December 2020


SK Dave, his wife, kids and grand kids mobilized this Advent to promote, purchase and distribute many things. First, they did our 2nd annual Keep Christ in Christmas program which grew from last year.

If that was not enough, they spearheaded the Advent calendar program which sold out quickly and made the lives of those kids who received a calendar so much more special.

Thanks to the Sertich family.

October 2019


Joyce and Jim Manfre for the tireless work on the ID drive. From planning the day to turning their home over to tootsie roll central. And providing some sustaining food for the days of the drive.
What a great success. Thanks Joyce & Jim.

July 2019

Bill, & Eileen Clark

A man who stands head and shoulders above most people. He always goes above to help the knights as well. In this case, he and Eileen gathered the food and made all the arrangements for the dinner after the council officer installation.

June 2019


Loretta & Jerry Bromley. Perhaps you have heard of them. If there is an event or something for the council to do, you will find both of them working tirelessly and many times behind the scenes. Thank you Bromley’s.

May 2019


The family that works together grows in faith together. Don, Sally & Daniel are our family of the month for their tireless work at the pancake breakfast.

March 2019


Shirley & Leon Blum for their consistent work at church of the Holy Spirit and their help at the knights events

December 2018


Julie and Jails who ran and revived the Kids Christmas party. Stepped in and made this an event to remember. A great success with their attention to detail and knowing how to make kids get into the spirit.

November 2018


Congratulations and thanks to Charlene and Paul Kutylo. Through the efforts of going out of their way to help a handicap woman at their church get around and function after the loss of her husband we say thank you from all the brother nights

October 2018

Joyce & Jim Manfre

For their work in organizing and pulling off a great Id Drive this year, and for a great administrative location with refreshments and the famous chili, we honor them with family of the month

September 2018

Holly & Dick Lambke

When we need someone to take extra effort to support a brother knight, call the Lambke family.

Brother Joe Pruetting needed help getting to the airport for his flight to his new home in California. Thanks to Holly & Dick for taking such good care of him.

August 2018

Helga & Gene Niewiadomski

Find an event that Helga and Gene are at and see if they do not do everything they can to make people feel welcome and happy. Gene also is our 4th degree District Marshall. We are proud to have him in our council.

August 2018

Sertich Family

For the last year, Dave served us for the good of the order. This July, he brought out his family to lead us in the parade. His grandkids carried the banner the entire parade and really showed us that being a knight is more than the man. It is about the entire family involvement.

Thank you Dave

July 2018

Joyce & John Vlnka

Joyce & John Vlnka. What else can we say. He takes pictures, gives support and is always there. Joyce on the other side. She is lovely and inspiring. Congratulations on being selected family of the month.

June 2018

Mary Ann & George Noonan

For their co chairing of our blood drives, and for Mary Ann’s assistance as our registered. Nurse for the event, congratulations.

March 2018

Patty & Pete Munnich

Pick an event. Now try and see if the Munnich’s are there! Pete as deputy grand knight, and Patty as the outgoing and always helping person. They are so deserving.