June 2019

Bernklau Dave

May 2019

Bob Thomas

April 2019

Paul Crawford

Paul Crawford has been a parishioner at St. Pats from the 1950's. He has been active in the local KofC and has helped at the state level too. His dad helped start our St Pats KofC council in 1952 and revived it when it was inactive. Paul has helped in many ways to support our church through the years. He has been in the folk choir for years and sang in the annual Singing Christmas Tree in Portland, and trim trees around the church. Also he is active in the St. Vincent food bank. He has two daughters, five grand-kids and two great grand-kids. Thank you, Paul, for supporting St Patrick Church.

March 2019

Ricardo Hernandez

February 2019

Heriberto Aguilar

Heriberto is new to the KofC but has been at St. Pat’s over 30 years. He has worked for our parish in facility maintenance many years. He also helped with Hispanic catechesis voluntarily and began as coordinator for Hispanic ministries about 10 years ago. This includes doing Spanish RCIA too. Heriberto is friendly and usually helps wherever needs arise, like translating Spanish to English. He and his wife have 3 grown children and one grand kid, while his wife likes to cook. We thank Heriberto for his work at our parish and welcome him to the Knights.

January 2019

Duane Kloser

We welcome Dennis and Marie Richey to St. Patrick and our KofC council, moving here recently from the next city. Dennis and Marie were recently involved in our annual dinner auction fundraiser with operating the wine wall fund raiser activity and helping with the food preparation. They are retired and have two grown daughters and two grandkids. Dennis had a career in education and counseling and has been active in a sport fishing political action committee. He is trying to help bring some common sense into resource management. We thank them for their support and continued involvement in our parish and council.

December 2018

Mike Gorka

Mike and his wife have been at St. Pats Church and council for quite a few years. Recently he
assisted with the Christmas Posada program. He is also helping to teach a Rel. Ed class this
year. Mike plays a huge role with our annual charity auction and crab dinner procuring items for the live and silent auctions. Thanks to Michael for his support of our church and council.

November 2018

Jesse Villarreal

Jesse and his wife have been at St. Pats Church and council for quite a few years and recently with our council Hispanic Round Table. He has been one of the primary recruiters for setting up Hispanic Round Tables in Oregon. He is our Faith director for our council and he and his wife help with Eucharistic adoration too. He recently became the Oregon Deputy Master of the fourth degree, which makes him travel a lot. Jesse is always helpful and has a great sense of humor. Thanks to Jesse for his support of our church, council and state knights.

October 2018

Mike Robert

Mike Robert has been at St. Pats many years along with our council. As our Community Director, he recently helped with our Fall Festival on Sunday afternoon. He is active with ushering at the 11am Mass and with our annual crab dinner/auction fund raiser. The free throw contest has been one of his projects too. Thanks to Mike for his support.

September 2018

Jose Camarena

August 2018

Tom Spink

Tom Spink and his wife Mary Ellen have been members of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Canby, for three years. Recently Tom was the lead on the paving/sealing of the church parking lot. He volunteered many hours and his hard work paid off as it turned out great. He and his family are a great addition to our parish. They live in nearby Wilsonville and have five children and fifteen grandchildren. Tom graduated from the University of Washington and Oregon State University and for the last 15 years he has owned a consulting engineering company. They are appreciative of St Pat’s and the friendliness of the Canby community we thank them for their support

July 2018

Davis Tony

Tony was nominated for Knight of the Month for the great job he did calling Bingo at the Canby Independence Day celebration. Tony added a lot of humor while calling bingo numbers to make this a fun event for the community.

June 2018

Fontana John

John was nominated for Knight of the Month for helping to organize the trip to the Mount Angel Abbey for St. Patrick’s Parish. Last summer, John organized a slow pitch softball game at Legacy Park in Canby for Parishioners. Recently, you saw John helping with the Mother’s Day Breakfast and the set up for Bingo at Waite Park on the 4th of July. Early in the year, you will see John spraying the fruit trees on the parish grounds. Weekly, you will see John picking up food for the St. Vincent DePaul Food bank from Safeway. He is very active in the Bible study classes on Thursday evening and participates as an Extraordinary Cup Minister at the 5:30 PM Mass on Saturday’s. Lastly, John also co-ordinates the charity auction raffle ticket sales at Cutsforth’ s and works 6-8 hours selling tickets on Friday and Saturdays. John and his wife Barbara spend a tremendous amount of time helping their parents and other family members. Great job John, helping others.

