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Meet our newest Knight transferred in from Westminster, MD - Keith Mutschler. Welcome Keith

Join Us In Our Service To Christ

As an Order we must unite with our bishops and priests to help bring the lost flock home to our Lord Jesus Christ and remove all toxic indifference from our pews. It has never been more important that we align our KofC events and activities to help strengthen the front lines of our parish homes. Every Council in Tennessee must work throughout the upcoming fraternal year to implement programs and promote activities that will increase parish vitality and lighten the burden carried by our pastors. Let us all work to strengthen our parish homes by accomplishing our fraternal mission and by following these steps:

Columbian Award Presented

DD J.J. Wilder (left) presented the 2018 Columbian Award to Past Grand Knight Jim Gecsei (right).

Honorary Membership Presented

GK Joe Filosi presents an Honorary Membership Award to Chuck Hutchens. Congrats Chuck!

Spiritual Reflection