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Dear Brother Knights-

Wow, here we are on the third month of the year with spring right around the corner.  How time flies!  I'm hoping that March will bring us some warm weather, we have had a brutal winter this year!  Spring to me, means new life, new beginnings (second chances), and an overall renewal.  The Lenten season is a time for reflection and change.  Lents begins this year on Wednesday, March 6th.  Let us all reflect on the many generous blessings we have received and let us do good deeds this season.  Instead of giving something up, why not come down and volunteer your time.  We need new ideas and your input.


I would like to thank Tim Noll and Chuck Meismer for having the Super Bowl Party at St. Ann's.  Thanks you for all your hard work, everyone seemed to enjoy it.


The next newsletter you receive by mail will be in June 2019. for updates until then, please visit the council website … details below.


Do you want to fast this Lent?


In the words of Pope Francis:  Fast from .hurting words and say kind words; fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude; fast from anger and be filled with patience; fast with pessimism and be filled with hope; fast from worries and have trust in God; fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity; fast from pressures and be prayerful; fast from bitterness and fill your hearts with joy; fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others; fast from grudges and be reconciled; and fast from words and be silent so you can listen.


Grand Knight - Chuck Witkowski


Please take time to read the newsletter in its entirety and check the website to see what's happening at St. Jude Council #4333.  WWW.KOFCKNIGHTS.ORG/CouncilSite/?CNO=4333

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