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2021 Annual DUES ARE DUE

2021 Annual Dues are DUE Now. 

2021 Annual Dues are $40.00* for the year.   

*This year we increased the Dues by $5.00 to help offset the online payment and other costs. 



Please Click "Pay Now" to Pay



Note: If your Annual Dues are normally less than $35.00 or you have questions

Please E-mail Jeff Daly, Financial Secretary  <EMAIL_JEFF>


Round Rock Helpers - Seniors Helping Seniors

Round Rock Helpers is a Christian based handyman program of Seniors helping Other Seniors in the City of Round Rock with minor home maintenance and repairs.


Website: Round Rock Helpers - Seniors Helping Seniors


For more information and how to help please feel free to reach out to Richard Zamora @  RZAMORA51@YAHOO.COM