August 2019

David and Mary Reis

in recognition of their dedicated and faithful service as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Mary's work as the parish coordinator for that ministry.

July 2019

Chago and Jenett Akles

for their involvement in SVdP

May 2019

Bernard and Julianti Reksopuro

For their work on the parish multi-cultural committee, and their involvement in CTK parish life.

April 2019

Bob and Debbie Anderson

In recognition of their activities as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and their volunteer work with St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and the Saturday evening socials.

March 2019

Jim and Diane Kintz

For their participation in the usher, choir, SVdP, and Peace and Justice ministries at CTK.

February 2019

Bill and Colleen Casey

Recognized for their community service, and volunteering at coffee and donuts.

January 2019

Steve and Stephanie Swan

in recognition of their service to the parish (Pastoral Council, Eucharistic Minister, school board) and our council (breakfast set-up).

December 2018

Dave and Ann Hermens

For their many and varied activities to support our parish and council.

November 2018

Bill and Maria Lisac

In recognition of their dedication to pro-Life causes.

October 2018

John and Peggy Brockamp

For their dedication and effort leading the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund.

September 2018

Antonio and Mercedes Rodriguez

In recognition of their work organizing the tamale making activity for the parish picnic.

August 2018

Tom and Julie Onderko

For their dedicated participation in parish life, and commitment to spirituality and evangelization.

July 2018

Mike and Stacey Pinder

In recognition for their work on Vacation Bible School.

March 2016

Daniel Cortez Family

Thanks for all their work decorating and serving at the Irish Dinner.

September 2015

Jim & Susan Tharp

Thanks to Jim & Susan Tharp for their tireless help with the recent Parish Garage Sale!

August 2015

Joe & Frances Keller

The Keller family was selected as Family of the Month, for their efforts in organizing the recent council picnic, the pizza dinner, and working on the KC garden at CTK.

July 2015

Chuck & Lori Amato