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Summer Bingo Support


Brother Knights,


Your Council is particularly in need of your assistance in helping us maintain Bingo operations during the summer months.  The small cadre of Council members who have been regularly devoting a portion of some of their Sundays to working at Bingo is dedicated to continue doing so, but we need some fill-ins for the regular workers when they take summer vacations.  We want to continue Bingo operations through the summer months to assure we can pay the Council hall's operating expenses and carry out our planned charitable donation program until we complete sale of the hall and associated land.  We now have in place a sales contract, with settlement of it expected to occur in the fall.


From the following list, our Bingo Manager, Brother Komla Kudiabor (703-677-5739, KKAKPO@YAHOO.COM ), requests that you select one or more Sundays when you will help us conduct Bingo.  We are especially in need of help during the 11:00 am to 3:00 pm period.  If you cannot help during that entire period, your working even only during a portion of it on a few Sundays would be a great service to your Council.


Summer schedule for Bingo operations:

June 23

June 30

July 7

July 14

July 21

July 28

Aug 4

Aug 11

Aug 18

Aug 25


Thank you for consideration of this request.


New Officers

The following officers were elected to the indicated positions.  Congratulations to all of them!


Grand Knight:  Steve Moore

Deputy Grand Knight:  Steven Bow

Financial Sec:  Mike O’Bar

Chancellor:  Chuck Wheeler

Recorder:  Patrick Harvey

Treasurer:  Daniel Adu

Advocate:  OPEN

Warden:  Ed Londres

Inside Guard:  Ed Kilday

Outside Guard:  Josh Suarez

3rd Year Trustee:  Phil Quigley

2nd Year Trustee: James Doe

1st Year Trustee:  Jean Claude

Lecturer:  Jim Hailey

Chaplin:  Fr. O’Keefe



Resolutions for Funds over




Each month we will be posting any fund requests that exceed $500 in a separate section for your review.  Per the By-Laws such requests must be proposed at a regular Business meeting and then voted on at the next after members have had a chance to review the request.  This gives all members a chance to have their voices heard when the item is brought up for final vote.  These will be posted in the announcements.  Please take the time to review these important requests Please Click here . To browse to the Site, login to the Members Section and Select Council Documents within the Council Library.



Upcoming Council Events

No events hosted by this council are scheduled within the next 60 days.

Your Field Agent

Br. Martin Alordzinu

I'm your Council's Field Agent.

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