2020 - 2021

Rob Knoerzer

Our Knight of the Year is a man dedicated to his faith, his church, his family, and his country! After returning to Hampton Roads after a 5-year absence, this Brother Knight instantly jumped back into volunteering in his church, council, and community. He accepted leadership positions within the Council and at the Church of the Ascension. He accepted the Council Warden position due to an unexpected vacancy and received his 4th degree last year. He truly exemplifies the Grand Knight’s favorite saying of “How can you say “No” to a brother Knight?”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, out Knight of the Year continued to offer his talents in any way he could.

• He volunteered at the Ascension Winter Shelter and participated in our Knights of Columbus blood drives as both as donor and volunteer.

• He volunteered as a weekly shopper for groceries and baby supplies and delivered these goods directly to Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia.

• When our Knight of the Year heard that Catholic Charities needed help with the monthly maintenance and landscaping at the front of the Counseling and Wellness Center, he and his family stepped up without hesitation!

• He and his family also cooked and delivered 45 lunches to the Union Mission Women and Children’s Shelter this Spring.

• He volunteered to lead the monthly rosary live on Ascension’s Facebook page and created a spiritual PowerPoint presentation to enhance the rosary experience.

Our Knight of the Year was instrumental in planning and executing the 1st Annual Rollin’ With the Knights Classic Car Show. He designed schematics for car spaces in the parking lot, contacted local food trucks, and assisted in the creation of directional signs and advertising. This Car Show which was a huge success and raised over $5000 for the council’s charities.

Our Knight of the Year recently was selected to be the Commanding Officer of the HCS-9 helicopter squadron at NAS Norfolk.

Our Knight of the Year epitomizes the highest standard of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. His dedication and willingness to serve God and others are inspirational and clearly demonstrate why this man is our Knight of the Year.

Please join me in congratulating the St. Teressa Council 12117 Knight of the Year – Rob Knoerzer.

2019 - 2020

Ramon Villa

2018 - 2019

William Rockwell

Sir Knight Bill Rockwell embodies all the principles that make our order the greatest fraternal organization in the world.

He is a man who leads. He is a master recruiter who wants to offer the opportunity of knighthood to every Catholic gentleman. He is a visionary thinker whose service on the council's strategic planning committee has set a path for council success.

He is a man who protects. Bill is completely dedicated to the sanctity of life for the born and the unborn. He is an annual participant in the March for Life and has provided vital services for the elderly and the intellectually disabled.

He is a man who serves. His numerous volunteer contributions show that he is devoted to his fellow man and has a burning desire to give all members of his community the chance to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

He is a man who defends the church. The church is always stronger when it is a community. His numerous acts in service of his church demonstrate that he can always be counted on the be the right hand of his parish and pastor.

One man alone cannot change the world but many men acting in concert can make an enormous difference. If more men followed his example, the community, country and world will be a vastly improved place. Sir Knight Bill Rockwell’s incredible accomplishments make him most deserving of the honor of Knight of the Year.

2017 - 2018

Edward Hobbs

Past Grand Knight Ed Hobbs has most recently completed six years as Council Financial Secretary. This next year he has been elected as Deputy Grand Knight. This past year, Ed has been on several committees including membership, finance, nominating, and admissions. He has served as eucharistic minister, usher, homeless shelter assistant, and food pantry assistant. He has been instrumental with support to council fundraisers, red cross drives, and fraternal events. His wife, Beverly, has assisted with the lady’s auxiliary efforts.

Ed, a faithful Catholic gentleman always supports and places his family first while still working a full-time job and while committed to community service.

Probably most importantly, Ed has the wealth of knowledge relied upon by each of the five grand knights he has served. His mentorship, recruiting and retention efforts have led to several Council awards. Also, notably, the financial strength of the council has never been better and has led to the support of many charitable and fraternal endeavors.

He is steadfast, wise and one of the most visible examples of what it means to be a Catholic gentleman.

2016 - 2017

Walter Thomas Frost

Tom Frost is a very active member of the Knights of Columbus and the Church of the Ascension. Last fraternal year when the A R M committee was formed Tom stepped up and assumed the role of Chairman for the committee. During the past year, the A R M Committee under his leadership has grown to become a valuable asset to the Council. Specifically, by keeping track of upcoming degrees and contacting Brothers awaiting those degrees. By contacting Brothers that have not participated for a while in an attempt to bring them back and make them an active participant in the good deeds the council performs.

When Fr. Daniel requested that the Council assume the task of manning the church's welcome desk it was Tom that stepped up and took the lead. Furthermore, Tom has personally manned the desk on numerous Sundays over the past year.

Towards the end of the fraternal year there came a time when members of the A R M committee started to questions if the committee was needed and a worthwhile endeavor the council should continue on with. Tom stood his ground and convinced the committee that good things are happening and the committee should continue with its efforts to Bring Brothers Back, help advance those Brothers awaiting degrees and to work on increasing the membership of our council.
For all that T o m has done for the council during 2016 - 2017 it is a privilege to name Brother Walter Thomas Frost as Knight of the Year for Fraternal year 2016 -2017.

2015 - 2016

Gary Wasson

This Brother is a dependable and trusted advisor on the financial matters of the Council. He works closely with the financial secretary in his role as Treasurer. He provides a detailed report that includes a breakdown of expenses and receipts and will break down the information in a way that is easy for the Council as a whole to understand.

He is the Council photographer and assists the webmaster by creating many albums on our website that gives a photographic record of Council activities. He publishes a monthly "Knights Korner" newsletter for the church bulletin that keeps the Parish informed on Council activities. This Brother has been a core member of the Annual Charity Golf Tournament Committee. His input and contributions to the committee have ensured a successful tournament over the last three years, raising an average of over $2000 each time. He is also a core member of the Strategic Planning Committee and has recently developed an On Demand 911 activity within the Family Service program to assist persons in need.

2014 - 2015

Lanny White

This Brother and Sir Knight has been chosen as our Council’s Knight of the Year for his ever-present and undying example of being everything that a Knight should be! The first to respond to a call of need from a fellow Brother, a parishioner, or a complete stranger. He demonstrates daily a complete commitment to his church and clergy through his immersion in furthering the vision of the Pastor, engaging the parishioners in making change for the sake of improving our parish home and family; and in providing immediate and constant assistance to our clergy, whether financial, physical or emotional support. Whether manning a registration tent at a Special Olympics sporting venue or a Council membership Blitz; Conducting a mandatory audit of the Council finances or volunteering to drive senior citizen members to a Council business meeting; or welcoming a new parishioner to our church or a new Brother to our Order and Council – THIS Brother is a Knight, All Year, Every Year!

2013 - 2014

William Rockwell

This Brother has only been a Knight since 2011 but in that short time he has had a tremendous impact on the Council. He has served in officer positions and has chaired numerous activities. Most notably, Bill chaired our first ever council golf tournament committee. He selflessly led a committee of seven in planning and executing our first ever council best-ball tournament that raised $2,664 for our many charities.

Bill served as an excellent servant leader and role-model for our Youth and our Brothers. He led two Church Recruitment Drives and was directly responsible for six new Knights (over 50% of quota) joining the order. Bill is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee which is responsible for charting a course to ensure vitality, attainment and growth of our Council for the next five years and beyond. He also advertised and recruited for council efforts to support Special Olympics and the council and church food drives.

2012 - 2013

Ramon Villa