January 2020

Rudy & Juie Rivera

December 2019

Bryan & Shelly Hearn

November 2019

Gary & Mary Schaffer

October 2019

Marc & Patricia Mendoza

September 2019

John & Glee Lutmer

August 2019

Shone & Lori Alestock

July 2019

No Family of the Month

June 2019

Frank & Janis Losoya

May 2019

No Family of the Month

April 2019

No Family of the Month

March 2019

No Family of the Month

February 2019

Kyle & Sherita Kocke

December 2018

John & Kathy Thome

John became a Knight in1973 but was inactive for several years while he and Kathy raised their 4 children. Since then he has been very active in the Knights and our council, being Grand Knight and also publishing the newsletter for several years. He and Kathy met when they were seniors in high school in Wisconsin where they were both born and raised. Kathy was from Johnberg and John was from Mt Calvary (about 5 miles away). That area of Wisconsin had 6 towns very close ,all Catholic, and the area was called “the Holy Land”. They have been married 57 years with 4 children. John is a chemist ,having graduated from Marquette in Milwaukee and worked for many years for Motorola; first controlling the assembly of cell phones and later in charge of all Motorola’s electronic manufacturing processes. This required him to travel a great deal. (He racked up 3 million miles on American Airlines) Motorola transferred him from Illinois to Ft Worth in 2000. Kathy was a stay-at –home mother and she has been very active in volunteer work. She was province director for the National Council of Catholic Women and is now treasurer for the diocesan Council of Catholic Women. They started going to St Thomas in 1978 but were transferred back to Illinois for several years and then returned to Ft Worth and St Thomas where they are both Eucharistic ministers . On Sundays they bring the Eucharist to10 to 12 of the home bound and those in nursing home. John also coordinates our Bible Study program with Helen Sieja. John is retired now and enjoys reading while Kathy enjoys her volunteer work. St Thomas is fortunate to have you two.

November 2018

Joe & Marion Bason

Joe has been a Knight for 16 years. He is a 4th degree Knight and in the Honor Guard. He has been treasurer in both the councils he has attended. He and Marion met at a polka dance in Ennis TX. She went with a friend that Joe knew. The friend introduced them and the rest is history. They were both widowed when they met. They married in 2005. Joe was born and raised in Massachusetts and Marion in Windthorst TX. Joe moved here in 1996 from Michigan because of his job. He is a chemical engineer and was in the paper business for 41 years with 4 different companies, the last being International Paper in Plano. Marion came here in1962 and worked for Lockheed in ground support.. They were married at St Thomas. Marion has 5 children, 8 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Joe has 2 children. They are both Eucharistic ministers and do the chalice ministry. Joe is also a lector. Joe’s hobbies are Marion’s job jar, water aerobics and gardening. He’s on the board of directors at the YMCA. They are both very thankful for the people at St. Thomas. The Knights are very thankful for you

October 2018

Steve & Anne Gonzales

September 2018

Marc & Patricia Mendoza

August 2018

Bryan & Shelly Hearne

July 2018

No Family of the Month

June 2018

Brian and Kerry Perry

Brian was our financial secretary for ten years. He's also on the major degree team. He's been a Knight for 15 years and was recruited by Charlie Parr. He met his wife Kerry at a nightclub in Houston. They've been married 19 years and have three children. He was discharged from the Marine Corp in 1996 while in Ft Worth and decided to stay. He was born and raised in Pasadena near Houston and Kerry was raised in Rosenberg also near Houston. Brian has his own radio communication company and Kerry manages it for him. Brian was an electronics at Six Flags before he joined the Marines. They've been at St Thomas since 1999. Brian installed all the audio visual wiring and equipment at St Thomas and is a member of the protection ministry. Kerry coordinates with the choir to prepare the power point presentations for the hymns at mass. Thank you Brian and Kerry.

May 2018

No Family of Month for May

March 2018

Mike and Mary Constanza

Mike is a 3rd degree Knight and joined about 4 years ago. He was born and raised in New Orleans and then joined the military. Mary was also born and raised in New Orleans, in fact next door to Mike. They were childhood sweethearts. They have been married 48 years. They have been married 48 years. They have one son and two daughters and 8 grandchildren. When Mike retired from the military he picked Fort Worth as a good place to raise kids (better than New Orleans). So he and Mary moved here in 1976. He's been retired since 1995 and now is a commercial real estate broker as is Mary. He graduated from UNT. They have been at St. Thomas since 2010. Mary is in the Woman's club and is a greeter and Eucharistic minister. Mike enjoys target shooting. He was rifle champion at 400 yards for the U.S. 3rd Army.

