March 2020

Steve Loeffler

Steve always steps up to lead or participate in our council activities, especially if cooking is involved. We recognize Steve this month because of his tireless work and preparation for our fish fry. Thank you Steve!

February 2020

Tony Battles

Tony is extremely dedicated to our council, the 4th Degree Assembly and to the State Council. He volunteers for most of our council events, is the Worthy Pilot of our 4th Degree Assembly, is our District Deputy, as well as State Webmaster. Thank you Tony for all you do!

January 2020

None Chosen

December 2019

Steve Borgmeyer

Steve's contributions to our parish and council are too numerous to mention. But this month, we recognize his outstanding leadership for Food for the Poor

November 2019

None Chosen

October 2019

Bill Echelmeyer

No matter what event we have, Bill is there. He is a man that the council can count on!

September 2019

Bob Poettker

August 2019

Bud Reinhardt

July 2019

Mike Donovan

June 2019

Greg Thornhill

May 2019

Steve Luetkenhaus

April 2019

Bob Quast

March 2019

Terry Schwendemann

February 2019

Francis Alaphat

January 2019

Father D'Amico

December 2018

Bob Vornberg

November 2018

Tom Grelle

October 2018

Bill Gorden

September 2018

Jim Ebone

August 2018

Richard Hanneken

July 2018

Sean Hogan

June 2018

Michael Lamb

May 2018

Mark Ott

April 2018

Mike Crisler

March 2018

Steve Garnett

February 2018

Andrew Loeffler

January 2018

Robert Quast

December 2017

Andrew Bell

November 2017

Dennis Henry, Jr.

September 2017

Nick Loeffler

August 2017

Timothy Camp

July 2017

Ness Sandoval

June 2017

James Pomeroy

May 2017

Samuel Mehmert

April 2017

Steve Wolf

March 2017

Bob Russell

February 2017

Fred Gattas

January 2017

Clarke Winkle

December 2016

Anthony Ianacola

November 2016

Robert Vornberg

October 2016

Tom Hecei

September 2016

Jason Schwendemann

August 2016

Steve Loeffler

June 2016

Tony Battles

May 2016

Neal Lang

February 2016

George Nagel

January 2016

Steve Borgmeyer

December 2015

Jim Ebone

November 2015

Ken Crowder

October 2015

Ken Illy

September 2015

Dennis Henry Jr.

There is a tie. The co winner this month is
John Gabler

August 2015

Tony Battles

July 2015

Andy Loeffler

June 2015

Morey Hatke

May 2015

Joe Schlupp

April 2015

Bill Gordon

March 2015

Fred Gattas

February 2015

Hecei Tom

January 2015

George Nagel

December 2014

Robert Henke

November 2014

Richard Hanneken

October 2014

Dennis Henry

August 2014

Joe Dortenzo

July 2014

Tony Battles