May 2018

Marcelo Reyes

Marcelo was nominated for Knight of the Month for helping to organize the first Hispanic Mother’s Day breakfast. He was instrumental in getting his Bother Knights to sing a song to the Mothers attending the breakfast.

April 2018

Duane Kloser

Duane Kloser has devoted time, talent and treasure to our parish and we appreciate it. As past Grand Knight he has led our council to get some awards and expand some of our activities too. Most recently, he spearheaded the Lent concert/retreat featuring Donna Cori Gibson last month. Donna mentioned that Duane was a good organizer and promoter as she sees a lot of different levels of organization in her national travels. Also, they helped her sell many of her CD’s. Duane and his wife Chris have 3 grown children and travel when possible. We also send our prayers to his brother Mark who recently had a near fatal fall and is slowly recovering. Thank you, Duane, for your hard work.

March 2018

Ron Suchanek

Ron Suchanek has been attending St. Pats for over 40 years and is retired from teaching middle school. Also he spent 5 years in the Peace Corps teaching Science in Ganna Africa. At St. Pats he still is teaching religion to sixth graders and ushers at the 5:30 Mass. In our KofC council he has been Financial Secretary for more than 15yrs and that includes working on our budget, audits, and supporting other council activities. He enjoys gardening with his wife Amparo. Thanks to Ron for your service.

February 2018

Jose Camarena

Jose (Pepe) Camarena is a newer Knight and active in the Hispanic Round Table we have in our council. He with his wife have four boys and has been at St. Pats over 3 yrs. He helps with first communion preparation, with the Hispanic prayer group, and the annual Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration. Recently he helped with raffle ticket sales at our main fund raiser. Thank you to Jose (Pepe).

January 2018

Ricardo Hernandez

Ricardo Hernandez is a recent addition to our council and has been involved with Hispanic parish music ministry for some 14yrs., most of them at St. Patrick. He is on the Parish Finance Council and is working towards coordinating Hispanic ministries at St. Pats with a council. He also has coordinated a yearly bilingual music concert and worship night at St. Pats. He and his wife Kimberly have 3 children, one being in college. Thanks to Ricardo for his support of our council and parish life.

December 2017

Paul Crawford

Paul Crawford is longtime parishioner at St. Pats, from the fifties. He has been active in the local KofC and helps at the state level too. His dad helped start our St Pats KofC council in 1952. He has helped in many ways to support our church through the years with the aid of his late dear wife, Gail. He has been in the folk choir for years and sang in the annual Singing Christmas Tree in Portland. Also he is active in the St. Vincent food bank. He has two daughters, five grandkids and two great grandkids. Thank you Paul for supporting St Patrick Church.

November 2017

Mike Schmader

Mike Schmader is active through his continued leadership in our Crab Dinner Auction, our main fundraiser. He along with his wife Laura, have helped quite a few dinner/auctions, from storing auction items, decorating the hall, to being emcee at the auction itself. They have two grown children and Mike enjoys fishing a lot. Thanks to Mike for his work for our council and parish.

October 2017

Greg Perez

Greg Perez is a newcomer to the Knights, but has been quite active in a short time. He has helped with the Canby community street dance and 4th of July parade. Recently he worked on organizing efforts to collect and deliver relief supplies to California wildfire victims near Santa Rosa. He and his wife, Christie have a family of 4 girls and a boy. Greg and Christie have been in the early Mass choir too. Thank you for your service to our parish community

September 2017

Lacey Butram

Lacey Buttram has been a longtime parishioner and also with the Knights of Columbus some 33 years. He has helped with events such as the parish picnic. He recently cared for his invalid wife a few years before her passing, and we offer our prayers for her soul and Lacy’s family. Thanks for your service to the knights and the parish community.

August 2017

Brad Baker

Brad Baker has been involved steadily with the KofC over 30 years. You will find him helping in many of our events and some along with his family. This includes working at the Crab Dinner/Auction, parish breakfasts, parish picnic, etc. This year at the parish picnic, Brad and other Knights were challenged in cooking chicken that came frozen from the store and still managed to make it done for everyone. Thank you for all the years you have helped with our council and parish events.