February 2018

Ramon and Deborah Carrasquillo

Ramon has been a Knight for 12 years being recruited by Charlie Parr. He and Deborah met at work. They have been married 17 years and have 4 children. They’ve been in Ft. Worth 15 years because of a job transfer from Oklahoma. Ramon works at Fed Ex. He and Deborah were both born in Puerto Rico. Deborah is assistant principal at lake Worth Elementary. He was chancellor of the council for 3 years but had to step down because of his work schedule.. He is the worldwide vice president of the Knights on Bikes club. He helps with the highway cleanup and street corner fundraising. He also helps with the Parade of Lights. He and Deborah have been at St Thomas 14 years where Ramon is an usher and does traffic control for CCD. Deborah teaches CCD. They both enjoy outdoor activities like biking and hiking and they enjoy movies. Of course Ramon’s hobby is motorcycles. Ramon’s son Samuel is learning the sound system at St Thomas for all services

January 2018

Jesse and Hilaria Ruiz

Jesse has been a Knight for two years. Bruce Mallory recruited him. He and Hilaria were both born and raised in Ft. Worth. He met Hilaria in a high school math class and said to himself. “I’m going to marry her”. They have been married 49 years and have 3 children, two sons and a daughter, and three grandchildren. He has helped with fund raising for the Knights but now has two knee replacements which has slowed him down. He used to be a marathon runner, running 70 miles a week. At the age of 37 while running to train for the Houston marathon he was hit by a hit and run car, which ended his running career. He had been planning to enter the Boston marathon. He retired 4 years ago as a sales associate manager for the post office. They have been at St Thomas f or 4 years. Prior to that they were at St. Patrick’s where he taught CCD. He works at the St Thomas food pantry, is an acolyte, and helps clean the church. Hilaria is a lector and greeter. Hilaria was a teacher got her master’s degree and became a principal which she loved doing and did for 25 years. Jesse’s hobby is golf. He’s very good and shoots in the 80s.

December 2017

Curt and Joan Lampkin

This month we turn the tables a bit and honor Curt and Joan Lampkin as the family of the month. As many of you know Curt is usually the one writing these articles as the composer of the newsletter a job he has done for many years. Curt is a fourth degree Knight and has been a Knight since 2003. He has held many offices and was our Grand Knight a few years ago. He currently holds the position of Pro-Life director.

Curt and Joan met in 1957 when their two mothers tried to get them
together for a dance. That did not go as planned as the hall was big and they could not get the two together. A picnic a few weeks later did the trick. Both Curt and Joan hail from Cincinnati. Curt a Physicist worked for Baldwin Piano Company which despite its name is a high tech company. They even invented the first Amps for rock bands. Curt came to Texas to work on a Solar Energy project in El Paso in 1973. He holds 20 patents for his Physicist work. He traveled back and forth to Ohio for two years and then transferred to El Paso, Texas. He moved to Azle in 2003 and immediately joined Holy Trinity and the Knights of Columbus. Curt and Joan are very active at Holy Trinity where both are lectors. Joan works the CCD program and Curt does the coffee and donuts, and teaches 6th grade CCD. Curt is always on call for Holy Trinity projects as they live about 4 minutes away.

Curt loves to golf and has an every week foursome that includes our worthy Diocesan Deputy, Bruce Mallory. They go all over the Metroplex playing different courses. Joan is the quilting Queen. She has her own quilting machine and has been president of several quilting clubs. She has organized many quilting events and other events including a Catholic Women’s convention. Both Curt and Joan like to eat out and travel. Next on the horizon is a cruise to the Panama Canal.

Curt and Joan are the parents of 6 children one of which has gone to be with the Lord. They are great grandparents twice over with 2 more on the way. To say this is a busy couple would be an understatement. We thank Curt and Joan for all they do for Holy Trinity/St Thomas and for the Knights of Columbus. Congratulations on being named December Family of the month.

