010.  Beyond the work he does for our Council, Brother Bob is a regular Altar Server at weekday Masses, as well as a Reader in service to our parish. 


His commitment and hard work is service to our parish and council is appreciated by everyone!


 Treasurer- SK Br Jonathan Eskritt


Brother Jonathan became a Knight in 2005 and has served as our Treasurer for 7 years now.  Beyond his dedicated and uninterrupted service in this capacity, he has served in the past as our Breakfast Committee Chairman. 


He completed his Fourth Degree in 2006 and has been a member of the Dean Wagner Assembly in good standing ever since.


Br Jonathan is a retired Industrial Mechanic who retired from the Chrysler Corporation.


 Advocate- SK Br Mark Kowalsky


 Brother Mark is our Advocate, and has been a member of our Council since 2011. 


Beyond his duties as our Advocate, he has played an active role on our Youth Committee helping out with the dances.  He also co-chaired our St. Patrick's Day Party and Dance this year.  Brother Mark makes on going contributions to our Parish and our Council with his support, high energy and enthusiasm. 


He is a Fourth Degree member in good standing of the Dean Wagner Assembly having joined in 2016.    


Brother Mark has lived in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish all of his life having grown up here and remained here raising his own family!  He runs a successful business of his own, and makes an impact not only on his business, but on his employees as a Knight and a true Catholic gentleman.


 Warden - Br. Gerardo Gonzalez


Brother Gerardo has been a Knight since 2013 and is our new Warden.  He has served 2 terms as one of our Executive Officers as our Inside Guard which makes his transition to Warden a natural progression.  He has been very active in helping at just about any initiative we have been engaged in since joining our Council. 


Brother Gerardo was born in Columbia where he still has family, and is a retired Electrical Engineer having retired from Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd here in Windsor.    


 Honourary Inside Guard- Br. Lionel (Lee) Markham


In 2016 Brother Lee was awarded the ‘Honourary Guard Position’ by our by the Council’s Executive and general membership for his many years of service to our Council and our Parish. 


He is also an Honorary Life Member as recognized by our Supreme Council and has been a Knight since 1978.  


Inside Guard - Br. Robert Brownlie 


Brother Robert became a Knight in December of 2014 at the age of 19 and was sponsored by his father, Tom.  He later became one of our Council's Guards, and went on to serve a term as our Warden.  After settling down, getting married, and busy raising two young children, Brother Robert decided to run for office and has returned to our Executive as our Inside Guard.  He assisted as co-chair and a lead helper in our Parish Family Day event in 2018 and as one of our younger members at age 24, he already brings a lot of experience to our Executive. 


Outside Guard- Br. Brandon Bernardon 


Brother Brandon became a Knight in 2017 and quickly became a member of the Third Degree at age 18.  Since joining our Council he chaired our bursary program in 2018, and has been a regular helping out with our youth dances each month.  He also assist with our Webmaster in posting updates on our Council's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages along with our website.


He is to become a Fourth Degree member of the Dean Wagner Assembly in June, 2019 - all of this before his 20th birthday.  (the youngest member of our Council and of the 103 year old Assembly!)


Beyond his work with the Knights, is an Usher seen frequently at the the Saturday evening Masses.


Brother Brandon grew up in our parish where he attended Holy Cross School, attended St. Thomas of Villanova High School where he graduated in 2017.   


He just completed his second year at the University of Windsor studying political science and criminology and hoping to eventually go to law school which he hopes will lead him to become a Crown Prosecutor.


Trustee 3 Year - Br. Thomas R. Brownlie


Brother Tom became a Knight in March, 2012 and completed all three of his Degrees in less than 1 month.  Completing all three in very short order was clearly a sign of his commitment to get involved with our Council and to serve our parish.


The Brownlie Family is not short on experience when it comes to service, his son Robert joined Tom as a Brother Knight and our Council is blessed to have both Brownlies' as Executive Officers this year.


Brother Tom joins our Executive as one of our Trustees, and with his business and financial background he will bring value to our team of Officers.  He also has served as our Financial Secretary, a position appointed by the Supreme Knight, so he has a solid background and understanding of how matters between Councils and our Supreme Office in New Haven work.  Brother Tom is the Financial Controller of Hawk Plastics Limited, 


Trustee 2 Year - SK Br Christopher Kowalsky PGK


Brother Chris joined our Order in 2005 and served 2 terms as our Grand Knight.  He has agreed to return to our Executive as a Trustee where his experience will be of tremendous value to our Council  Brother Chris has served on a countless number of committees over the years, more recently doing extensive work at GH and co-chairing our St. Patrick's Party.


He has been a Fourth Degree member of the Dean Wagner Assembly since 2015.  Brother Chris has a life long love for our Parish having been raised and lived here, almost all of his life.  He is a Senior Engineer Manager with BorgWarner Inc. an American worldwide automotive industry components and parts supplier based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


Trustee 1 Year- SK Br Garrett Hawco


Brother Garry has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1974, when he was only 19 years old joining in is native Newfourndland! 


Since moving to Windsor and transferring to our Council, he has chaired our Fish Fries, worked on anything that required 'kitchen help'.  He goes beyond helping our Council by taking an active role in helping when other parish sponsored events require his skills around the kitchen. 


Br. Garry is became a Fourth Degree member in 2016 and as a Trustee his input and insight is certainly of benefit to our Council.  He is retired and beyond his Knights of Columbus duties, he contributes his skills and talents towards the Royal Canadian Legion as well.  




Monthly Vocation Testimony From Father Patrick Bénéteau, Director of Seminarians and of Vocations

Click here to view the Monthly Vocation Testimony - June 2019


Father Patrick Bénéteau is the Director of Vocations for the Diocese of London.  He grew up in River Canard and issues monthly Testimonies related to Vocations to a number of Councils and Agencies throughout the Diocese.  These publications we used to issue in our Quarterly Newsletters, but with our interactive website along with the fact that almost all of our members have access to UKnight, we will post these testimonies as we receive and issue via email to our members.  

Field Agent Brother Martin Skipper

Since its founding in 1882, a primary mission of the Knights of Columbus has been to protect the financial future of families. Although times have changed, and the Order has grown to include top-rated life insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement products, its mission is essentially the same. Tens of thousands of families have benefited from Knights of Columbus Insurance in recent years. 


Members in the United States and Canada have exclusive access to our insurance program and products, including life insurance, retirement annuities, long-term care insurance, and disability income insurance.


Our Field Agent Martin Skipper is a Brother Knight who carries on the tradition of helping Knights and their families plan for their futures.  He is a member of St. John Vianney Parish and is also a proud member of our Council.


Brother Martin can be reached via email or at either of the telephone numbers provided.

c - 519-980-4399

o - 519-966-9977   

Father Mike Parent Commemorative Stone in the Knights of Columbus Garden

Last year, our Council's Executive with the support of our General Membership, moved to purchase and have a commemorative brick placed on the walkway of the Father Michael Joseph McGivney Memorial statue at Heavenly Rest Cemetery.  Father Mike being our Council's Founding Chaplain continues to be our spiritual leader while taking an active role in the running or our Council.  Father Mike joined the Knights of Columbus 48 years ago and is also a member of the Dean Wagner 4th Degree Assembly.  He follows in the foot steps of our founder, a humble Parish Priest who joins hands with the men of his Parish to help those in need and provide spiritual leadership to his flock.


It is with the deepest respect, gratitude and affection that our Council recognizes Fr. Mike's contribution with this tribute.