Prayer for Traditional Marriage

Rev. Msgr Michael Mannion, Auxiliary State Chaplain, has composed a prayer in support of traditional 1 man - 1 woman marriage. Please pray this prayer and contact your elected officials expressing your concerns on this issue: O Lord, Creator of life and lover of your children, We give you thanks that you have blessed us with the sacred gift and vision of marriage and the human family, through which children are supported and strengthened, nurtured and nourished, with the love of Father and mother, throughout human history. We pray for the gift of your Spirit, O Lord, to enlighten the minds and hearts of our judges, legislators and officials, that together we may safeguard the dignity and rights of all your people with compassion as well as proclaim with conviction the bond of father and mother as uniquely sacred and worthy of protection. We ask this with the intercession of Venerable Michael McGivney, through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Brother. Amen