November 2017

John and Mary Beth Roman

John is our council lecturer and has been a Knight since 2009. He transferred to Ft Worth from his council in Cincinnati where he was born and raised. He and Marty Beth met on the-harmony dating website. They had a long distance relationship for a few years before getting married in 2010, since she was in Ft Worth (having moved here from Florida) while he was in Cincinnati. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh. John has retired from his position as a contracts manager for the defense department. Mary Beth worked for a printing company. John has a degree in business education and a master’s degree in vocational education. Mary Beth has a degree in archeology. They are both lectors and run the pre-mass rosary on weekends and are in the weekly prayer group. They both enjoy traveling. John’s hobby is military relics and Mary Beth is into history

October 2017

Frank and Janis Losoya

Frank has been a Knight for 4
years. He is a 3rd degree and has
been the chancellor. He and Janis
met at a” meet and greet function”
a little over 5 years ago. They
have been married 4 ½ years.
Frank has 2 children. Janis came
to Ft. Worth in 1982 from
Lubbock where she was born and
raised. Frank was born and raised
in San Angelo. He was a Dallas
fireman for 39 years and is now
retired as is Janis who was a nurse
practitioner. They have been at St
Thomas about 3 ½ years where
Frank is an usher and Janis is
president of the Woman’s Club.
Frank enjoys golf and they both
like to travel

September 2017

Conrad and Esther Luna

Conrad has been a Knight for 6 years. Charlie Parr recruited him. He met his wife Esther when he saw her riding a bike in front of his house. He stopped her, they started to talk and the rest is history They were both born and raised in Ft Worth. Conrad is retired from Lockheed where he installed gun systems. Esther has worked at St Thomas for several years but is now being a housewife as she has done for most of their married life. They have been married 44 years. Their anniversary was a few days ago.. They have two children and two grandchildren. They have been at St. Thomas for 10 years where Conrad ushers and helps with the highway cleanup. They both enjoy travelling.

August 2017

Kim and Tu Doan

Tu ran the Highway cleanup effort for several years he and others also started Samaritan House. He has been a Knight for 17 years Tu and Kim met in Beaumont at where they both attended Lamar College. They have been married 33 years and have three sons. They came to Ft Worth in 2002 from the Houston area. They have been at St Thomas since 2002 where They both are active. Kim is a Eucharistic minister .They both are in the marriage preparation ministry and the pasroal council. Kim does the flowers for the church and teaches RCIA for children. They are in the Stephen Ministry for troubled people. Kim does meals on wheels and they work in the food pantry. They were both born and raised in Viet Nam and came to the US in 1975. Tu is in aerospace technology and took early retirement after 35 years with Lockheed. They enjoy hiking and traveling. Thank you both for all you do.

July 2017

Rudy and Julie Rivera

Rudy has been a knight for over two years. Rock Vasquez recruited him. He helps with the highway cleanup and the parish picnic doing cooking. He was born in Sweeny TX and raised in Victoria TX. In 1999 he came to Ft Worth on a baseball scholarship and went to TCU. To get his degree. He works at Lockheed where he met Julie who also works at Lockheed.. Julie was born and raised in Austin and went to UT where she got a degree in Electrical Engineering. Rudy has a business degree and works in contracts negotiation. They have been married 6 years and have a 17 month old daughter. Julie came to Ft Worth in 2003. They have been at St Thomas for 6 years where Rudy is a greeter and is in the chalice ministry. Julie like volleyball and Rudy does some fishing. They hope the Knights will add more family friendly activities

December 2015

Dennis and Joyce Helgeson

Dennis became a Knight in 1997 and has been very busy since for our council. He has been community director, Advocate, Grand Knight, and district deputy. He is on the State Charity Committee in charge of 5 north Texas diocese’, Chapter treasurer for the West metroplex, and captain of the major degree team. He and Joyce are training to be on the marriage tribunal and they teach Keeping Children Safe classes at St Thomas. He and Joyce are both California natives and they both moved to Texas to be near their sisters. Dennis came in 1997. He and Joyce met on line in 2000 and married in 2003 at St Thomas. Dennis is in communications and worked for a contractor with BNSF who transferred him to Ft Worth. They both had previous marriages. Joyce has2 children and Dennis has one. They have 3 grandchildren in CA. Dennis learned his network communication skills in the Navy. Joyce is retired and Dennis is thinking about it.. They are lectors and Eucharistic ministers and teach 9th grade confirmation classes. They enjoy going to CA to see their families.

