January 2020

The Paul Krouse Family

For their support and assistance with the Sumter Christmas Parade float.

November 2019

The Macedo Family

For their work with the Parish Picnic in October.

July 2019

Marzano Family

For their work with the Vacation Bible School.

June 2019

Costas Family

January 2019

The George Mudd Family

For their work with the Christmas Novena.

August 2018

The Francis Family

Brother SK Charley Francis and his wife Jackie are very active in their community and on the parish level. Brother Charley leads an adult education program on Sundays at St. Anne and St. Jude Catholic parish. He is our Council's Advocate and the current Faithful Navigator of our 4th Degree Assembly. Brother Charley is also a Past Grand Knight. Jackie Francis has been leading the RCIA program on the parish level for many years. Brother Charley is always willing to lend a helping hand and always jumps in where needed. He also is an avid photographer of council events.

July 2018

The Ray Family

The Ray family has been named the Family of the Month for the month of July. Tom and his wife attended the Council Installation of Officers at the end of July. Before we began, Mrs. Ray saw how much help we needed in setting up food and drinks and quickly put her skills to work to make the spread presentable and assisted as a great hostess. Tom is very involved in his community like his wife and will always lend a helping hand when asked.

April 2018

Doyle Family

Brother Mike Doyle and Kristi Doyle do a great deal for our parish community. Mike has been actively involved in coordinating our presence at NHC Healthcare visiting with nursing home residents and praying the rosary with them. Kristi is the principal of both of our Catholic schools and both her and Mike go above and beyond to make these schools what they are in their fundraising efforts and community involvement.

March 2018

Flury Family

January 2018

Marzano Family

Brother Timothy Marzano is our Building the Domestic Church Program Director and has jumped into this role with both feet. At the same time, he is raising three daughters on his own. One in college, one in high school and one still in elementary school. His family is an example of a good and loving Catholic family. They are active in the parish and community.

December 2017

Owen Family

November 2017

Dunlap Family

Paul and Irene Dunlap have been named the family of the month for the month of November because of all of their selfless work within the church community particularly the Hispanic community and in Parish Council.

October 2017

Krivejko Family

Brother James Krivejko and family have been named the Family of the Month for the month of October. Brother Krivejko has not been able to be as involved in as many council programs as he would like to this fraternal year due to his work schedule; however, he is living out his Catholic life as he should be by taking care of his family and displaying what it means to lead a Domestic Church within his home and parish community.

September 2017

Tavarez Family

The Tavarez family has consistently given of their time and talents to the Parish Community here in Sumter and to their community at their school and in Boy Scouts. The Tavarez family does everything together and have sacrificed much for each other.

August 2017

Simmons Family

The Family of the Month for the Month of August is the Simmons family. Francis and his wife, Marylou, have both played a vital role to the success of many of our programs lately including the St. Patricks Dinner Dance, Italian Dinner and Third Degree held here in Sumter this month.

July 2017


Jim and Colleen are always helping out in one area of the church community and are a good model of a Catholic Christian family.

June 2017

Costas Family

The Costas Family, namely Brother Frank Costas, Jennifer Costas, Nathan and Alyssa have been named the Family of the Month for June 2017 for all of their involvement within the parish community particularly through youth ministry.

December 2016

Rodriguez Family

Enrique Rodriguez joined our Order and our council in December of 2016 and he and his wife, Olga, immediately became active in the events that took place in December to include the Breakfast with Santa and our Christmas Social.

March 2015


Brother Richard Winter serves as the council's Church Director and Roundtable Chairman for the Our Lady of the Skies (OLOS) Faith Community at Shaw Air Force Base. With the absence of a Catholic Community Coordinator at OLOS, Richard has stepped in and has filled the role despite working full time. Additionally, he serves as altar server coordinator and trainer, Eucharistic Minister, is involved in the prison ministry, Cursillo, prayer groups, and homeless ministry. At the present time OLOS does not have a full time priest and Richard coordinates with the visiting priests as well as with the base chaplains (protestant) to ensure the on base Catholic community's spiritual needs are addressed. Richard's wife, Sinok is a Eucharistic Minister, sings in the Choir, teaches CCD and helps out in other ways.

February 2015


SK John M. Huntz serves as Warden for Council 2207 and is active in council activities. He is on active duty with the Air Force which frequently requires him to work 12-hour shifts. Despite his hectic work schedule, John continues to serve his council and faith community. John and his wife, Bridget, have 11 children ranging in ages from 16 to 1. They worship as a family and the children are always on their best behavior. The older children are quick to assist their parents in taking care of the younger siblings. The Huntz family makes it point to participate in parish activities and frequently volunteer to play key roles in the events. The older children are active members of the Sumter Catholic Community Youth Group.

January 2015


SK Theodore (Ted) N. Trapini serves as Treasurer for Council 2207 and is extremely active in all council activities. He manages the RSVP program for the council and ensures we stay in contact with our sponsored seminarians. He organizes our annual Italian Dinner, a fundraiser to support the RSVP program. This event raises approximately $1500 annually to support our seminarians. In addition to the RSVP program, Ted is extremely active in Culture-of-Life Activities, visiting the VA hospital on a weekly basis, participating in the annual Life Chain in Sumter, carrying the assembly banner in the Stand up for Life March and Rally in Columbia, participating in a Christmas Eve Rosary Service at National Health Care Nursing home, and traveling to Washington DC to participate in the Right-to-Life Rally and March. Ted’s wife, Dianne, serves as Secretary of the Sumter Catholic Community Women’s Guild, is a member of the Parish Council, and performs a number of charitable activities within the parish and community.

December 2014

Mike Doyle

The Doyle family is very involved in the Sumter Catholic Community. Mike and his son, Nick, are both members of the Knights of Columbus and together chair the council’s “Nursing Home Visitation” ministry. The newly formed ministry held a Rosary service on Christmas Eve at one of the local nursing homes. The service was attended by nine council members as well as additional family members and fellow parishioners. Kristi Doyle is the principal of St. Anne Catholic School in Sumter and serves as a lector. Mike and Nick both serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

November 2014

The Kaczmarczyk

SK Jim Kaczmarczyk serves as the Lecturer for the Council. Additionally, he is the Honor Guard Captain, performs the roles of C on the 1st degree team and PFC on the Midlands 3rd degree team. He and his wife, Colleen attend daily mass at St. Jude where he leads the singing and serves as Lector. Colleen spends numerous hours volunteering in the local community as well as singing in the Saturday night choir at St. Jude. Jim and Colleen have been involved in virtually every council activity this fraternal year.

September 2014

The Francis Family

Charley and Jackie Francis have an in-depth involvement with the council and with the Catholic Community of Sumter. Charley established and chairs the council Scholarship Committee which assists children of brother knights with tuition for Catholic Elementary and High Schools in Sumter. Both he and Jackie are Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers. Jackie also serves as Coordinator for the parish RCIA program and, together with Charley, provide instructions to the candidates.

August 2014

The Williams Family

Williams family are havily involved in Our Lady of the Skies Faith Community. Matthew serves asd lector for Sunday Mass. Son, Christopher is a alter server and mentors younger servers. Matthew and wife, Katrina, are both RE teachers. Katrina organized and managed the weekly cookie social following 9am Sunday Mass.