January 2020

Denis Dolan Family

Denis and his family attend mass together at St. Albert the Great Church. Denis is a past Grand Knight, Trustee and Recorder. He is currently the Director or our Life Faith in Action service programs. Denis and his family always volunteer to help where needed. There family is a model of Catholic Family Values.

December 2019

The Samuel Whitten Family

October 2019

The Robert Johnston Family

September 2019

Tom Muller Family

August 2019

John Crandell Family

July 2018

Saxon Family

May 2018

Maloney Family

April 2018

Patula Family

March 2018

Rix Family

February 2018

Brill Family

January 2018

Muller Family

December 2017

Mareno Family

November 2017

Daily Family

September 2017

Chaump Family

August 2017

Fromherz Family

July 2017

Saxon Family

May 2017

Maples Family

April 2017

Steve & Shirley Rachuy

March 2017

Joe Schenck Family

February 2017

Don Fregulia Family

January 2017

John Long Family

December 2016

John Crandell Family

November 2016

Ed Strickland Family

October 2016

Brent Collamer Family

September 2016

David Queen Family

August 2016

Dennis Saxon Family

June 2016

Chuck Baird Family

Recognized for active participation in the parish including their participation in our Centering Prayer, Chuck singing in the choir and Joanne's work as a parish grief counselor.

May 2016

Pellegrino Family

Recognized for continued service to our parish community, council 7322 and the 4th degree.

April 2016

Liz Tennant Family

Recognized for all that Liz and her family do for the parish...especially the recent, very successful wine tasting.

March 2016

Michael Chaump Family

Michael and his family are active members of the St. Albert's Church community. Although very new to our council, Michael has already taken his 3rd Degree and volunteered to help the council in a number of ways.

February 2016

Tod and Inocencia Brill

Tod is our council Warden and Church Director; he is also one of the first to help out with council events.

Both Tod and Inocencia are very active participants in St. Albert's Church and strong supporters of its Filipino Ministry.

December 2015

Paul McElroy Family

Paul is one of the main cooks and driving forces of our successful monthly breakfasts. He and his family are consistent supporters of St. Albert's School and its students.

November 2015

Chris Welsh Family

Chris has been a very active and supportive knight ever since he joined our council. He is currently our Chancellor and Membership Director. Both he and his wife Yolly work particularly hard during this fall's Coats-for-Kids Drive, both picking up and delivering many, many coats for the needy.

October 2015

Russ and Marie Fromherz

Russ has been a loyal and active member of our council for many years. He is also a strong supporter of the scouts at St. Albert's. He organizes the Christmas Tree Hunt each year for our council, and works at countless events and functions throughout the year.
While Marie joins him often in his support for the Knights of Columbus, she is also a mainstay for the parish, working in the St. Albert's parish office every day.
Both she and Russ diligently promote parishioners' involvement in St. Albert's ministries.

September 2015

Ed and Jan Strickland

Ed and Jan have been consistently supportive of our council and St. Albert's church. Among the events that they have supported are our UNR beer booths (week after week), the St. Albert's Fall Festival, and the blood drive held on select Sundays throughout the year at the church.

August 2015

Dennis Saxon family

Dennis and his family have worked many, many hours for our council over the last few years. His family has also sacrificed as Dennis devoted significant time to our council's fundraising and social event efforts.

July 2015

Randy Pajarillo Family

The Pajarillo Family have been consistent, enthusiastic supporters of St. Albert's Church and Council 7322. They set a wonderful example for Catholic families in their love for their church and community.

May 2015

Howard A. Vill Neuve

Howard and his family have long supported our council and St. Albert's Church through their consistent efforts in planning, preparing, and serving monthly breakfasts after Sunday Masses.
Howard has also been willing to cook "off-site" as well, having helped to put on parish breakfasts at our Roundtable parishes in northern California.

April 2015

Brent Collamer Family

Brent and his family are involved with and supportive of youth activities in our parish and community. He is our youth director and a leader for the scout groups our council sponsors.

January 2015

Steve and Laura Brown

Council 7322 wishes to recognize Steve and Laura Brown for all of their efforts on behalf of the rights of the unborn and the entire pro-life movement.

December 2014

Russ and Marie Fromherz

Russ organized our Christmas Tree Hunt this year, as he has done for many previous years. He initiated a Family night gathering at (the former) Abel's Restaurant in Verdi in lieu of our Wives Appreciation Dinner on Dec. 30th. In addition to supporting Russ in these endeavors, Marie works in the parish office at St. Albert's.

November 2014

John & Paula Crandell

John is our council's family director and consistently promotes and works at our family activities...most recently and notably our very successful Turkey Bingo. Paula Crandell works at Casa de Vida, a home for unwed mothers and a source of support for all needy mothers throughout the Reno/Sparks community.