November 2015

Gil and Cecelia Loza

Gil has been a Knight “for a long time”. He is a 4th degree Knight and is a DJ doing the music for our Parade of Lights Float. He met Cecelia at a church carnival at All Saints Parish. She was watching the DJ and he was watching her. They dated for 5 years, and have been married 28 years. They have two sons,one a Marine and one a student. Gil and Cecelia are both Ft. Worth Natives. He is an operations supervisor for the Ft. Worth T. Cecelia is an accountant at XTO and the lead accountant at their house. They have been at St Thomas for 10 years He has been an usher and she a Eucharistic minister at St Thomas. His hobby is being a DJ. He started as a DJ in High school but quit later. Years later his brother in law asked him to DJ a ta wedding and he started being a DJ again. He also likes camping fishing and is in Knights on Bikes Cecelia is deeply involved with the Church

October 2015

Bob and Barbara Downs

Bob has been a Knight since 1971. He and Barbara have been at St. Thomas for 8 years. They both help with the food pantry The met in a pool hall. Bob was with three other guys and one of them knew Barbara who was with her date. The met on dates and were married in 1971.. They have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Bob was born and raised in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Barbara was born and raised in Wichita Falls and moved to Arlington in 1967. Bob is a plumber and works in construction. Barbara worked for the city of Colleyville for 22 years where they lived. They both enjoy fishing.

September 2015

Norm and Dorothy Scroggins

Norm is the retired FAA manager for DFW and all the small airports in the area. That job has required him to move 13 times around Texas and Oklahoma. His last assignment was Ft. Worth (the second time he was here) and he stayed here when he retired He and Dorothy met on a blind date. They have 3 children 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. He went into the Air Force from high school. Dorothy was born and raised in West Texas and Norm in Vernon Texas. Dorothy stayed home while their children were growing up. Then she got a real estate license and has also worked in a bank. They have been at St Thomas for 10 years and both help with the food pantry. She also counts money for the church. She enjoyed gardening and he golf. Sadly arthritis has made those hobbies difficult.

July 2015

Mike and Mary Costanza

Mike has been a Knight for nearly 4 years. He and Mary were born and raised in New Orleans. They grew up in houses next to each other and that’s how they met. They came to Ft Worth when Mike was in the military. They have been at St Thomas about 4 years. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Mike works as an investor and target shoots when he has time. He has travelled to Rome. Mary has a degree in archeology and enjoys working with stained glass.

June 2015

John and Mary Grimes

John has been a Knight for 21 years and has been our council lecturer for 5 years. He met his wife Mary on a blind date. He and Mary both worked for Remington Arms Co. which was bought by DuPont and then the ammunition division by Olin Corp. where he was a ballistics specialist. He took early retirement in 1993. They have been at St Thomas for 11 years where John has worked at the food pantry all that time. It helps fill his retirement as he works at it 15 to 20 hours a week. He is an acolyte and a Eucharistic minister bringing the Eucharist to the home bound. He is also on the bereavement committee preparing meals for receptions after funerals. His hobbies are golf and gardening (although here in Ft Worth the soil and weather make it difficult.) He has enjoyed many years as a coach and referee for soccer (at jr. college), volley ball, baseball and basketball. Mary was a scorekeeper in basketball. They have 2 children, one of whom died in 2000 in an auto accident. They have on granddaughter whose graduation from high school they just attended. Mary enjoys sewing and crossword puzzles.

May 2015

Glenn and Cynthia Sperry

Glenn is our present Grand Knight. Glenn was born in Baltimore and moved to Ft Worth in 1950 when Bell telephone transferred his father. He has two brothers and one sister. Glenn has the remarkable achievements of winning the national Water Ski Championship in 1956 and 50 years later in 2006 of winning the national Senior Water Ski Championship. He still teaches water skiing. Cynthia was born in Dallas. He and Cynthia met on the internet at Match.com. Glenn was a widower and Cynthia’s marriage had been annulled. They married in 2008. They have lived in Ft Worth since 2010. Glenn is retired while Cynthia had her own insurance agency. Between them they have six children, 10 grandsons and one granddaughter. They both do the Chalice ministry at St Thomas where Glenn is also a lector and Eucharistic Minister. Cynthia lectors at her Lutheran Church. They both enjoy water skiing and sailing.

April 2015

Ron and Mary Hawke

Ron has been a Knight for 35 years. They are both natives of Nebraska, she from York and he from Winser. They met while she was in college in York. They have been married 42 years with 3 children and 8 grandchildren. They moved in 1983 from Nebraska to San Antonio because of his job. Then in 1985 his job brought them to Ft Worth to install A/C and plumbing at Carswell AFB. When in 1988 his company asked for another move he quit and started his own plumbing and A/C business. They have been at St Thomas since 1985. He has donated plumbing and A/C work to the church. They are long time choir members. She sings and Ron plays bass guitar.
Mary has a graduate degree in special education. After several years teaching she started helping in their business. Ron is thinking about working on starting his retirement. Their hobby is grandchildren.

