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Navigator of Arthur J. O'Neill Assembly # 2381 Brother Sir Knight Phil Miller

From May 10, 2019 6:00 pm until May 10, 2019 7:00 pm
At St Joseph Elgin Categories: Honor Guard
Confirmation mass. SUT 5:30pm.

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St. Lawrance, Elgin Il, Dec 12th 2018


Everything you may need to know!


Rules of the 4th Degree


Projects & Activities in the spirit of our Patriotic Degree!





New Uniform of the 4th Degree adding a little extra hardship to those who are most dedecated to the call of the Honor. Local Assembly working on quick solutions before the turn of the new Fraternal Year which is almost 60 days away.

2019-2020 Illinois Special Olympic Calendar and Planning Area for Huntley District/ McHenry

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Illinois State Council "All E-Members Belong to this team"

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Dynamic Catholic Best Lent Ever Daily Video Program

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Good morning Brothers!!!

I had a few of the men asking me about the Dynamic Catholic Best Lent Ever Daily Video Message Program.  I have done it the last few years and it is terrific.  Keeps your mind and spirit in the right frame during the Lenten Season.  After signing up and starting this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, you will receive a short video message (typically 3-4 minutes) with a terrific message and reflection.  
To Learn More - Click Here
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I hope you all sign up as I know you will all love the messages each day.  
Have a wonderful and blessed week...and stay warm!!!
Best regards,
Denny Hennessy
Master of Ceremonies
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Deputy Grand Knight

Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Assists the grand knight with operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the grand knight

Grand Knight

All Offices



In the absence of the grand knight, presides at council meetings

Grand Knight (SOP)


Recommended to serve on the council’s Retention Committee

Grand Knight

Retention Chairman



Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Has the duty of strengthening the members’ interest in council activities    
Assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties as assigned    
Recommended to serve on the council’s Admission Committee    

Financial Secretary

Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Upon recommendation of the grand knight and thetrustees, thefinancial secretary is appointed for a three-year term that is approved by the supreme knight    
The prospectivefinancial secretary must also complete and submit the Application for Appointment as Financial Secretary (#FS-101)    
Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, thefinancial secretary is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000. Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting thesupremesecretary’s office    
Collects money, in theform of dues, from members. Responsiblefor sending billing notices and initiating retention measures by providing a list of delinquent members to the grand knight to prevent members from being suspended for nonpayment of dues    
Ensures that thecouncil membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll    
Ensures that thecouncil membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll    
Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council Headquarters    
Responsibleforcompleting and submitting the proper 990 for thecouncil (U.S. only)    
Keeps theseal of thecouncil and affixes thesame to membership cards, resolutions and other official documents as necessary    


Action Office in Charge Refferance or Link
Responsiblefor keeping and maintaining a true and permanent record of all actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council

Grand Knight

Finacial Secratary


Programe Director

Programe Director Chairman

Standing Commettee Chairs


Tresure (SOP)

Action required Officer in Charge Refferance or Links
Charged with handling council funds    
Receives money from financial secretary and deposits it in the proper council accounts    
Responsible for paying all council expenses, including assessments from the Supreme Council    
Under Section 130 of the Laws of the Order, the treasurer is automatically bonded in the amount of $5,000 when reported on the Election of Officers form (#185). Additional bonding may be provided at a cost of $7 per thousand by contacting thesupremesecretary’s office    


Action Office in Charge Refferance or Link
Appointed by the grand knight Grand Knight  
Responsiblefor providing suitable educational and entertaining programs under the“Good of the Order” section of council meetings

Grand Knight

Supreme Site Website



Action Office in Charge Refferance or Links
Acts as parliamentarian for the council Grand Knight  
Should have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, Charter, Constitution & Laws, council by-laws, and Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318)

Grand Knight

Supreme Council

Council Bi-Laws


When needed, will seek legal assistancefrom the state advocate State Council Office of the Advocate  



Office in Charge

Refferance Links
Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property

Grand Knight

Inside Guard

Outside Guard


Sets up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications

Grand Knight

Degree Team

District Deputy

Oversees inside and outside guards

Inside Guard

Outside Guard


Inside/ Outside Guard

Action Office in Charge Referance or Links
Attend the doors of the council chamber, checking for current membership cards and allowing entrance

