May 2019

Tomas Villa

Tomas is always available to help out, regardless of the task. He is an usher, rosary warrior, took on the task of washing all of the dishes during the Fish Fry, clean out the fryers Saturday morning and helped roast hotdogs for the religious education end of year party, to just name a few of his contributions.

April 2019

Jay Worrel Jeff LaMarca

Jay and Jeff are the April Knights of the Month for their outstanding efforts with our Easter Ham Sales and 40 Cans for Lent. Both events set new records in sales and contributions thanks to the efforts of Jay and Jeff.

March 2019

Carl Utley Eddy Moore

Carl and Eddy have been mainstays for our fish fries. They come in every Thursday to prepare the fish and seasonings. The show up early on Friday afternoon to prepare all of the fryers and get things ready to go. Carl and Eddy make our fish fries very successful and less stressful by their continued contributions.

February 2019

Tedd Cook

Since joining Council 9748 and St. Frances Cabrini just a couple of years ago, Tedd has become very involved. He has led our Special Olympics fund raiser and is now co-chair of our Lenten Fish Fries. Tedd has also become a member of the parish finance committee and is leading the effort to improve/fix the lights on our buildings and in our parking lots.

January 2019

Ronald Poe

Ronald is always willing to help. He signed up to become an usher this past yet, prepares meals for Knights meetings, does hall setup and take down. He is always one of the first to volunteer.

December 2018

Jim White

Jim can always be counted on the help out. He helps with setup for meetings, kitchen cleanup and has taken DGK Jerry Davis to more PT sessions that any other Knight so far. Jim is a great example of the Knight's core principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

October 2018

Fred Straughn Will Stacha

Fred and Will co-chaired our golf tournament this year. We had another record setting year both in golfer attendance and in corporate sponsorship. Congrats to Fred and Will and the team they assembled for a job well done.

September 2018

Rick Hibbeler

Rick took the time to take our Knights of Columbus podium, repaired it, made it sturdier and refinished it. The Knights thank Rick for his efforts. The podium looks great

August 2018

Taylor Campbell

Taylor has been an invaluable asset as Financial Secretary in helping the new officers, especially the Grand Knight, get up to speed in our new fraternial year. We have had a very smooth transition thanks to Taylor.

June 2018

Dom Perriello

Dom Perriello, is being recognized for his significant help throughout the year in editing the GK's council correspondence, being a devoted Rosary Warrior, assisting in ham sales and the fish fries, and an Adoration hour devotee.

May 2018

Roger Gutierrez

Roger Gutierrez, is being recognized for his work in getting 10 candidates interviewed for membership and bringing them to 1st degree ceremony, and his involvement / work during the fish fry.

April 2018

Jim White

Jim White, is being recognized for his tireless work at Fish Fry clean up, being involved on the steering committee for Knight Oversight and one of the points of contact for that initiative.

March 2018

Bob Wittman

Bob Wittman was recognized for his diligence on the seminarian program, dedication to the Rosary Warriors, tireless work at Fish Fry clean up including scrubbing the floor with the mop, and CRHP retreat for men and women. Bob thank you very much for all that you do for our council and parish.

February 2018

Taylor Campbell

Taylor Campbell was recognized for his efforts in learning and executing the duties of his role as Financial Secretary. His comments and input is sought on our submissions to Supreme and the Council relies on his quick processing of expenses.

January 2018

Carmen Senese

Carmen Senese was recognized for all the work that he did in organizing the New Years Eve Dinner & Dance. It was a tremendous success and enjoyed by all that attended it. Carmen thank you very much for your great support of our Council. Also thank you for providing professional Hair Cuts to our members and donating the money from it to our Council.

December 2017

Bob Evart

Bob Evart was recognized for all the work that he does in developing logos for our events, printing the documents, etc. for our events (golf, fish fries, New Years Eve party) and being the DJ at the New Years Eve party. Bob thank you for the extra hours you work for our Council and your support of our events, it is greatly appreciated.

November 2017

Will Stacha

Will Stacha was given the Knight of the Month for all the hard work and results he had in getting the checks, cash, and credit card transactions at registration for the Golf Tournament. He was also part of the Golf Tournament Sales Team which brought in significant sponsorship's for the tournament. Will thank you for your work the day of the tournament and sales effort before it. He is not even a golfer like many of us.

October 2017

Leo Wolf

Leo Wolf was recognized for his excellent efforts in getting the Council advertising in the Hood County paper and the notices in the church bulletins. He also led the clean up the Fish Hut after the Texas Disaster Relief Fish Fry. Thank you Leo for your great support and work helping our Council.

September 2017

Eddy Patterson

Eddy Patterson was named Knight of the Month for his hard work in recruiting new members. He organized meetings to discuss the recruiting drive, outlined the approach and schedule, and brought in other Field Agents to assist Council Knights at the Masses on the Recruiting week end. Through his efforts our Council had one of its most successful recruiting months. Thank you Eddy for your hard work and support of our Council.