March 2015

Gary and Pam Dupre

Gary was having open heart surgery in 2003 when they asked him what was his religion. He replied Catholic although at the time he wasn’t. After surgery he entered RCIA and became Catholic and a Knight in 2004 . He started as program director, then chancellor, Deputy GK, and then Grand Knight. He took over Bingo when Jan Nowicki became GK and kept doing it for 8 years until it stopped. He was a trustee for 4 years so he could represent the Knights at Bingo. He was born and raised in St. Louis. He went to LSU in Louisiana where he met Pam who was a Louisiana native. Pam’s sister worked with Gary and kept trying to fix him up with her sister. They finally met on a blind date. They married in New Orleans in 1974. They moved to Ft Worth in 1979. They have been at St. Thomas for 30 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren . Gary still works in the transportation industry at age 69. He and Pam are Eucharistic ministers. He also lectors and is on the pastoral council.. Pam is president of the Women’s organization. She retired from the mortgage industry and enjoys gardening

February 2015

John and Judy Dugan

John has been a knight for 30 years. He was born and raised in New Hampshire. He has a degree in cost accounting and moved to Houston in 1974. His career has taken him from CA,OH PA, MA, and LA. He is our deputy grand knight. He has been inside and outside guard ,warden and was committee chair for the Boy Scouts for 5 years. He met Judy in a pub in new Hampshire located next to a hospital. She was a nurse. In fact John’s mother was a nurse and his two daughters-in law are nurses. The man has been under a nurses care all his life. They have been married 34 years and have two sons. And 5 ½ grandchildren. He left cost engineering in 1995 and became a nursing home administrator. He also has his own realty company. They moved to the DFW area in 2009 and have been at St. Thomas for a year and a half. John enjoys golf and Judy likes to design houses.

January 2015

Fred and Lassie Salitore

Fred has been Grand Knight, deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor and is now prolife chairman for our council. He’s been a Knight since 1989. He and Lassie have been at St Thomas for 20 years where he is a lector. They both teach RCIA. They have been married 31 years with 5 sons and one daughter. Fred was born and raised in California. He was a helicopter gunship pilot in Vietnam. When he returned to the US he was stationed at Ft Walter in Mineral Wells as an instructor. He liked the area and stayed. He had met Lassie professionally 10 years before in Ft Worth when she was in the office of a home builder. He met her again on a blind date 10 years later. Later they married. Lassie is a Ft Worth area native. Fred is semi-retired as a franchise consultant for about a dozen companies. They have a nice motor home that they lived in for several years but recently actually bought a house. Their main hobby is travelling in the motor home (Which they have kept). Lassie also helps her daughter who owns a boutique. It sounds like an adventurous life.

January 2014

Stan & Betty Krenek

Stan became a Knight in 1972 for a year or two then other duties interfered. He rejoined 2 years ago. He and Betty just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married at St Thomas. Their children sent them to Hawaii as an anniversary present. The recent ice storm delayed their return 2 days but fortunately they were able to keep their hotel room in Hawaii. Stan met Betty at a dance. She had come from Muenster, where she grew up, to Ft Worth for school. They have 2 children. They both help serve breakfast after the 8 AM weekday mass on Mondays Thursdays, and Fridays. Stan is an Acolyte .They also help with the food pantry and Stan gets food from the food bank every month. They live in White Settlement and used to go to St Peter’s but came back to St Thomas in 2008. Stan grew up around St Thomas . He went to school at St Thomas and used to serve mass here when he was in the 5th grade. They both hunt and fish. Thank you for all you do .

December 2013

Jim and Joanne Wilcox

Jim has been a Knight for over 40 years and is our council’s advocate. Jim met Joanne in a bowling alley. Joanne was just a beginning bowler. Jim had been bowling for quite some time and was thinking of quitting when he saw Joanne. So he decided to stay and help her learn.. They were married 50 years last August. Joanne was born in Gilead TX then moved to San Antonio. Jim was born and raised in San Antonio. They lived in Houston for a while then moved to Dallas. He was transferred to Ft Worth about 15 years ago. He sells high end decorative hardware. They have been at St Thomas for over 10 years. Jim is a lector and Joanne is on the bereavement committee helping make dinners. She is also in the St Thomas Woman’s Organization. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Jim likes golf and exercising at the Y. Joanne likes playing bridge Thank you both for all you do for St Thomas and the Knights