October 2014

Dennis & Karin Saxon

Dennis and Karin have both supported the council and their parish at every opportunity year after year. They attend and/or work at virtually every event possible.

September 2014

Clayton Madole

Clayton and his wife are recognized for their support of our council and the St. Albert's Parish at the recent Fall Festival.

August 2014

David Bradley Family

Mr. & Mrs. David Bradley have been consistently supportive and involved in the Knights of Columbus. Their involvement has repeatedly extended far beyond the Roundtable area to frequent participation in council activities here in Reno.

July 2014

Randy Pajarillo Family

Randy and his family worked very hard to put on our annual picnic at Donner Lake. Thanks to their efforts, many members and their families spent a most enjoyable day in the Sierras with their fellow knights and their families.

June 2014

Chuck and JoAnn Baird

Our council has benefitted from the commitment and hard work of the Baird Family for many, many months. They are most deserving of the honor of being our June 2014 Family of the Month.

May 2014

The Sid Albee family

Congratulations to Sid, Darlyce, Daryl, and Tony Albee for being selected as Christ the King Council 7322's family of the month. They continue to serve the needy of our community by feeding the homeless, serving as extraordinary ministers, and especially this month in spearheading our committment to cook for, serve, and feed almost 400 Special Olympians, Coaches, and volunteers at this years Nevada State Olymics competition. Their committment to the community, our Parish and our Council is an example of the Body of Christ in action.

April 2014

Steve Hamon and Family

Congratulations to the Hamon family for being selected as the Council's Family of the Month! Steve chaired the 20th Anniversary of our Wine Tasting/Auction with his wife Debbie assisting at the CDC with the sale of tickets and donations of auction items. Steve also sponsored both of his sons Nicholas and Robert in becoming 1st degree Knights this year. The entire family can be seen at the Filipino masses or at one of the masses at which Nicholas or Robert are altar servers or Lectoring. They are all involved in scouting with both Nicholas and Robert being Eagle Scouts. Thank you Hamon's for all you do in support of the Knights and our communities.

March 2014

Greg Sprigg and Family

Congratulations to our WPGK and current WSS for being selcted as our Family of the Month for March. Brother Greg and his new Bride Rosa are very involved with the Knights at the State level but still find time to attend Mass, volunteer for 24 hour adoration, attend Council breakfasts, serve as Sacristan, and attend Stations of the Cross and Mass with our Roundtable Brothers every chance he can. We appreciate the example of Service in Christ that he and Rosa continue to share with us. Thanks for all you do Spriggs!

February 2014

Howard Ville Neuve

Congratulations to the Howard Ville Neuve family as Family of the Month for March. Howard is one of our main cooks for the twelve breakfasts our Council hosts each year at St. Alberts as well as at our Roundtable Parishes in Loyalton, Portola and Quincy. Howard is often assisted by his son Brother Andrew and is joined at many breakfast by his better half and wife Deb. Thanks for all you do for the Council Ville Neuve family.

January 2014

Scoggins Family

Bret, Sylvia, and Ian are involved in the St. Albert's Parish community as Sacristans, Eucharistic Ministers, Alter Server, and with the School PTO. They attend Mass faithfully as a family and are involved in Council activities throughout the year including Wine Tasting/Auction, Parish Picnic, and Turkey Bingo. Thanks for all you do Scoggins Family.

December 2013

Matt Schmitt and Family

For the outstanding time and effort they put into the cooking, serving, and clean up for the Council Family Christmas Party in December and for their commitment to family through their participation in Scouting, attending Mass together and their involvement in the community. Thanks for a great family example of Christ.

November 2013

Dan Arata and Family

Congratulations to the Arata family, Dan, Angie, Aidan, and Logan, as our Family of the Month. We appreciate the time and effort they gave to serve the families of St. Albert's Parish during our November Turkey Bingo. The organization, cooking and time they put in helped make this one of our most successful Turkey Bingo events in many years. Thanks for all you do Aratas.

September 2013

Ed & Jan Strickland

For their dedication and devotion to serving others in our Parish and Knight's community as EM's, Communion to the homebound, Lector, Usher, Wine Tasting Committee, AAT volunteers, blood drive Chair, breakfasts, and pretty much everything they are asked to do. Ed & Jan's exemplification of Christ through service is evangelization at work. Thanks Strickland's for all you do.

August 2013

Russ and Marie Fromherz

For their leadership and involvement in and commitment to the Parish of St. Albert the Great, Council 7322 of the K of C, and the boy scouts. For organizing and successfully running the Parishes first ministry fair in which over 100 people were added to the Parishes Ministries.