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Vernon Family
Mike, Maureen, and John.

October 2019


Mike, Johanna and daughter Stella

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September 2016

John Crouse

John and Joanne Crouse do so much for the St. Mary's Parish, much beyond their positions within the parish. Joanne is selfless and giving, always ready to help out anyone in need. John not only works for the Parish, but is every Sunday counting the collection and almost every Friday running the cash room for the Knight's Bingo. Even their son Jonathan (also a Knight) helped out with our last Wedding Rental.

August 2016

Ray Sears

Ray, Emory, Brooke and Karen supported the Carnival. The Sears Family was finally in town every day of the Carnival. Even the days they had other activities Emory and Ray help to get items ready to start each day.

April 2016


The Mihm Family, Parents of new DEACON Joe Mihm are our Family of the Month. They should be the Family of the Future as they in their raising and teaching of Joe, has brought the Catholic Church a great young man who will no doubt be a leader in the Church. We have been so blessed to have Joe Mihm as one of our supported Seminarians and as a member of our Council. Joe has come out and worked our Carnival and even came out to play on our Softball Team, if you remember the picture on our website titled "PADRE POWER". THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF NOT FOR HIS PARENTS. THANK YOU.

March 2016

Don and Louise Bunker

Don and Louise Bunker are a force for good. Their tireless work to make TWO Easter Egg hunts, held on the same day in different locations, a great success. I won't say how but one of them was instrumental in getting the Easter Bunny to make an appearance at St Mary's Easter Egg Hunt. Countless hours finding the best deals for candy and filling hundreds and hundreds of eggs to be hidden. Then they help setup and take down. We could not do such an involved event without their help.

February 2016

Families of Ken & Tim Connelly

The Connelly Family has given a great deal to the Annapolis Council, the Catholic Church and community. Tim Connelly passed away in February. Tim was 27 years a member of Knight in Annapolis Council, joining in 1988, and he brought in his Father Ken Connelly (Past Grand Knight) in 1989. Both later became 4th Degree Knights. Ken Passed away last year. We thank the entire Connelly family for their commitment to our Council, our Order, and recognize their deep Faith in our Lord and The Church.

December 2015

Ray Sears Family

In December, possibly the first for Annapolis Council, a third generation Knight and member of Annapolis Council came into being. Raymond Emory Sears followed in the path of his Father Ray P and his grandfather Ray L and joined the ranks of Knights of Columbus in Annapolis Council. The contribution of the Sears Family to the Annapolis Council is special and an example to all how to bring the entire family into the Knights. It is not just the "Rays" but Robert, Richard, Rose, Karen and Brooke that make this extraordinary. To list all their impacts both within the Council, The Parish, St. Mary's School, the Community would frankly be impossible. Annapolis Council is indebted to this Sears Family with much of the Council's accomplishments over the last 42 years directly tied to their efforts. THANK YOU.

November 2015

Frank and Theresa Cisneros

Frank and Theresa Cisneros have been very active supporting Church activities at both Parishes we support, St. Mary's and OLPH. They have done a lot of work to hold the Breakfast with Santa, a Catholic Daughters of America event held at our Council Hall. Frank and Theresa are always ready to support events and bring out their awesome slot car track competition set up. The kids really enjoy.

October 2015

Winston Brunal

Winston Brunal and Family have become very involved in our Council actively attending activities and socials. Winston has become a key member of our Hispanic Outreach Committee and a valuable resource to the Council and Community.

September 2015

Mark and Kathleen Powell

Mark and Kathy were quick to volunteer when we received a last minute SOS from the Special Olympics of Anne Arundel County for help during their September 26th Bull and Oyster Roast. They ran the Cake Wheel and were very successful. They brought their good cheer and dedication, even with Mark having just come home from shock trauma the night before, due to a head injury. That is commitment.

August 2015

Angela & Sam Nassar

Angela and Sam have been a gift from heaven in helping our Brother Henry Robert. Angela is the volunteer coordinator at St. Mary's Parish where she planned a wonderful Parish Picnic.

July 2015


The Ryan Family – PGK Jim Ryan, his son and daughter Stephen and Shannon Ryan have put in a great effort not only during the Friday bingos, but also all the planning and Shannon’s cooking for the Italian Festival. Shannon has been also tracking our Bingo Food expenses. Although this is only for one Month the Ryan family has supported their father for three years as GK and helped to make our council better.

May 2015

Annapolis Council Hispanic Families

The families of the Hispanic members of the Annapolis Council worked together to prepare and present an excellent Latino-themed menu for our May social.

April 2015

Raymond Ciupek Family

Ray and Jane continued to support the Annapolis Council in many ways, including Ray's membership on the Columbus Club Board of Directors and help with bingo food, and Jane's liaison role with the Catholic Daughters. In addition, both Ray and Jane are a big help with our monthly socials.

March 2015

Mike Tarlaian Family

Mike and Hope have contributed tremendously to the success of the bingo food operation by taking ownership of the counter and the weekly restocking, with help from Mike Jr. and his girlfriend Viri. They have also taken a lead role in getting the fish fry operation up and running this year.

February 2015

Michael Wilson Family

Mike and Brenda have been participating and actively helping at almost all of our events. They helped with setup and cleanup for the February social, served pizza for the Basketball Free Throw contest, and helped out at several bingos during the month.

January 2015

Father John Harrison

Worthy Chaplain Father Harrison has led our Catholic family in the Annapolis Council for many years, providing spiritual guidance to council members and families. In addition to his council and priestly duties, Father Harrison is also Vicar of St. Mary's Parish and Faithful Friar of the Admiral Benson Assembly.

December 2014

George Daelemans Family

The Daelemans family, which includes three members of our council (George, Kyle, and Luke), was instrumental in the successful execution of all of our December programs. They started by providing refreshments for the council business meeting, and then staffed the kitchen, along with mom Linda, for each of our Friday night bingos. They also coordinated the food service and decorations for our annual Christmas party, and finished by participating as degree team members and food service for our First Degree on December 23.

November 2014

Roland Banscher Family

Roland and Lois led our very successful sponsorship of the tailgate party for the Maryland State Council Navy Game on November 15. They coordinated the catering for the event, and secured desserts, snacks and beverages for the event. The State Deputy and other State Council representatives were very pleased with the refreshments and overall experience of the tailgate.

October 2014

Jeff Bunker Family

The Bunkers were the driving force behind our successful Soccer Shootout this year. Jeff, his wife Mary Ellen, and all six of his children helped organize and publicize the event, and then helped with setup and snacks for the participants. Jeff's parents Don and Louise also helped out at the event. This was the second event in a short while that was successful due to the Bunker family's help. In August, the family also staffed the novelties booth at our annual carnival.

September 2014

Rick Smith Family

Rick and his family provide key support to the Annapolis Council in a number of ways. In addition to excellent catering for our Annual Appreciation Dinner in September, Rick and Sam helped out for several days during the Carnival. Rick and Sam were also part of the Friday Knight Lights fantasy football league in the council. Rick and his entire family are also extremely active with Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

August 2014

Hurd Family

Tom and Mikey filled in to help make the tickets sales a success at the Kegs and Corks festival, in addition to working the ticket booth at the carnival and their normal tremendous support for the Respect Life program. Tom also continues to seek new members for our council.

July 2014

Sears Family

The Sears family was once again the key to our successful softball season, usually providing 40% of the team, and over 50% of the run production.