November 2013

Bill and Pat Vosberg

Bill is one of 13 children. He was born in Wisconsin and came to Ft Worth when he was 14. His family moved here to escape the Wisconsin winters. Pat was born and raised in Ft Worth. Bill has been a Knight since 2008 and is the warden of our council. He also takes care of our float for the Ft Worth Festival of lights. He met Pat on a blind date when a friend at work invited him to his home for a get together. He worked on her car and then after their first date he knew he had met his future wife. Nov 17 is their 40th anniversary. He has been at St Thomas since 1968.They were married in 1973 at St Thomas by Father Hoover. Pat converted to Catholicism when they married.
They have a son Kevin and a daughter Kim who has two children. Crystal, their oldest, lives in Okinawa with her Marine husband. Bill is a hospitality minister and does parking lot security for CCD classes. Pat is a lung cancer survivor since 2007. He has owned hi own mower repair shop for 6 years. They both enjoy traveling and fishing. Bill is also in the Knights on Bikes club.

Thank you both for all you do for St Thomas and the Knights

August 2013

Eddie Gonzales and Rosie Lara

Congratulations are in order for Eddie Gonzales and Rosie Lara, our family of the month for August. As you all know, we wouldn’t have a youth group at St. Thomas without this dedicated couple! They certainly go the extra mile in all they do. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our family. They are very concerned, as to the future of the Catholic Church. They have tirelessly spent the last 30 years, preparing our youth to take the helm in God’s work. Rosie has given 110% during her 6 year tenure as Youth Director, here at St. Thomas. Eddie, always at her side, could not possibly be a better role model for the young men of our parish. Rosie enjoys collecting Mickey Mouse figures, baseball, and traveling. Eddie, on the other hand, draws, paints, and builds models. He is currently employed at Jack Inc.. Though they have no children of their own (where would they find the time?), they do have 59 Godchildren, 13 nieces and nephews! We cannot truly express how much we love you for all you bring to our lives.

May 2013

Jan and Beverly Nowicki

Congratulations to Jan and Bev Nowicki for being selected Family of the Month. Jan has been a Knight for 12 years. Jan is a 4th Degree Knight and is in the Honor Guard. He is a past Grand Knight and has also held the office of Deputy Grand Knight and Recorder. Jan and Bev have been married for 53 years. They have a son and 2 grandchildren. They have been members of St. Thomas since 1985. Jan has chaired the finance committee and Bev helps clean the church. They both serve as Eucharistic Ministers, help with Meals on Wheels, and were part of the Engaged Couple Program. Jan has been an Accountant for 45 years and Bev was in Administration. They both enjoy traveling, bicycle riding, and running. Thanks for your service to Council 10930 and St. Thomas.

April 2013

Mike and Elenita Walker

Congratulations to Mike and Elenita Walker for being selected Family of the Month for April. Mike has been a Knight for 2 years,is a 4th Degree Knight, and is our Deputy Grand Knight. Mike is the Inside Sentinel for Assembly 1089. Mike sings in the 4pm and 7am Choirs and is a Hospitality Minister. Elenita is a member of the Womens Organization and the Friendship Club. They both help with the food pantry, Samaritan House, and the Night Shelter. They have been at St. Thomas for 6 years and married for 6 years. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and another on the way. Mike has worked as a Contractor for 35 years. Mike likes to fish, hunt, and hunt for Indian artifacts. Elenita enjoys fishing. Thanks Mike and Elenita for your contribution to Council 10930 and St. Thomas.

March 2013

Bruce and Cathy Mallory

Congratulations to Bruce and
Cathy Mallory for being
selected Family of the Month
for March. Bruce has been a
Knight for 10 years. He is a 4th
Degree Knight, a past Council
Director, a past Chancellor, a
past Deputy Grand Knight, and
a past Grand Knight. He
currently holds the position of
District 21 Deputy. Bruce is an
Acolyte, a Eucharistic Minister,
Chairman of the Pastoral
Council, and Chairman of the
Fundraising and Building
Committees. Cathy helps count
money. They are Hospitality
Ministers and help with the
food pantry and Samaritan
House. Bruce and Cathy have
been married for 27 years and
have 2 sons and 1 grandson.
Bruce retired from BNSF after
41 years of service in Finance
and Cathy retired from the
Education field. Bruce enjoys
golf and Cathy enjoys
exercising. Collectively they
enjoy traveling. Thank you
Bruce and Cathy for your
service to the Knights and St.