Grand Knight


Finacial Secratary


Membership Recruitment and Retention

Star Council Award:    
Father McGivney Award  FOR MEMBERSHIP  
-Conduct Frequent Admitions degree    
-Invite Potential members to help with your service programes    
-Fraternal Benefits nights    
-Ensurethatcompleted Membership Documents (#100) are promptly delivered to yourcouncil’s insurance agent.    
-Invite yourcouncil’s insurance agent to speak atcouncil meetings.    
Yourcouncil should conduct at least four major programs in each of the Surge. . . with Servicecategories of Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family and Youth. As an alternative, you may complete one Featured Program in each category to fulfill requirements    
Completethe Columbian Award Application (#SP-7) and submit by June 30.    
Submit the Service Program Personnel Report (#365) by Aug. 1.    
Using the Member Management Application in thesecure Officers Online section of the Knights of Columbus websiteis theeasiest way to submit this information.    
Submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity(#1728) due by Jan. 31.    
Remain current with assessments from the Supreme Council headquarters.    
Keys to Recruiting Success RECRUITING KEYS  
Talk about your positiveexperiences as a member and share your enthusiasm for yourcouncil. Convey a sense of enthusiasm,excitement and pride when talking about the great things yourcouncil accomplishes and the people yourcouncil helps.   
Make a good impression with theright attitude and body language. Maintain a positive attitude, smile often, avoid being negative, and always look the prospective member in theeye when talking with him  
Talk to the prospective member and his wife about the ways membership can benefit his family. Highlight how participation in yourcouncil'scharitable endeavorscan help a man grow in his faith. Point out that many of yourcouncil's activities and programs, including the insurance program and other benefits, are open to the member'sentireimmediatefamily   
Show unity when conducting a charitableservice project. When members, their families and other volunteers wear Knights of Columbus-branded apparel whileconducting a charitable project, it identifies yourcouncil to thecommunity and entices prospective members to inquire about joining your council.  
Ask men to join your council. Family, friends,co-workers and fellow parishioners represent 5 recruitment opportunities — ask if they would liketo join yourcouncil.  
Approach recruiting in a different way. Ask a prospective member "Would you beinterested in learning more about membership in our local Knights of Columbuscouncil?"  
What to say when the answer is "I don't havetime." Be prepared with a simple answer. Tell them the amount of timethey put in iscompletely up to them, and remind them of yourcouncil's family-oriented activities.  
Promote yourcouncil's spirituality. Emphasize yourcouncil's involvement in thespiritual life of your parish.  
Involve young people. Ask young men to join yourcouncil. Usetargeted advertising, especially social media, to reach younger prospective members.  
Follow-up with all prospective members in a timely manner It isessential that follow-up communication, by personal contact, occurs within a few days at the most.  
Planning Membership Recruitment and Retention Strategy Once yourcouncil’s directors and chairmen are appointed, the grand knight should call an organizational meeting. Invite your financial secretary;councilchaplain; program and membership directors, with their respectivecommitteechairmen; and othercouncil officers to the meeting. Hold the meeting immediately after the appointment of thecommittee chairmen and before Aug. 1. Set the groundwork for theentirefraternal year, planning your membership and insurance goals, budget, and calendar for social and service program events.  
Reviewing the membership recruitment activities that were conducted in the past year Analyze the reasons for the success or failure of each project  
Deciding on successful recruitment strategies to repeat in thecurrent fraternal year and new strategies to implement.    
Setting a budget foreach activity    
Setting tentative dates foreach activity, keeping in mind the parish calendar.    
Preparing thelist of agreed upon activities to present to thecouncil for approval.    
Alerting the publicrelationschairman of activity dates to ensure that thecouncil’s initiatives and events arecommunicated to the parish and community in a timely manner.    
Ordering Supplies The Supreme Council headquarters has many materials availableto help yourcouncil promote and conduct its membership recruitment and retention activities. Council supplies can be ordered through, the Order's websitefor all Knights of Columbus-related gift and clothing needs. Here aresometips to ensurethat your order is processed and shipped in timefor your membership activities:  
Allcouncil supplies must be ordered by your council’s grand knight or financial secretary. To order council supplies and havethe order charged against the council’s account,each grand knight or financial secretary must first log in to Officers Online. Oncelogged in, officers may access thelink to    
When ordering council supplies through, thereis no longer a need to complete a Requisition Form (#1).    
Order materials at least four weeks in advance of your activity date. Materials that are needed sooner will beshipped in an expedited manner, however,extra shipping charges will be applied to the order    

Clergy Dinner October 19th (event#2002)

Click on link below to help with this event;

  Clergy Dinner Help, Beverage team October 19th (event#2002)


On Friday evening, October 19th, the annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner will be hosted by the Bishop Arthur O'Neil Assembly 2381 at St Mary Parish Hall. This event will require St. Mary Council BASSET qualified sellers and servers in two shifts. (HAVE YOUR BASSET CARD WITH YOU).
First shift will be from 5:30pm until 7:30pm, the second shift will be from 7:00pm until 9:00pm (approx).  The refreshments will be soda, water, beer and wine.  For those who are not attending the Clergy Appreciation Dinner, our council will provide you with
a dinner in the St John/Paul room 121 at 7:00pm. This was the reason for the overlapping the schedule time for 30 minutes at 7:00pm. Two volunteers (one each shift) would be the lead for each shift. Non-BASSET will be able to serve soda and water, so if you have someone you want to bring to help out, that would be wonderful.