August 2017

Leo Wolf

Leo was recognized for his terrific job he is doing in organizing and working with St Frances Cabrini Office to submit our Bulletin and Pulpit announcements for each mass and publicize our community work. Through his efforts the parish is seeing the great work that our Council is doing in a wide variety of ways. Thank you Leo for the all that you are doing for us.

July 2017

Tom Thomas

The Knight of the Month was given to Tom Thomas for his great job in hosting our Knight’s picnic. We have often relied on Tom for his planning and work so that our Knight’s families could get together. Thank you Tom for the many years that you have taken care of this activity for us!

June 2017

Paul Butcher

Paul volunteered to handle the Texas Knights football raffle. We are assigned 25 tickets to sell so that our dues to the State can remain unchanged. The last time I asked we were nearing the goal. Thanks Paul for your effort!

May 2017

Jay Worrel

Jay was an easy choice for the Knight of the Month. Through Jay's efforts we reduced the number of inactive members on our roster to true-up our membership. Jay also lead the effort of selling the olive wood crosses from Bethlehem where the proceeds go to support the Christians in the Middle East who are being persecuted. Thanks Jay and good luck being our next Grand Knight!

April 2017

Gary St. Clair

Gary was the driving force for our successful Lenten Fish Fries. He insured that our equipment was ready our food was ready and everyone involved knew their job. He would arrive early for all events and insure that we were ready. Gary also prepared special meals for the council throughout the year including spaghetti dinners and our St. Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage. Thank you Gary for all that you did!

March 2017

Bill Oliver

Bill accepted the Treasurer's position for our council and has been doing a great job keeping up with processing our payments and maintaining our check book. Thanks Bill for all you are doing!

February 2017

Will Stacha

Will was recognized for his work in setting up the Council's the online system using the credit card processing features of Square Inc. The system has already shown a positive impact in event ticket sales and dues collection.

January 2017

George Zelinski

George was selected as Knight of the Month due to his support of Meals on Wheels. George has coordinated the Tuesday schedule for the delivery of food as well as delivered food each month. Our council was instrumental in the formation of Meals for Wheels in Hood County and we appreciate George's effort.

December 2016

John Bowen

John was recognized for his outstanding leadership of our church's "Right for Life" activities. Because of John's and all our efforts and prayers, young lives are being saved.

November 2016

Bob Beckley

Bob was recognized for his efforts as the Event Chair for the Golf Tournament. Under Bob's leadership, we were able to surpass last years net results by $4,600.00.

October 2016

E. J. Dittlinger

E. J. was recognized for his years of support to the Council and many hours of service to parish and community.

September 2016

Bob Schnick

Bob was recognized for his many years of service to the St. Frances Cabrini Knights of Columbus. He was instrumental in the formation of the Pro-Life activities for the parish , publishing the council newsletter, organizing the Knights in Memorial Pave Stones at the FLC, and many other items over his long and fruitful career with the Knights.

Thank You Bob for your service.

August 2016

Ray Lucera

Ray was recognized for this support of the "Summer School Lunch" program. Ray delivered lunches on three different occasions.

July 2016

Esposito Carmine

Carmine was recognized for his outstanding job performing the duties of Grand Knight during the 2015-2016 Fraternal Year.

June 2016

Jeff La Marca

Jeff was awarded Knight of the Month for his outstanding contribution as Program Chair during the 2015-16 Fraternal Year. His efforts for "Food for Families" and other programs earned him this well deserved recognition.

May 2016

Fred Straughn

Fred was recognized for his outstanding support of the Seminarian program. Fred worked with many Council volunteers to ensure the monthly care packages were delivered to our two Seminarians

April 2016

Gary St Clair

Gary was recognized for his outstanding leadership and support for the council's fish fries during this Lenten season. Due to Gary's leadership and a lot of hard work from supporting council members, we raised additional funds over what we had budgeted for our local charities.

February 2016

Tom Daus

Many thanks to Tom for his tireless efforts with the council, especially the Fish Fry and the Sign.

January 2016

Carl Utley

Carl is being acknowledged for all the work he has been doing especially with the weekly Fish Frys during this Lent.

December 2015

Carmen Senese

Both Carmen and Katie were recognized during our December council meeting for their donation of time and talent in making our Haircut Days such as success. Their efforts have amounted to $947 in contributions over the last 6 months.

October 2015

Leo Davis

Leo was recognized for his efforts in the creation of the Council's First Degree Team. Four new members were admitted to the Council last month, and we are looking forward to many more over the coming months.

September 2015

Gary St. Clair

Gary is recognized for his part in planning, preparing, and serving the excellent spaghetti dinner during the Knight's Appreciation Dinner. Everyone enjoyed the event, and we appreciate Gary's effort in making the event a success.

August 2015

Will Stacha

Awarded for Will's efforts in learning and assuming the duties of his new role as Financial Secretary.

July 2015

Joe Snelus

Awarded for Joe's past contributions as Grand Knight and his many contributions to the success of this Council