May 2020

Patrick & Dinah Noone

April 2020

Dennis & Diane Preston

Dennis is involved in about everything with the Knights
o Pancake Breakfast Chair
o Mowing Teams
o Pasta and St. Patrick’s dinners
o Retention Chair
o Fish Fries
o Past Grand Knight
o Dennis is an usher and Eucharistic minister
o As held committee posts for the TN State Council for 15 years
- Dennis was recognized by Tellico Village in April for his volunteer work as groundskeeper for an hold cemetery in the Village, or over 10 years
- Diane is a member of Council of Catholic Women; has held many offices
- Diane set up the dining hall for Pancake Breakfasts for years
- Diane was an avid golfer at Tellico Village

March 2020

Gene & Jean Kray

- Gene is our recorder, and volunteered to do another hitch this year to fill a gap
- The Krays are very social folks in the Parish and always happy to see you
- Honoring a couple who have long served their parish and the Knights

January 2020

Jim & Paula Gecsei

Jim and Paula Gescei have been faithful servants of our parish for many years. Jim, the immediate Past Grand Knight leads the Rosary before Mass on weekends and has served as chairman of our parishes International Food Festival. This past Christmas he was invited to act the role of Joseph in our Hispanic group's La Posada presentation. Paula is an active participant in the St. Thomas Council of Catholic Women and helps with baking cookies, cooking and delivering meals with our Friendship Kitchen Ministry. In their free time they help with their 2 year old grandson while their daughter is at work.

December 2019

Kelly, Jack & Shelia

Jack & Sheila have been coordinators for more than 15 years of our council's Holidays Meals program which entails delivering hot meals to needy folks and shut-ins on Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings. Last Thanksgiving, more than 50 meals were delivered. This task involves making sure the meals are prepared and packed, delivery routes are set for 4 - 5 stops, in close fashion and drivers are solicited and assigned. We are blessed that Jack and Sheila are willing to share their holiday time for the benefit of others.

November 2019

Sheldon, Curt & Kay

Curt is our council's Life chairman and actively participates, leading by example. His wife Kay, is the current president of our parish Women's Guild, They are both Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Curt and Kay recently lead our parish through the 40 Days for Life campaign, as requested by Bishop Stika, whereby parishioners gathered across the street from the Knoxville Planned Parenthood clinic, leading folks in saying the rosaries. They faithfully go there weekly, of their own choosing, to pray for an end to abortions. They are very active with St. Vincent DePaul. They both teach our parish teenage youth on Thursday evenings. They have been participants in the Washington, DC March For Life for many years and are currently planning the trip in January 2020.

October 2019

Schutte Family

Russell leads our council's MR/ID Drives and quarterly food packaging joint effort for our county residents struggling to make ends meet. He is also our Council Lecturer and Community Programs Chairman. For our parish, is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and an usher. His wife Karen is active in the Parish Women's Guild, serving as treasurer and also sings in the choir. Together Russell and Karen deliver holiday meals for the needy, help with council breakfasts and dinners and assist in Special Olympics.
Their daughter Kody is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and also enjoys giving her time for Special Olympics. In the past, she has helped with taking participants to Atlanta, GA so the could participate in the regional games. She is following in her parent's footsteps, which is a measure of her parents' Catholic values and leadership.

September 2019

Mouse, Ray & Beth

August 2019


Larry and Katie Finneran were nominated for Family of the Month of August 2019. They are the foundation of the St. Vincent Society at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. They are the leaders of the group and the mentors all others look up to. The couple are active in our parish dinners such as the Italian Dinner and our Irish Diner. They are also active members of our 4th Degree Assembly. Larry's working career experience of operating small-town banks makes him a natural fit working with people and networking in our rural community. He knows how to find the resources to solve issues and help people. Larry and Katy also know how to network with other similar community groups and churches in the county to assure families get what they need. Katy is a past leader of our parish Women's Guild. Not only do they attend Mass together, they also spend their free time at the Church tending to their mission.

July 2019


To Don & Alice Hanley for Don's life saving EMR skills for Tellico Village

July 2016

Russell & Karen Schutte

For their combined efforts in supporting the Pancake Breakfasts and dinners sponsored by the council.

June 2016

Bill & Kathy Twohig

For planning and executing the Spring & Summer social activities.

May 2016

Ed & Pat Valente

Jerry Dougherty left, DGK Ray Mouse center and FOM Ed (& Pat) Valente right

April 2016

Stu and Jan McFadden

For their involvement with NPH and support of other Knight’s activities.

March 2016

Steve & Pat McAvoy

February 2016

Harold & Joyce Egler

January 2016

Rich and Barbara Comiso

December 2015

Chuck and Terry James

November 2015

Ray & Beth Mouse

October 2015

Jerry & Mary Dougherty

Sponsorship and support of the Catholic Engaged Encounter program - 22 years.

September 2015

Chet & Mary Kwiatkowski

Support and Management of the Polish Dinners over the past five years.

August 2015

Terry & Betty Camilleri

Support and Management of the MR Drives over the past two years.

July 2015

Ed & Pat Valente

For their dedication and continued involvement at our Parish events we nominate Ed and Pat Valente as the Family of the Month for July.

Their involvement in the function and management of our parish kitchen, and participation in the social activities sponsored by our Council is noteworthy.

At many of our parish functions involving social events, such the monthly Pancake Breakfast and the quarterly Engagement Encounter dinners, they can be found in the kitchen; one is managing the kitchen volunteers, the other is hard at work preparing the meals. Pat normally does a myriad of jobs, and is always helping where the need is the greatest. It is very rare that you would not find this family hard at work in support of our Council activities.

Their committed dedication allows the members of our council to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is with great pleasure to acknowledge their contribution to our Council by awarding them the Family of the Month for July 2015.

June 2015

Kevin, Mary Beth, Maggie & Luke Cooney

Family of the Month June 2015

Kevin, Mary Beth, Maggie, & Luke Cooney

Since joining the St Thomas Parish in June 2008, they, as a family, have been involved in the youth activities conducted by our parish.

The most recent noteworthy activity in which the Cooney family was involved, was the parish Spring Fling Picnic. Kevin, with help and advice of his family, planned, coordinated and conducted an outstanding day of festivities. They ensured there was plenty of delicious food and drink for all, and games to keep the youngsters busy. A petting zoo, bumper room, and water slides were a few of the games and activities for the children. The mouth-watering meals were prepared on-site, with the pork cooking overnight under the vigilance of experienced cooks.

The Youth Group and Boy Scouts were on hand to make sure the campus was kept clean, and provide other assistance where needed.

The whole family pitched in making this a wonderful event that brought the parish community together, young and old.

It is with great pleasure that we select the Cooney family as the June 2015 Family of the Month.

June 2014

Dan & Allis Hanley

May 2014

Ed & Pat Valente

April 2014

Curt & Kay Sheldon

Curt and Kay Sheldon have consistently made importatnt contributions to St. Thomas the Apostle Church and the Dioceses of Knoxville. They are leaders in the Tennessee Right to Life and every year accompany our youth to the Washington Walk of Life. Together, they are leaders in the Cursillo movement's three days of religious instruction. They continue to be involved in various men's and women's weekend activities. Additionally, Curt is the team lead for the Friendship Kitchen and assists in the preparation for the Eucharistic Adoration activities. Curt is also on the team for the upcoming Men's Weekend in October. Kay has served as a past president of the St. Thomas' Women's Guild.