August 2021

Shrader Shawn

Shawn is a reliable volunteer. Ready to volunteer for the Brown County Fair car parking project, Packer scanning and most other requests of his volunteer time and effort.

July 2021

Abe Allen

June 2021

Steve Vermeulen

May 2021

Adam Hock

April 2021

Dave Grimmer

March 2021

Andre Jacque

February 2021

Scott Crevier

January 2021

Fran De Cleene

December 2020

Gene Micke

November 2020

Jesse Zastrow

October 2020

John Fink

September 2020

John Wilmet

August 2020

Daryl Hutjens

July 2020

John Mueller

June 2020

Eric LeBrun

June 2020

Matt Mueller

May 2020

Roger Nienhaus

May 2020

Steve Vermeulen

April 2020

Larry Vande Hei

March 2020

Patrick Daanen

February 2020

Ron Van Dyck

January 2020

Pat Lennon

December 2019

Dave Mancl

November 2019

Rick Johnson

October 2019

Steve Cribben

September 2019

Paul Kramer

August 2019

Mike Cotter

July 2019

David Wheeler

June 2019

Scott Genson

May 2019

Randy Hock

April 2019

Larry Vande Hei

March 2019

Joe Maar

February 2019

Chris Steier

January 2019

Neil Basten

December 2018

Erich Lennon

November 2018

Henry Nooyen

October 2018

Bob Lex

September 2018

Pat Moran

August 2018

Shawn Shrader

July 2018

Father Benny Jacob

June 2018

Chris Steier

May 2018

Mike Hannon

April 2018

Wayne Van Asten

March 2018

Ron Van Dyck

February 2018

Dave Touchet

January 2018

Drew Weisse

December 2017

Father Sebastian Schalk

November 2017

Jeff Jorgensen

October 2017

Lou Cyganek

September 2017

Stan Kacmarynski

August 2017

Doug Vanden Langenberg

July 2017

David Wheeler

June 2017

Dale Brown

Dale took leadership at OLOL's newest Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH) home. He coordinated the workers who put in over 140 hours of service prepping and painting the house for new guests to move in. Dale also volunteered to become our new Chancellor. He will be coordinating all of the council's charity requests. Congratulations Dale!

May 2017

Pat Lennon

Pat took leadership of the Festival Brat Fry's this Spring. He coordinates the workers in support of the organizations like the West De Pere Honor Society. Additionally, Pat volunteered to become our new Advocate starting in July. He will fill a much needed role in support of our candidates as they take their degrees. Congratulations Pat!

April 2017

Steve Cribben

Each year, Steve plays an important part in the Tootsie Roll sale by being the recipient of 50 or so cases of Tootsie Rolls. He also has an important roll in the selection of the funds designated to Syble Hopp, Special Peoples Program and Religious Ed programs that benefit from Tootsie Rolls. When not donating numerous hours to the KC's, Steve is active as an Associate in the Norbertine Order. In his role, Steve leads in participates in the education of future members of the Order. Thanks Steve for your service!

March 2017

Phil Wittman

Phil has been our Advocate for the past two years. Once again, he put together a large number of Brother Knights to complete their second and third degrees at OLOL in March. Phil is also our Roundtable Coordinator for St. Mary's Church in Ledgeview where he acts as our advocate to support Father Getchel and the parish. Phil will be stepping down from his position this Summer. The council wants to thank him for all the assistance he gave us as part of the Officer's team. Congrats Phil!

February 2017

Eric LeBrun

Eric has been our Youth Committee leader for a number of years. The responsibility lies on Eric to run a successful program each year through the coordination of several different program chairman. We have one of the most successful youth programs in the diocese and a good amount of credit is due to Eric's leadership. Congrats Eric!

January 2017

Ron Van Dyck

Ron Van Dyck ran the most successful Knowledge Contest we have had in our council. He was able to engage all of the schools, both Catholic and public, in De Pere. Over 920 tests were graded and awards given out to many of the area's finest students. In addition to the contest, Ron helps out at Lambeau Field almost every game as well as the Resch Center events. Congratulations Ron!

December 2016

Eugene Coonen

Gene Coonen was instrumental in leading one of our largest turnouts in council Free Throw Contest in our history. Over 800 youth participated in this years events and the De Pere area schools. It takes much coordination and follow through to make this event a success. Congratulations to Gene as our December Knight of the Month!

November 2016

Brian Pritzl

Brian was instrumental in having the State Punt Pass & Kick event go smoothly. He was able to get access to the press box so that we could announce all of the activities during the football and soccer challenges. Brian is also very active helping out at the Reach Center and Lambeau Field ticket scanning. Congratulations Brian and thanks for all your help!

October 2016

Brian Tomac

Brian was instrumental in our project to build a new storage facility for our council. His help was valuable in planning and designing a building to fit our needs. Brian also helped work several games ticket scanning for the Packers this season. Congratulations Brian!

September 2016

Dick Suslick

August 2016

Bob Lex

Congratulations to Bob Lex on being named August Knight of the Month. Bob helped out a top Packer games in August. He has been a ready volunteer each season at Lambeau Field. In the past Bob has also volunteered with his family during our Tootsie Roll Program. Thanks for your service Bob!

July 2016

Wayne Van Asten

Our council could not run as well as it does without an outstanding Financial Secretary. Wayne keeps our council humming along each month and year with his excellent leadership. He is the Grand Knights right hand man. I could not lead well without Wayne's help. Congratulations Wayne!

June 2016

Rick Johnson

Rick has consistently been one of our active Knights. He is involved in activities with teen brat fry's, Bridge Between Retreat House, OLOL Picnic Booyah preparation and Packer Ticket Scanning. Always willing to lend a hand. We are proud to have Rick Johnson as our June Knight of the Month.

May 2016

Gene Micke

Gene is an active member of our council who participates in many activities. Recently he helped with the renovation of the OLOL school playground. Gene also helps at the Resch Center for the many events we have. Congratulations Gene!

April 2016

Pat Phillips

Congratulations to Pat Phillips as our April 2016 Knight of the Month. Pat was involved with the Tootsie Roll Program in April. he also is part of the One Degree Youth North Ministry which offers pilgrimages and mission trips for youth. He is also involved as a leader with the CEW program for men. Congratulations Pat!

March 2016

Phil Wittman

February 2016

Arei DeWall

January 2016

Tom Franzen

December 2015

Henry Nooyen & Mike Hannon

November 2015

Eugene Coonen

October 2015

Greg Bottei

September 2015

Dave Brissette

August 2015

Phil Wittman

July 2015

Richard Porior

June 2015

Joe Maar

May 2015

Drew Destiche