June 2020

Richard Schilke

May 2020

Luyen Dau

February 2020

Jeff Williams

December 2019

Jon Krisman

November 2019

Dave Brown

October 2019

Dave Rahn

October co Knight of the month

October 2019

George Emursak

Co-Knight of the month

September 2019

Stephen Ryan

July 2019

Miguel Pineda

June 2019

Emory Sears

May 2019

Winston Brunal

April 2019

Kevin Obrien

March 2019

John Paraschak

September 2016

Norm Tyson

Norm took on additional duties this month to make our last Wedding Rental a success. As always Norm is ready to lend a hand and as well work behind the scenes. He took upon himself to clean the kitchen floor where once was the deep fat fryer so that it would look presentable to the renters caterer.

August 2016

Dave Yemc

David has been really taking a great role at Bingo bringing his keen mind to remind us when we don’t have enough money in the payout. Not to mention his boys that have been a huge help and fixtures at bingo.

May 2016

Willians Castillo

Willians is doing a fabulous job heading up our Hispanic Outreach Committee and has brought in many new members. Just on May 1st we held our first Admission (1st) Degree completely in Spanish with Willians in the role as Grand Knight. All of our Brother Knights did a great job and we brought in six new members. The impact of our new Hispanic members is not just in the parish but in the community. In February this new Council resource volunteered to support and enhance the CATHOLIC MEN'S FELLOWSHIP of MARYLAND to be held in Linthicum at St. Philip Neri on March 5th. Our Knights provided the personnel to expand the reach of this conference to the predominately Spanish speaking audience. In March the Easter Egg hunt held at SJN was run by our Hispanic Brother Knights. Willians and these new Knights are making a positive and visible impact on our Parish and Community.

April 2016

John Kessler

John is relatively new member of the Council having been a Knight for a little over a year. John has stepped up to work Bingo and support other council activities. Notably in April John organized assistance for one of our Brother Knights with some yard work. John is great to work with and is always positive and supportive. John is a great example to new members, to roll up your sleeves and jump in help where ever there is a need. Thank You John.

March 2016

Andy Noel

Andy has done so much for the Council. Andy accepted the challenge of the Recorder Position in the Council. In March Andy worked double duty, heading up the Council's hosting of St. Mary's Lenten Soup Supper as well as providing the fish and working our Good Friday fish fry. Always positive and supportive, Andy shows the impact a Knight can have on our Parish and Community.

February 2016

Tim Connelly

Tim Connelly passed away in February. His faith was extremely strong even in the latter days of his life and he continued to reach out. Tim's father and Past Grand Knight passed away in 2015 and interestingly it was Tim that joined the Knights of Columbus first and then brought in his father soon after. They both continued to attain degrees in the Order and both were always very supportive of the activities and good works of Annapolis Council.

January 2016

Jeff Bunker

Jeff is a machine and just gets the job done. We are fortunate to have Jeff heading up our Youth Activities. In January Jeff organized our Youth Basketball Free Throw Contest. Held at St. Mary's Elementary Gym.

November 2015

Dave Brown

Dave did a great job as Chairman of the Food for the Navy Tailgate and has taken a very active roll in many of the Council's events. Dave is a constant at Friday Bingo helping at the door and is always willing to lend a hand. Thank you Dave for all your help and advice.

October 2015

James Somers

Jim did an awesome job coordinating and arranging for the Council's Tootsie Roll campaign. Directly due to Jim's efforts the Council is able to present to our two charities; Special Olympics of Anne Arundel County and ARC of the Chesapeake Region almost $3K each. Jim took on the challenging task of Tootsie Roll Chairman and did a fabulous job in just his first year. Jim is also a regular volunteer at our Council Charity Bingo. Jim is a great organizer and worked well with everyone and brings a cheery disposition to everything he does. Thank you Jim.

September 2015

Gregory Triantafillides

Greg, has been a very active member since joining the council and is always willing to help. Greg is an example to all new members to jump in and get involved. Greg has been very active in obtaining all of his degrees and culminated in his becoming a 4th Degree member on September 12th.

August 2015

Stephen Applegate

Stephen was the go to guy during the Carnival and has stepped at Bingo. Stephen has been the Knight to continually ask how he can help. Stephen has also taken on our Widow's program.

July 2015

Fred Laughtenschleager

Fred has stayed on for another year as President of Columbus Club. He has brought us to the point that we can start to see our Council’s future. We have a new Kitchen tenant to bring in much needed funds to the Columbus Club.

May 2015

George Daelemans

In addition to leading all of the Annapolis Council cooking efforts for the past 3 years, including weekly bingo and monthly social events, George took ownership of the cost estimating process for the new Bestgate hall, and has developed an approach to building the new hall, using council resources, that allows us to achieve our goals within the limits of our budget.

April 2015

Thomas Hurd

Tom continues to enthusiastically lead our council Right to Life program, and also continues to be one of our strongest recruiters. This past month, Tom brought in 3 new members to our council, which helped us meet our annual membership goal with two months to spare.

March 2015

Willians Castillo

Willians, a recent transfer into our council, was primarily responsible for the Hispanic outreach that brought 9 new members into our council.

February 2015

Andrew Yemc

Andrew, our youngest Knight, continued the family tradition of helping out at our events. He stepped up to run the fryer for the February social, the Fish Fry, and bingo, and also helped with setup and cleanup at each event.

January 2015

Dale Voss

Dale is not only maintaining our roster of bingo floor sales workers, ensuring we have at least 2 volunteers each week for specials sales, but has also led our effort to rework our scholarship program and continues to lead the scholarship committee. And, he still serves as Recorder, ensuring that meeting minutes are recorded and available on the council website right after each meeting.

December 2014

Michael Wilson

Mike has jumped in right away as a relatively new Knight, attending most of our events and helping out at bingo and with setup for several other events, including our socials, youth events, and meetings.

November 2014

George Ryan / Andy Noel

George and Andy have led our Blood Drive/Donut Social events at St. John Neumann every November and June for many years. This event has been a key method for the Annapolis Council to maintain visibility with St. Mary's Parish, and it is due to the efforts of Andy and George that we have kept this going.

October 2014

John Coe

John has started his tenure as a Knight with the Annapolis Council very quickly. Despite just joining in August, John has already completed his Second Degree and is scheduled for his Third Degree in November. He has also already brought in a new member to our council, and become active in several council activities.

September 2014

Christopher DiGiulian

Chris is very active within the council after only being a Knight for a couple of years. He is currently our Warden, having already served as Guard, and is also active with the Admiral Benson Assembly. Most importantly, he re-established our council softball team, and serves as the manager of the team.

August 2014

Charles (Skip) Hufnagel

Skip was available for most nights of the carnival, always willing to perform the thankless job of collecting the trash and cleaning up at the carnival. He also continued to do the same thing for bingo every week, showing up at the end to help with the clean up.

July 2014

Edward (Sparky) Artin

Sparky shows up at just about every event we hold, and is always willing to help out.