February 2013

John & Kathy Thome

Congratulations to John & Kathy Thome for being selected Family of the Month. John has been a Knight for over 20 years. He is a 4th Degree Knight and a Past Grand Knight of our council. He works on our Bingo Team and at various council events. John & Kathy both help with the RCIA program, the Homebound/Hospital Ministry, and are Eucharistic Ministers. John is a Lector, on the Why Catholic Team, and the Scripture Study Team. Kathy helps count money and is active with the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. They have been married for 51 years. They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. John retired from Motorola as Director of Manufacturing. John teaches Chemistry at TCC part time. Kathy has been a life long volunteer for the Catholic Church and the North Texas Community. John enjoys reading and Kathy enjoys cooking. Thank you both for all your service to Council 10930 and St. Thomas.

January 2013

Mike and Jen Carruthers

Congratulations to Mike and Jen Carruthers for being selected Family of the Month for January. Mike has been a Knight for 6 years. Mike is a 3rd Degree Knight and helps with our council events. Mike is an usher at the 10am Mass, directs parking lot traffic for CCD, and helps with church events. Jen sings in the 10am Choir, a ministry she has been a part of for 20 years, and previously worked in the office. Mike came into the church 10 years ago through the RCIA program. Mike and Jen have been married for 12 years. They have 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls. Christian, Maddie, and Caylin are altar servers. Their kids are also active in scouts. Mike has been employed with Gulfstream Aerospace as a Material Supervisor for 13 years. Jen has been employed with Moutons Hair Salon for 13 years. Mike and Jen enjoy cooking out and spending time with family. Thank you Mike and Jen for all your time and effort you give to Council 10930 and St. Thomas.

October 2012

Chuck and Janet Davidson

Congratulations to Chuck and Janet Davidson for being selected Family of the Month. Chuck has been a Knight for 2 years. He is a 4th Degree Knight, Outside Guard, and helps out at council events. They have been parishioners at St. Thomas for 6 years. Chuck is an Usher at the 7:00 Mass and the Facility Manager. Janet is the RCIA Director and a Eucharistic Minister at the 7:00 Mass. They have been married for 15 years and have 2 sons. Chuck retired from the Air Force after 20 years and is now employed as a maintenance mechanic with the Public Works Department. Janet is the Director of Operations for a Software Firm. Chuck likes to fish and hunt in his spare time. Janet like to cook and crochet in her spare time. Collectively they enjoy going out to eat. Thank you for your help with Council 10930 and St. Thomas.

September 2012

Bryan and Shelly Hearne

Congratulations to Bryan and Shelly Hearne for being selected Family of the Month for October. Bryan
has been a Knight for 1 year and is a 3rd Degree Knight. Bryan helps with fundraisers and other events. Bryan and Shelly have been married for 6 years and have 3 daughters, Emerald, Cassandra, and Madison. Bryan and Shelly have been at St. Thomas for 3 years. Bryan helps with parking lot duty on Wednesday nights for our CCD program. Shelly helps with our CCD, Youth Group, and Confirmation Class. Bryan and Shelly both help with the ACTS Retreats. Bryan has worked in the family business, a garage door business, with his father and grandfather for 20 years. Shelly has worked for Amarr Garage Doors for 10 years. Bryan likes to hunt and fish. Shelly likes going to the movies. Cassandra is in dance at school, member of the youth group, and is part of DYC. Emerald attends Confirmation class, is in the St. Thomas Youth Group, and is on the Pro-Life team. Madison will start CCD next year. They all like spending time with other family members. Thanks for all you do at St. Thomas and for the Knights of Columbus.

August 2012

Tim and Charlene Franko

Congratulations to Tim & Charlene Franko for being selected as Family of the Month for August 2012. Tim & Charlene have been married for 10 years and have one son, Charles. Tim is a lifetime parishioner of Saint Thomas Church. Tim is a 3rd Degree Knight with 16 years in our council. Tim sings in the 12:00 Mass choir & is a Second grade CCD teacher ( 1st Communion Class). Charlene is a Kindergarten/First grade CCD teacher, Lector at the 12:00 Mass, & a member of the Saint Thomas' Women’s Club. Tim works for the family business, Franko’s Market. Tim is a volunteer Art Teacher at his son's school, North Ridge Elementary. Charlene writes software, is a Scout Den Leader with her son's pack, and is a teacher's aide at North Ridge Elementary. Tim enjoys jogging and snow skiing. Charlene relaxes riding her horse. Tim & Charlene enjoy Polka Dancing. Thank you both for all you do here at Saint Thomas.

