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Faith in Action

Our Council 12366 Will Be Using A New Program Model
Faith In Action
Grand Knight Richard Gagnon – August 2018
The Knights of Columbus have started a new program model, “Faith In Action”, that replaces “Surge With Service”. The new program is focused on Faith, Family, Community, and Life. In each of these four areas there are 8 suggested activities. There are 4 required activities – Spiritual Reflection (Faith); Consecration To The Holy Family (Family), Helping Hands (Community); Novena For Life (Life). An additional 3 activities per program is also required to receive the Columbian Award. We will ask 2 Council Knights to champion - keeping track on what is required for the Columbian Award. The KNIGHTLINE June/July newsletter provides reference to the recommended programs. The August KNIGHTLINE newsletter continues with a new model to help get the big picture for Faith In Action. Our Council Program Director, Sal Saladarriaga, will maintain a status report for our different activities. All programs and status will be displayed on our Website. This will be an opportunity for all of us to participate with our new model - Faith In Action

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Father McGivney

Reprint of the reading on the sarcophagus

Reverend Michael J McGivney

August 12, 1852 - - August 14, 1890


This marble sarcophagus enclosed a bronze casket containing the mortal remains of

Reverend Michael J. McGivney , founder of the Knights of Columbus, entombed here

on March 29,  1982, the 100th anniversary of the order.  Ordained on December 22,

1877, Father McGivney served as priest in St.Mary’s until 1884, and it was in the

basement of this church that, on October 2, 1881, He called together a group of men

to form a Catholic Fraternal Society devoted to charity, unity and fraternity.  Called

home to the Lord on August 14,1890, two days after his 38th birthday, and in the

13th year of his priesthood, while serving as pastor of Saint Thomas Church in

Thomaston, Connecticut, He was buried with impressive rites in the McGivney family

plot in Old St Joseph’s Cemetery, Waterbury, Connecticut.  With the permission of

church, state and family, his remains were disinterred on December 8,1981 in

preparation for entombment by special privilege of the Holy See within this church

his  loyal sons. The Knights of Columbus in many lands, have in grateful tribute

placed this memorial in the year of our Lord 1982.

Recruitment letter from Bradley Bardon

LTC Is an Important Piece of the Puzzle
There are many financial consultants and retirement authorities who emphasize the need for a long-term care (LTC) product for estate preservation and family protection. While many commercial life insurance companies have gotten out of the long-term care business, the Knights of Columbus considers LTC a very important piece of the family protection puzzle. The Order has been actively offering our members this product for nearly 15 years without a premium increase on current policyholders. Members who wisely purchased an LTC plan from the Knights in 2000 are still paying the same premiums today. Even better, our LTC coverage is backed by the full strength of the Order, which remains rooted in our strong Catholic values. Talk about stability when it counts.
If we have not spoken about your need for LTC coverage in your family portfolio, please take some time out of your schedule to meet with me. Remember, long-term care policies are underwritten based on your health, and you most likely will never be any healthier than you are today.

From our KofC Council Insurance Agent Brad Bardon (919-302-1377)