2018 - 2019

John Bitunjac - 2018

John Bitunjac exhibits the values desired in the Knight of the Year Award by showing exemplary status in our community. He holds the officer position of Council Deputy Grand Knight and participates regularly in all council events (Faith in Action, Walk for Life, Tootsie Roll drive, parish dinners etc. He is the Council Program Director and Youth Services Director, and as such was the coordinator of the newly established Council Faith In Action Program for 2018. He coordinated the Basketball Free Throw, Essay, and Keeping Christ in Christmas Poster Contests which were all successfully completed during this year. He also served as the Director of the District #2 Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw Competition and accompanied the category winners to the Regional Competition in Kansas City. He is a Mass Server and a Eucharistic Minister. He is Head of the Parish Building and Grounds Committee and has dedicated many personal hours to parish facility maintenance. He is a member of St Joseph 4th Degree General Assembly 569 and an active Honor Guard member. He serves as a SFX Elementary School substitute teacher and as a Marriage Preparation - Lead Couple Team along with his wife Nyla. He donated a personally handcrafted wood and glass display case for use as the Council awards and mementos display cabinet in the Parish Center. John Bitunjac is solidly involved in nearly every aspect of council activities and is hereby awarded the Council 15126 Knight of The Year for 2018.

2017 - 2018

Ray Heitman - 2017

Ray Heitman exhibits the values desired in the Knight of the Year Award by showing exemplary status in our community. He currently holds the officer position of Council Chancellor and is the Service Director of Community. He helps to create and bring great ideas into practice within the Council. During the past two years he chaired and organized the first two SFX Parish Wing Ding Ministry Challenge events. He volunteers at all council projects & events. He is a current member of the SFX Stewardship Committee. Ray has donated or discounted food for many Council dinners. He has been a volunteer participant in the St Joseph Walk for Life event and serves as a Mass Lector and Eucharistic Minister for the Parish. He coordinates our council’s annual Memorial Mass for deceased Knights and our Corporate Communion Masses aimed at better parish Public Relations and new member recruitment. He was originator and Council chairperson for the recent Thanksgiving Food Box project which provided 40 families with food for a complete Thanksgiving holiday meal through the Catholic Charities Family Assistance Program. He was the coordinator of our recent Council Dinner Theater event and surprise birthday party for our Council Chaplain and Pastor Fr. Joe Miller. He is a member of the Fourth Degree, St Joseph General Assembly 569. Congratulations Ray Heitman on being presented Council 15126 Knight of The Year.

2017 - 2018

Len Archer - 2017

Len Archer exhibits the values desired in the Knight of the Year Award by showing exemplary status in our community. Len holds the officer position of Council Recorder and serves on the Membership Committee and Council Admissions Degree team. He also chairs the Public Relations and Communications committee and in this role he maintains and updates the current interactive web site and email communications for the council. He donates many hours of service to schedule, publish and communicate activities for the council including the SFX Parish Wing Ding, the Council Knight and Family of the Month recognition program, Council Lenten dinners and Parish bulletin announcements for all Council events. He is a member of the Fourth Degree, St Joseph General Assembly 569 where he currently holds the position of Faithful Scribe. He also maintains the Assembly webpage and is an active and frequent participant member of their Honor Guard. Len also volunteers his time and talents with several various organizations within the community and parish including Community Missions, the St Joseph Order of Malta, St Joseph Faith in Action, St Joseph Life Walk, the SFX Elementary Advancement Committee, engaged Couple Marriage Preparation and he and his wife are the current Presidents of the St Francis Xavier Parish Mr. and Mrs. Club. Congratulations Len Archer on being presented Council 15126 Knight of The Year.

2016 - 2017


Leo Hoefer exhibits the values desired in the Knight of the Year Award by showing exemplary status in our community. Leo is a Past Grand Knight, 3-Year Trustee and the Service Committee Membership Director. He was selected by the St Joseph News Press as a member of the "20 Who Count" recognition. Leo attends mass daily and serves one week a month and any other times the Liturgical Committee needs help. He is also a Eucharistic Minister who can be found every Tues. and Thurs. morning volunteering to work at the SFX House of Bread food pantry. He provided some personal carpentry services within the pantry facility by constructing a needed safety railing to accommodate access for elderly clients. Leo served as a Discovering Christ Series table leader for the parish. Leo frequently volunteers time as a 4th Degree Honor Guard member to appear at numerous community and church related events. Leo readily volunteers to provide support for all of our council events. Leo has provided dedicated service to the SFX Parish Sunrise Fellowship Breakfast committee and is known as a person who will help you any way he can. Congratulations Leo Hoefer on being presented Council 15126 Knight of The Year by MO State Deputy Joseph Rosenthal.

2015 - 2016


Council 15126 Knight Of The Year for 2015 was presented to Roger Rohrer for his exemplary service as council Treasurer and for his many other notable individual contributions to and service toward the mission of St Francis Xavier Parish. Great job Roger!!!

2014 - 2015

Leo Violett

2013 - 2014

Dan Deatherage

2012 - 2013

Gordon Carmichael

2011 - 2012

John Catron

2010 - 2011

Larry Bahr