July 2012

Jim and JoAnn Wilcox

Congratulations to Jim & JoAnn Wilcox for being chosen as Family of the Month for July 2012. Jim is a 3rd Degree Knight and has been a Knight for 40 years. Jim is our council Advocate and helps out with council events such as the parish breakfast, bingo, and fundraisers. Jim & JoAnn have been members of Saint Thomas for 9 years. Jim is a Lector. JoAnn helps count money and works in the kitchen for various functions such as RCIA and funerals. They both serve on the Why Catholic team. Jim is employed with Pierce Hardware as a Salesman. Jim & JoAnn have been married for 49 years. They have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Their son James is a Transistional Deacon and will be 1 of 6 Deacons to be ordained to the Priesthood in June of 2013. They have lived in Fort Worth for 15 years. Jim's hobby is playing golf and JoAnn plays bridge. Thanks Jim & JoAnn for all you do for our council and Saint Thomas.

June 2012

John and Rose Francis

John has been a Knight since 1962. He and Rose met in college at Texas Southern University. She was a freshman and John a senior. He then joined the Army for two years. They were married when he returned. They have been married for 51 years and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. John was Grand Knight of council 9415 in New Orleans in 2004. Katrina hit in 2005 and they came to Ft worth to be with their eldest daughter. John was a pharmacist with the VA for 37 years. He is a long time tennis player and enjoys dominos too. Rose likes walking, reading, and making jewelry (when she has time). They live in Keller but Elizabeht Anne Seton parish is too big. They’ve been at St Thomas since 2005. They assist with food prep for the bereavement group. They are both Eucharistic ministers and John is an acolyte

September 2011

Hector and Luz Najera

Hector and Luz have been at St
Thomas for about 12 years. Hector
was born in northern Mexico and
came to Ft worth about 27 years ago
to be with his family
Hector and Luz met while they were
both working at the same company.
They have one child.
Hector‘s hobby is photography and he
does the pictures for the Knights and
anyone at St Thomas.
He’s been a knight for 3 years, having
been recruited by Charlie Parr.
Hector is a lector and helps wherever
he is needed at St Thomas and the
Knights and the Youth group.
He and Luz teach the Spanish RCIA
class. Luz is into exercising as a

June 2011

Chuck and Janet Davidson

Chuck and Janet Davidson – June Family of the Month
Chuck has been a Knight since October; Charlie Parr cornered him one day!

Chuck came from an Air Force family who lived all over the country and the world, but spent his later teens in Farmington, AR. Janet is a native of Detroit, MI

Janet and Chuck were introduced in San Antonio by his brother and had their first date at a church Sweetheart Dance. They were married before the next dance! They have been married almost 15 years and have raised two sons, TJ and Michael.

Chuck retired from the Air Force in 2006 and made Ft. Worth their home. Fr Anthony keeps Chuck busy with building maintenance and Claire keeps him busy while Fr. Is away! He is also an usher at the 7:15 a.m. Mass. He helped with the River Oaks fundraiser and the Pancake Breakfast. He attends the Knights membership meetings.

Janet is Director of the RCIA/RCIC and manages the parish website.

Chuck enjoys fishing. They both enjoy movies, concerts and entertaining at their home

May 2011

Conrad and Esther Luna

Conrad and Esther Luna
Conrad has been a knight for about 5 years. Esther, Jan and Beverly Nowicki recruited him. He did not have a chance to refuse.

Conrad and his wife Esther are natives of Fort Worth and have lived in Azle since 1980. They have been members of Holy Trinity since 2004. Conrad is a hospitality minister. Esther is a secretary at St Thomas and helps at Holy Trinity too. Conrad works at Lockheed.

Conrad and Esther met while Conrad was on leave from the military. Their parent houses were near each other so they met in their neighborhood. They have been married 37 years and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren

Conrad likes fishing while Esther likes crafts. She also likes to go to other parishes to see how they do things there.

April 2011

Steve, Anne, & Eric Gonzales

Steve has been a Knight for 10 years and was the recorder for 2 years.. They have been married 20 years. Their son Eric is a 1st degree knight having joined last February. Steve and Eric helped with Highway Cleanup and Knights Pancake Breakfast.

February 2011

John & Mary Grimes

January 2011

Eddie Gonzales & Rosa Lara

December 2010

Fred & Lassie Salitore

November 2010

Glenn & Cynthia Sperry

October 2010

John & Trini Phillips

September 2010

Jim & Jo Ann Wilcox

August 2010

Gary & Pam Dupre

July 2010

Eddie & Vickie Cervantez

June 2010

Dennis & Joyce Helgeson

May 2010

Fred & Lassie Salitore

April 2010

Joe & Marion Bason

March 2010

Daniel & Nancy Alcala

February 2010

Tu & Kim Doan

January 2010

Ken & Mary Ann Krivanek