February 2019

Joe & Charlene Fronczak

Joe and Charlene have bee helping with this council for years. They participate inmost of the council functions. They support all the fund raisers with their family. They both are very active in the Church and Parish. We can count on them whenever needed. They both deserve this award it's been along time coming. Thank you both for all you do

January 2019


Fred, along with his wife Judy have been selected many many times over the years for all there outstanding work for the Council. Fred being our Financial Secretary, it's a full time job all by it's self. Helping out with multiple projects throughout the year the both of them contribute so much time to our council. Fred is always coming up with different ideas that we use and he keeps the council active. He takes an active part in all meetings. The both of them are also, very active in the Parish, between Eucharistic Ministers to lecturers. As Grand Knight I am always very happy to present this award to them, they always go out and beyond and for that, they certainly deserve this award.

December 2018

Alexander(Alex) and Ursula Prusakiewicz

Alexander(Alex) and Ursula Prusakiewicz have been chosen for their work in and around the Council. Alex being in a wheelchair has not stopped him from helping out with the thanksgiving dinner (we served over 400 + home delivery). His wife attends our Bingo almost every week and has helped as needed out through out the year helping us by working the counter selling the cards before it starts and also, participating in playing as well. They both are an inspiration to the Council, and this way over due for the work they have given us over the years. Alex & Ursula are also active in our Parish, and Church. A big thank you to the both of you.

July 2018


Richard (dick) and Felicia along with their son Chris have been helping with the council for many years. This family is one that you can count on for just about anything going on in the council projects. They help with bingo on a weekly basis. Chris is on the building Corp. and he and his dad are always there for work bees. When Dick is working a project his wife will support the project. They also attend Mass on a regular basis and support our Parish.

May 2018


Bill together with his wife Carol are a great asset to our council and Parish. Bill helps with a lot of the projects we have going on with Council, and will always support our causes. They are very active in the Parish. Bill is also, a 4th Degree member and is part of the Color/Honor Guard. Bill plays an active role in the Color Corp., also, he attends the meetings and takes an active part in the meetings. Together they are a good team for our Council and lucky to have them as part of Our Council.

April 2018


Gerald (Jerry) & Patricia (Pat) are very active in the council activities and projects that we do. Jerry helps out in the Kitchen for Bingo while his wife plays. They are always lending a helping hand with our functions not only working them but supporting them as well. They are both very active in the Church and the Parish, Jerry also, volunteers with the Hospital and also, takes communion to the needy. The both of them we can always count on for help or just information we need for the council. They are a great asset to our Council.

March 2018


Ray & Julie are always supporting our fund raisers not only working them, but, generously with their presence. Ray is a past Grand Knight and is always willing to offer suggestions to help with functions of the meeting to make things run smoother. He is always at meetings, and will take an active part in the meetings. Both Ray and his wife are very active in the church and Parish.

February 2018


Joe and Rosalie have been chosen because of there generous hospitality to our council. They are always helping with projects in the council. Joe being a past grand knight is always helping and guiding us if we get off track. The two of them are also, very active in the Parish and school. Joe and Rosalie are always welcomed every where they go in the community. A huge Thank you to the both of them for their warm hello's and always having something nice to say

January 2018


Tom And Sue have been supporting our Bingo for the past several years. Tom is Our Chairman and along with his wife they are there every week setting up, organizing and making sure bingo goes on as planned. Sue will make a dessert or soup or something for us to sell at bingo while supporting the bingo by playing. Tom is also our Warden, and is always at the meetings and takes and active role in the meetings. Besides the meetings tom and his wife will take and active part in some of the projects we do through out the year. Tom and Sue are truly a great asset to our Council and Our Parish.

December 2017


Robert (Bob) and Nancy have chosen for so many numerous reasons throughout year. They are so very active with Our council they both are chosen so many times as family of the month throughout the year, and that makes us all so very proud to elect the two of them. They organize all the events that have to do with food, they are our go to couple for kitchen duties. They both help with all the projects, Bob is our recording sec. and he is at every meeting and takes an active role in the meetings, also, they are both very active in the Parish as well. I am so honored to present them with the Family of the month award.

November 2017


Philip(Phil) & Annie Smith have been chosen this month for their devoted support and dedication to Our Council. Phil being our Web Master has brought us together as whole by linking us via email. He spends a quite considerable amount of time with emails and posting different projects on the Website. Phil along with his wife help out the Council in many different ways; working projects together, especially Bingo, being short of help Annie will fill in to help out. They both very active in Our Parish as well. They both are a great asset not only to Our Council but the parish, and community as well. Congratulations to both of you, you truly are a couple that deserve this award, and thank you for your friendship, because of the both of you, I am drawn closer to Jesus Christ then ever before.

October 2017

Fred & Judy Abeel

The Abeel Family has been chosen for their long time commitment to Our Council
Fred and His wife Judy do so much, not only the Council, but the Parish as well. Fred
is a dedicated Knight that has proven himself over and over again. From Bingo’s
To organizing a Pancake Breakfast; He and his wife Judy have offered to chair several projects in the next couple of months from the Trunk or treat, to the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. It is an honor to present this award to such a devoted Family.

September 2017

Anthony & Mary Zimbicki

Anthony (Tony) along with his wife Mary are a great asset to the council. Tony has been with the council a very long time and is still an very active member, he works bingo, and plays an active roll in all the meetings, and we can count on them when we do projects, if not working a project then they are supporting them, and they both are very active in the Parish.

August 2017

Edward & Mary Woycik

Edward (Ed) Being a past Grand Knight he has taught myself and the Council many different things. He and his wife Mary participate in a variety of Council functions. Ed is a Knight you can count on for anything the Council partakes in. When attending a meeting if he sees something that would help the Council run smoother he will offer his expertise. Ed is very well liked thought the Membership. He and his wife Mary are active in the Church as well.

July 2017

Richard & Lee Bur

Richard (Dick) & Felicia are chosen for the month of July for helping out with our Bingo & Pancake Breakfast & other projects. While Dick works Bingo his Wife plays to support our Bingo. His son also, a knight helps out as well. Dick recently helped out with the Pancake Breakfast by showing up towards the end for cleanup which is always the time consuming job. He relieved a couple of Knights who were tired and could go home to their Families, so it was nice that he came towards the end. Even though Dick & his wife re only here for the summer months they serve our Council well. They both are also active in the Church.

May 2017


Our Family of the Month goes to Ray Sroka and His Wife Julie. Ray helps with a lot of the council projects, and he attends all the meetings and takes an active role in them. Ray is also a Past Grand Knight and held other positions in the Council. When Ray is not helping with project He and His Wife are supporting them. They both take an active part in Mass, and attend all Masses.

April 2017


Bill and Maryann Skibinski are Our Family of the Month. Bill helps every week with
Bingo serving as Our Kitchen Cook, While His Wife Maryann supports our Bingo by
Playing. He is also, Our Commander for the 4th Degree Color Corp., and is a Past
Grand Knight. Bill also, serves as Our Captain for the Tootsie Roll Drive. He Attends
All the meetings, and fully participates in them as well. He and his wife are very
Active in Our Parish. He is very helpful and brings a lot knowledge and Experience
To the meetings, Bill also, helps to guide the Officers in the right direction.

March 2017

Thomas & Sue Wojtkowiak

Thomas (Tom) and His wife Sue are dedicated not only to Our Council but, to Our Parish.
Tom serves our Council as Our Warden, and he is the Chairman of Bingo. Tom and his wife Support bingo every week setting up, controlling all aspects of the Bingo Project, also is
Experimenting with new games, and running the entire Bingo. His wife Sue supports Bingo as
well by taking part as a player weekly. Tom and Sue also, support a lot of the fund raising

February 2017

Brian & Lori Haske

Our Family of the Month goes to Brian and Lori Haske, Being a non-member they are very
committed to the K of C. Brian will roll up his sleeves and go to work. He volunteers to help in
any way he can when he comes to one of Our Functions. Brian is there every week helping with
Bingo, and they both are at all most every function, either helping out or supporting it, they both
are a great asset to the Council. One day we would like to accept Brian as a member, although
right now he has other personal commitments, we would welcome him with open arms when
and if He is ready. Both Brian and his wife Lori are active in the Parish and he always asks if
we need help ushering that he is there to help. One day I hope I have the honor of welcoming
him in to the Knights of Columbus.

January 2017

Fred & Judy Abeel

Fred & Judy Abeel are our Family of the month
They along with their children chaired the community
Thanksgiving Dinner, from Planning, to lining up food
Prep. & serving the meal. Fred is always there to help
with projects. He also, came up with the idea to do the
trunk or treat For Halloween. He is a great asset to the
knights, from Volunteering to coming up with project ideas.
Fred is Our Financial Secretary. Fred attends all the meetings
And is a participating member. He and His Family are very
Active members In the Church.

November 2016

Michael Czajkowski & Dorothy

Michael Czajkowski & Dorothy
Michael (Mike) helps guide us in a Positive Direction, You count on Him for numerous Projects. Along with his wife Dorothy they both serve Our Council well. The latest Project was the Tootsie Roll Drive, and the two of them worked together rounding up donations. He is a State Officer, and took on the roll as District Deputy until one could be appointed. He is also The Director of Our Degree Team. Mike is a very active Member in the Council. He attends and participates in the Meetings. Mike & His wife Dorothy are very active in Our Parish.
Thanks You,
Dan Zanger
Grand Knight

October 2016

Bob & Nancy Olszewski

Bob & Nancy Olszewski - Family of the Month
What can I say Bob is a true dedicated all-round
Knight. Bob along with his wife Nancy, pretty
much run the Kitchen. From cooking to
setting up the serving line tables. I could list
many, many different Meals they have
prepared, especially with help from us Knights,
but I am limited on the space I have. He’s been doing
it along time and he is good at what he does.
Bob attends every Meeting, He’s an Officer,
And, also, Helps with the many different Activities
Though out the year, and is an active Member in
Our Church

August 2016

Philip & Dorothy Ann (Annie) Smith

June 2016

Edward & Mary Woycik

For their volunteer work with the Gaylord Food Pantry.

May 2016

Dennis and Connie Kudej

Dennis and Bonnie Kudej are the Family of the month for May 2016.

February 2016

Ray and Juliana Sroka

Ray and Julie Sroka were Family of the Monthe for Febuary 2006.